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ELDIS Pardubice, s.r.o. company was established in July 1991 in order to support complex solution of customers' demanding requirements of in the area of the Air Traffic Control and Air Defense.

ELDIS Pardubice, s.r.o. provides a complex solution of requirements and demands of customers in radiolocation domain. Experienced team of professionals ensures problem analysis, realization studies, project management, development of circuits and software, electrical and mechanical design and performance tests, and equipment installation as well.

Main activities of the ELDIS Pardubice company are focused to the area of development and manufacture of the radar technology and systems for the air traffic control.


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Miroslav Chrtek
+420 466 052 444
Marketing Manager
+420 466 670 423
Delnicka 469, 53003 Pardubice, Czech Republic


The company is experienced in the modernization of:

  • ASR primary surveillance 2D radars
  • PAR precision approach radars

ELDIS Pardubice company offers a wide scale of modernization levels of radars made by various original manufacturers.

ELDIS Pardubice company is ready to process and realize a modernization project for arbitrary radar type of above mentioned categories.


RL-2000 is latest generation of ELDIS primary surveillance radars for Terminal Approach Control Application. The RL-2000 design is benefiting from the long time experience on several civilian and military radar types. The radar meets or exceeds ICAO and EUROCONTROL recommendations and standards. The RL-2000 features fully solid-state highly modular configuration, fail-safe system and low life cycle cost.

This radar provides enhanced system stability and powerful clutter suppression to allow no false reports while maintaining excellent target detection up to 60 NM, including enhanced performance for target accuracy and resolution. RL-2000 configuration includes weather channel for reporting of actual weather condition in airspace.

Basic RL-2000 configuration can be extended by monopulse surveillance secondary radar MSSR-1. This configuration extension is representing integrated system solution to TMA.

The system configuration includes operational and stand by channels with automatic switchover processed by system Level. The data output format is using standardized ASTERIX data format, but as an option other data formats can be used. The maintenance and repair actions are reduced to minimum and sophisticated remote control and monitoring system allows an unattended system operation.

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ELDIS Pardubice company offers a secondary surveillance radar of MSSR-1 type. Concerned is fully duplicated, fully solid state radar with the unattended operation capability. The radar is provided with built-in BITE diagnostics and remote control and monitoring system. It meets ICAO and Eurocontrol demands posed on radar intended for the air traffic control.

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ELDIS Pardubice company offers a precision approach radar of RP-5TWT type. Concerned is radar of PAR type operating in X-band, fully duplicated with the unattended operation capability. The radar is provided with built-in BITE diagnostics and remote control and monitoring system. It meets ICAO demands posed on radar intended for the air traffic control.


The radar is characterized by the most modular and flexible structure and concept. It can be utilized both in stationary, and mobile applications. Very important property of this radar consists in the application of a very low radiated pulse power up to 2 W. Such small output pulse power is used on account of embarrassing, or possibly full excluding of the radar detection and localization with the help of personal detectors or passive tracking systems, because applied radiated power is practically hidden in ambient electromagnetic smog.

As opposed to the majority of currently applied equipment of this type, offered radar contains both analog output, and digital output of detected information. Its structure involves fully solid-state transmitter and sophisticated receiver utilizing applications with long pulse compression. Transmitter and receiver utilize automatic digital calibration and diagnostics.  Radar signal processor is designed for the analysis of information detected by the radar. Video signals filtered according to Doppler speeds are lead to it from the signal processor. Their filtering and properties analysis are performed here.

After the filtering of noise, interference filtering and uninteresting ground targets removal, remaining information enables compilation of the picture of bodies that are mathematically described and transmitted to higher processing systems via a modem line. Output from the extractor is available both in analog form for local application, and also in digital form. Data from the digital output can be integrated in automated command and control systems.  Analog output is intended only for displaying information within the framework of a local system where the radar dislocated. Číslicový Digital output provides a picture of the situation.

After its delivery to superior control and protection systems through standard communication means (LAN/WAN data network, serial/modem line) and evaluation in a superstructure system, it enables acquisition of more complex information on guarded area within the framework of electronic intelligence. Consequently, set of information increases, which contributes to the more definite determination of properties of particular ground and airborne objects in framework of the security realization. It shall significantly enhance security, and especially accelerate decision processes at critical situations resolution.

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ERDIS - ELDIS Radar Display System – it is an ATC Centre system developed by the ELDIS Pardubice company, designed for the ATC centers, i.e. ACC, APP and TWR workplaces.
ERDIS is an important element of the ATC systems, which crucially participates on establishing and outfitting the set of means for the air traffic control in the air space of the regional control centre and in the terminal controlled airport area. It processes data from particular cooperating systems enabling safe air traffic control, and it also actively communicates with surrounding systems:

  • Regional and airport radars – Primary surveillance radars (PSR) and monopulse surveillance secondary radars (MSSR) including the S-mode extension.
  • Data and information systems – ADS-B, ADS-C, CPDLC, AFTN, METEO, INFO,...
  • Radio and telephone communication systems
  • Unified time distribution system (NTP,…)

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Eldis Pardubice s.r.o.

  • Delnicka 469, 53003, Pardubice, Czechia
  • +420 466 052 443
  • +420 466 670 423
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