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Internationalisation and new technologies are the main challenges for GiTy. The company thinks and acts with customers in mind, with high level of reliability of its solution and services and with strong focus into the future. Speed, efficiency and a strong commitment to competition make the group an international ITC company.

In the area of developing transport infrastructure - systemic integration is the main target of the company, above all the maintenance of a high standard of quality and technological innovation. This approach brings the customer above all a customised perfect and reliable solution. It is this that guarantees a return on the customer's investment.

In the area of telecommunications services, GiTy offers above all private data network services, their utilisation for voice and picture transfer onto the Internet by using various connection technologies. We operate these services due to our own terrestrial G-Net infrastructure within the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria, and due to our own satellite communications system with Europe-wide coverage.

Using a combination of terrestrial, wireless and satellite technology we provide a wide range of services with guaranteed operational parameters.

The area of technology for buildings and other premises is a logical continuation of systemic integration. GiTy is a partner capable of providing full supplies of systems for buildings and other premises. We offer everything from project formulation, through supplier management and technological audits, to the comprehensive supply of technological fittings for buildings.


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Contact info #1

Martin Nesrsta
+420 545 129 146
Marketing Specialist
+420 545 129 200
Marianske namesti 1, 617 00 Brno, Czech Republic


The company offers to its customers services of effective administration of communication, with the benefit of savings of investment and operating expenditures.

The scope of services results from the requirements on functionality of the information and communication technologies. The requirements are elaborated into particular measurable parameters, which are reflected by the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Their fulfilment is monitored, evaluated and reported.
The basic pillar of communication administration is the Service and Operation Support (SSaPP), having the following levels:

HW Replacement Programme

  • We keep service equipment for customers
  • We take care of keeping and renewing HW maintenance with manufacturers and vendors
  • We save the customers costs for service parts
  • We decrease their administrationWe ensure availability of service parts for related service programmes

Service Programme

  • Includes activities leading to a repair of a failure or breakdown
  • We negotiate parameters of service levels (SLA)
  • We save the customers costs for own personnel and administrationWe provide 24 x 7 service

Care Profile

  • Includes pre-agreed and planned maintenance and service work
  • We extend service life of individual elements
  • We decrease the probability of a breakdown
  • We decrease the risk of a failure and related losses
  • We update equipment firmware and software


The leak of information is a threat particularly for personnel data, business information and know-how. Hackers get to valuable information from the outside and inside, or store data transferred in private and public networks.

Our products and services check the level of protection of your information and then create safe environment for it.

We design and implement efficient solutions reducing the safety risks. Through our expert network of analyzers, we assess the network traffic and identify anomalies and diversions from corporate information and security policies.

We verify the level of outer and inner safety of stored and transferred data by penetration tests, which simulate sophisticated wilful attacks on sensitive data.
We increase operation security and efficiency of all network types. We install powerful devices and applications into networks which can control traffic. We supply means of passive and active protection of the communication environment, detecting attacks and undesirable activities in real time. We are able to prevent attacks and isolate hackers from access to the network.


We build up extensive networks connecting places in different parts of the CR and around the world. We use satellite and land routes for connection. Traffic from own satellite control centre (HUB) enables us to optimise costs. We transfer data, voice and video. We operate private networks secured above the standard. High-speed connection to public network is a matter of course. We guarantee reliability and quality of all types of network.

We supply end-user communication means for transmitting quality video and voice. The key indicator for us is ease of use and comfort for the user.

At the customers', we install video-conferencing equipment of top quality (HDTV), bringing a feeling of direct personal contact between videoconference participants. Concurrent display of discussed documents is a matter of course.

We are a vendor of TANDBERG videoconferences, which are easy to control, providing unrivalled sound and video.

We modernize phone communication with the means of advanced IP telephony. We enable direct communication with IP phones in the form of GiTy Phone service, and/or connection of a phone exchange by means the GiTy Call service.

We build integral IP phone solutions, including number plans, transfer of numbers, supply and putting into operation of IP managers, routers and exchanges. We will save your costs for communication and interconnect the communication with your information environment by means of the Unified Communications.

The design and implementation of the IP phone service telephony are performed by CISCO certified experts.

We build communication solutions and provide communication services for specific use:
• in telematic projects of traffic control
• for monitoring of line constructions
• for monitoring of power and commodity distribution
• for logistics in chain stores
• in health care
• and many other branches...


  • Keltin
  • Masarykova univerzita
  • OHL ZS
  • Výzkumný ústav veterinárního lékarství


  • CEZ
  • Korado
  • Ministerstvo obrany
  • Ministerstvo práce a sociálních vecí
  • Oborová zdravotní pojištovna


  • Keltin
  • Masarykova univerzita
  • OHL ZS


  • Bauhaus
  • Janáckova akademie múzických umení
  • Masarykova nemocnice v Ústí nad Labem
  • Ministerstvo spravedlnosti
  • Ministersvo vnitra
  • Reditelství silnic a dálnic
  • Spel
  • Technická správa komunikací hl. m. Prahy
  • Univerzita obrany
  • Úrad pro ochranu hospodárské souteze


  • Bytostav Poruba
  • Ceská zbrojovka
  • Fotbalový stadion Jablonec n.N.
  • IFE-CR
  • JAMU
  • Moravskoslezské cukrovary
  • Prumyslové stavitelství Brno
  • Sieza


  • AGIP Ceská republika
  • ConocoPhilips
  • Euronet
  • Ministerstvo zahranicních vecí
  • Reditelství silnic a dálnic
  • Škofin


  • Barum Continental
  • Bytostav Poruba
  • CEZ
  • GE Money Bank
  • Metrostav
  • Ministerstvo obrany
  • Reditelství silnic a dálnic
  • Ústavní soud
  • Všeobecná zdravotní pojištovna
  • Zwicker Systems

GiTy Holding a.s.

  • Marianske namesti 1, 617 00, Komarov, Brno, Czechia
  • +420 54 512 9 111
  • +420 54 512 9200
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