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MB-Microtec, specializes in self-luminous materials. It developed the traser light source of tritium in gaseous form. Its product line includes watches with traser illumination, arrow markers, which provide directional signals in daylight and darkness, aiming post lights, used in the Swiss and other armies as a reference light source etc.

Traser is the registered trade name of the company's self activated light sources. They are formed from borosilicate glass, internally coated with one of a range of phosphors and filled with tritium gas. Tritium, an isotope of hydrogen, emits low energy electrons, beta particles, thereby exciting the phosphor to give off a cold light. Each phosphor has its own characteristic colour emission. Traser are intrinsically safe, requiring no external power supply, are unaffected by water oil and most corrosive materials and have long in-service life, generally in excess of ten years.

MB-Microtec AG

  • Freiburgstrasse 634, 3172, Niederwangen, Switzerland
  • +41 31 9802020
  • +41 31 9802021
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