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VR Group a.s., offers comprehensive solutions for individual, collective and tactical training and educational support of armed forces, security forces and emergency authorities using modeling & simulation. The company designs and manufactures state-of-the-art products that are the original Czech solutions, based on its own development potential, current modern systems and commercial-of-the-shelf technologies.

VR Group, a.s. joint stock company founded in 1998 is owned by LOM PRAHA s. p., state enterprise, established by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.

VR Group, a.s. is the leading supplier of complex training solutions for armed forces, security forces and emergency management authorities. The company offers original hi-tech products and creative solutions based on the latest modelling and simulation applications and technologies.


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Vit Ryska
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Reconfigurable Virtual Simulators (RVS) are focused on collective tactical training of small units and vehicle commanders. It is used for Primary Training Audience (PTA) as well as for role playing of friendly forces, enemy forces and other participants. RVS simulators are ready to be used for a tactical training of tank units, mechanized units including a simulation of dismounted infantry.

A growing potential of RVS simulators enables their reconfiguration to new types of combat vehicles, rotary wing aircrafts, forward observer posts, forward air controller posts and other vehicles or personals according to customer requirements.

Reconfigurable Virtual Simulators (RVS) are based on the PC platform and commercial technologies (COTS).

Object oriented host simulation software developed with the latest computer technologies (C#) provides very effective environment for simulation of various types of vehicles. The state-of-the art MetaVR VRSG visual system is used to generate real-time view to the very detailed synthetic environment.

RVSs are designed as modular systems that consist of a rack-mounted simulation host and image generation units and combat places of crew members.

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TLS is designed to add simulated infantry or other life forms (semi-military groups, terrorists etc) to tactics vehicle simulators. TLS can be also added to Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) simulations.

TLSs are designed as modular systems that consist of a rack-mounted simulation host, image generation units and combat places of crew members.

Simplified combat places are equipped with a joystick (the prime controller) and key-pad. Monitor shows a 3-D view to the battlefield and required status information. Communication system consists of a simulated radio network.

Team Leader Simulators (TLS) is based on the PC platform and commercial technologies (COTS). Object oriented host simulation software developed with the latest computer technologies (C#) provides very effective environment for simulation of various types of life forms. The state-of-the art MetaVR VRSG visual system is used to generate real-time view to the very detailed synthetic environment. Operation of the TLS in the simulated team mode is a combination of manual, semiautomatic and automatic controls. The combination of different kinds of controls was chosen to achieve an easy operability and fast reactions of simulated team in different situations.

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VR Group develops digital terrain databases for constructive and virtual simulation applications.

The databases are based on the National Topographic Data of the Army of the Czech Republic or other suitable sources. The offer covers the whole process of a digital terrain database construction from analysis of customer requirements through a source data analysis and a conversion to terrain database development in required formats.

Analysis of Digital Terrain Database Purpose

A full understanding of customer's terrain database application is essential. The process of a terrain database construction depends on the type of simulation (e.g. flight and vehicle simulation) to be used in.

Analysis of Available Source Data and Production of New Ones

Digital geographic source data has to be analyzed so that they meet requirements on the application purpose. Necessary data including their attributes are selected from the source data following predefined rules. Any missing data and information are constructed from other available sources.

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The company VR Group, a.s. specializes in creation of 3D models for real-time applications.

The models are meant for wide array of applications, including military simulators, synthetic battlefield visualization and civilian 3D applications.

The model construction is optimized to reduce the number of polygons to the minimum, though preserving maximum of displayable details, which helps creating realistic scenery with reduced system requirements.

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This unique solution MTTS provides flexible, scalable and effective training environment that helps to prepare units and soldiers for operations, nowadays characterized by urban terrain, asymmetric warfare, joint operations at the tactical level and a non-linear battlefield.

Technical description:

The training is supervised by the Exercise Director who tasks, controls and commands the PTA as well as the role players. The Role Players´ task is to create operation environment (friendly forces, enemy forces, other participants and events) for PTA in accordance with exercise goals and Exercise Directors´ commands. They simulate realistic behaviour of vehicles, units and events by means of Computer Generated Forces System (CGF). You can use VR Group´s CGF system WASP or SAF systems like OTB or JCATS. Exercise Director uses also other tools for preparation, control and evaluation of the exercise. Family of these tools consists of 3D Stealth that provils a dynamic 3D view on the virtual battlefield, recording and playback device Logger and exercise statistics.

The MTTS components are supplemented with geospecific digital terrain databases and 3 D models from specific regions that meet all new training requirements.

Training is intended for Primary Training Audience (PTA) that uses virtual simulators for vehicles and infantry teams. Vehicle crew members operate Reconfigurable Virtual Simulators (RVS). Infantry teams operate Team Leader Simulators (TLS) to simulate coordination of the team in very realistic training environment. High resolution correlated terrain databases are supported by unique features of MetaVR´s visual systems.

Simulated tactical radio network is used for the command and control among primary training audience itself and the exercise director

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Simulators can operate either in an autonomous mode for individual training or in a tactical training mode interconnected with other simulators or constructive simulation systems (CGF) using the DIS/HLA protocol so that a complex battle scenario including friendly and enemy forces could be created according to training needs.

The VS are designed to cover every aspect of training in various scenarios. Very accurate representation allows maximizing realism of training.

Technical description:

  • Cockpit replicas that are designed and equipped as close as possible to real combat posts in real vehicles including original instruments and can be based on motion platforms with up to 6 degrees of freedom (DOF).
  • Instructor Operating Station (IOS) equipped with a Training Management System for complex training preparation, observation, administration and evaluation.


The Mi-2 helicopter simulator is designed for the flight and ground, operation procedures training (both normal and emergency) of the flight personnel. The simulator is focused primarily on the helicopter avionics systems control, utilization, and operation training.

All the controls and instruments are simulated via touch-screens with the same ergonomic layout as in the actual helicopter. The helicopter flight controls – the cyclic control, the collective lever, and the anti-torque pedals – are adapted from the actual helicopter parts and equipped with a spring control load mechanism.

The main advantage of the simulator is the ability to provide safe training and evaluation of the normal and emergency procedures without using of real helicopter. The training and evaluation can be done under, or without, the supervision of an instructor.

VR Group a.s.

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