INTRACOM DEFENSE supplies GENAIRCON Power Systems for Lithuania’s JLTV

June 6, 2024 - INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) has been selected, through a competitive tender, to supply its advanced GENAIRCON Silent Auxiliary Power System (SAPS) to the Lithuanian Armed Forces, for silent power capability enhancement to mission-specific JLTV variants.

This initial contract, with additional anticipated quantities, has been signed with the Lithuanian company ELSIS TS, who will assume responsibility for the installation and commissioning of the SAPS to the vehicles. The partnership with ELSIS TS is in line with IDE’s focus on national security of supply through collaborations, within the EU and NATO.

The system integrates IDE’s leading technology in Energy Storage, with the new innovative intelligent Charge & Control Unit (iCCU), which provides integrated charge and power supply control for automotive, vetronics and mission systems power sustainment in extended Silent Watch conditions, with autonomous operation features.


The GENAIRCON SAPS is based on IDE’s Hybrid GENAIRCON vehicle power architecture, optimised to the power needs, mission requirements and volume constraints of light armored vehicles. The system provides a modular and scalable “plug and play” solution, with none or minimal vehicle alterations, enhancing mission effectiveness, tactical maneuverability, combat autonomy through fuel efficiency and personnel protection through the controlled thermal and acoustic trace of the platform.

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