Sylvan Road Launches New Vendor Management Solution

"Sylvan Road On-Site for Vendors" Serves as Centralized Hub Between Sylvan Road and Its Vendors

ATLANTA, April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Sylvan Road is pleased to announce Sylvan Road On-Site for Vendors, a new web portal for collaboration between Sylvan Road and its vendors. This state-of-the-art technology will streamline the bidding process and greatly improve the efficiency of the firm's vendor work management.

This portal will provide vendors with a single platform to submit bids, view their assigned work, upload project-related documents and submit invoices for payment, all with direct integration to Sylvan Road's proprietary RealAUM suite of technologies. It also allows the company to better track line-item progress and ensure that vendors are meeting their contractual obligations. Ultimately, it will help the firm to optimize its workflows, reduce administrative challenges, improve vendor relationships, and drive cost savings.

In addition, Sylvan Road On-Site for Vendors offers the following supplemental benefits:

    --  Streamlined Communication
    --  Improved Transparency
    --  Increased Efficiency
    --  Enhanced Tracking and Surveillance
    --  Quality Control
    --  Greater Visibility

Serving as the foundation for the firm's acquisition, renovation, leasing, and management of single-family rental assets, this new portal integrates seamlessly with RealAUM, Sylvan Road's proprietary and purpose-built technology platform. Unique to the single-family rental industry, RealAUM has been designed to seamlessly manage assets across the full single family rental life cycle.

Jeff Smith, Sylvan Road's Chief Technology Officer, remarked, "I am so proud of my team and our business partners who have all worked tirelessly to develop this cutting-edge technology and I'm excited to see the tremendous benefits that will eventuate to our business as a result."

"Effective vendor management is critical to mitigating risk, controlling costs, and unlocking profitability. This new solution delivers efficiency, reduces costs, and eliminates much of the tedious manual administration that is typically associated with property management. It will elevate our vendor relationships and provide full online visibility to ensure that all queries are addressed immediately. The portal provides real-time information on vendor activities, ensuring protection against vendor non-compliance and deviation from agreed upon terms. And while this is our initial launch, we are already hard at work on additional features which will further increase the already impressive functionality of the platform. This is yet another initiative for Sylvan Road that will deliver long-term value for our residents, employees, vendors, partners, and investors alike."


Sylvan Road is an investment firm focused exclusively on single family real estate. We are a technology-enabled, data centric, idea-driven firm that utilizes state-of-the-art proprietary analytics on our platform. We were one of the earliest pioneers in the sector, and currently have over $1.6 billion in assets under management. Through our operating affiliates, Sylvan Road oversees the complete management life cycle of single-family investments.

Sylvan Road manages capital for blue chip institutions, insurance companies, credit and real estate funds, asset managers and family offices. We build performance-focused investment portfolios through trusted, cooperative institutional partnerships.

Sylvan Road is proud to be the industry standard bearer for single family real estate serving this $4 trillion asset sector.

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