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  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment

Since 1959, Israel Shipyards Ltd., has been providing seaworthy solutions for the Naval and commercial marine markets.

Israel Shipyards is the preferred address for all challenges in shipbuilding:

• Ship Design, Ship Repair
• Purchase & renovation of vessels
• Project management & execution
• Customer training
• After-sales service
• Technical and logistical support

Besides shipbuilding, the plant of Israel Shipyards - covering 330,000 sq. meters with 45,000 sq. meters of under-roof facilities - offers a full range of manufacturing possibilities for ship-to-shore and land-based structures.

Expert craftsmanship is evident throughout the life of every ISL vessel or sea platform:

• Smart design & construction
• Comprehensive testing
• Strict quality assurance
• Long-term service

In addition, Israel Shipyards operates a floating dock in Haifa Bay, where our team provides a wide variety of services to both Naval and Commercial vessels. Israel Shipyards professionals draw on the experience of our company that goes back more than 50 years, building a reputation for excellence on four continents.


Ship Repair

ISL has all the facilities necessary to carry out the most complicated ship repairs and maintenance procedures:

 • A 4500-ton floating dock
• Quay Cranes with 15, 40, 60 and 100 ton capacity
• Independent power supply station
• Electrical and pipe workshops
• Well-equipped machine shop
• Blasting and coating facilities

Staffed by experienced workers, Israel Shipyards facilities handle a wide range of services with efficient reliability:

• Repairs and maintenance of merchant and Naval vessels
• Damage repair in merchant ships
• Renovation and expansion of container ships
• Conversion and modification of cargo vessels

ISL has a Master Repair Agreement with the United States Navy (U.S.N.) 6th Fleet that recognizes the capability of our shipyards to fulfill the strictest Quality Control and Acceptance standards required by the U.S.N.

ISL is authorized to repair American merchant ships under a special Presidential Proclamation related to the Free Trade Agreement, whereby these commercial repairs are exempt from U.S Customs Duties.

SAAR Class Fast-Attack Vessel

In the late 1960s, Israel Shipyards was the first in the Western world to design and build a fast-attack missile boat: the Reshef Class SAAR 4, commissioned by the Israeli Navy. At that time, it was a new concept to use relatively small, fast missile-equipped craft to meet threats in the Naval arena.

The swift action and superior handling of the SAAR 4 was cited by the Israeli Navy as contributing to the successful defense of Israel in the 1973 war.

This pioneering success eventually resulted in a second vessel: the NIRIT class SAAR 4.5, a larger, more powerful version of the SAAR 4.

Many SAAR class boats are actively serving in the Israeli Navy as well as other Navies around the world.

Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV)

In the 1990s, Israel Shipyards used the naval architecture of the Nirit Class SAAR 4.5 as a base design to produce a special OPV, loaded with the firepower of larger Naval vessels - for less cost.

This sleek OPV is equipped with highly advanced weapons systems, produced by world-recognized Israeli designers.

Becoming one of the best-known ISL vessels, the SAAR 4.5-based OPV was chosen to secure the extensive waterways around Greece during the 2004 World Olympics. One of its many advantages is a weapon-carrying capacity equal to larger, more costly vessels.

The seagoing power of the Israel Shipyards OPV was further enhanced with optional helicopter carrying capability. This innovation has proven itself in the deployment of rapid-response units to security incidents occurring at sea, in all weather conditions.

SHALDAG Fast Patrol Craft

One of the ISL vessels currently in highest demand, the SHALDAG FPB was designed in the late 1990s, integrating valuable improvements created by Israeli defense experts in response to real-life security challenges.

The SHALDAG is most valued for security tasks where high intercept speeds and easy maneuverability are required. In addition, the vessel is equipped with highly advanced weapons systems, produced by world-recognized Israeli designers.

The combat-proven success of this unique ISL craft was quickly established with the Israeli Navy, attracting the attention of many other naval forces.

Drawing on extensive operational experience in different environments, the craft continued to be improved, including the addition of newer lightweight weapons systems.

To date, three types of SHALDAG have been introduced, in addition to several upgrades.

Integrated Support Package

Israel Shipyards Sails with You Support and Training Services

The ongoing advantages built into all Israel Shipyard products, which are created and maintained by the Israeli defense industry, are further enhanced by ISL integrated training and support.

This critical combat edge is being shared with other naval forces and homeland security forces across Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

All naval customers of Israel Shipyards Ltd can take advantage of a comprehensive package of training, logistical and technical support by ISL experts:

• Methodical and detailed training of vessel crews by retired Israeli Navy officers.
• Maintenance team training, either at Israel Shipyards or at the suppliers of the engines and equipment.
• ISL team support on-site for long periods as desired.
• Personal, hands-on guidance until full confidence is achieved.
• A permanent Israel Shipyards service center at the customer's site, if desired.

Merchant Ships - Commercial Vessels

ISL commercial ships range from 3000-ton merchant vessels to 10,000-ton container and cargo ships.

Their purposes are as varied as the maritime market: feeders, bulk carriers and more.
Even tight timetables are handled professionally. Within the last two years, ISL launched four general cargo ships with 4800-ton capacities, all for German customers. ISL is certified to design and fabricate according to the rules of I.A.C.S. members(International Association of Classification Societies).

Over 50 years of experience go into each commercial vessel. It is clear why Israel Shipyards is a trusted name for high-quality performance, cost-efficient operation, and the ability to contribute to an attractive return on investment for our customers.

Floating Docks

Israel Shipyards supplies floating docks for both naval and marine operations. Due to growing demand to establish more shipyards and ship-to-shore services, floating docks of varying sizes are fast becoming a popular request.

ISL floating docks are currently in service in shipyards not only along Israel's long coast, but also in Greece, Italy, Philippines, Turkey and Equatorial Guinea.

These custom-tailored docks are designed for reliability, heavy tonnage support and fast deployment. As mobile structures, they can be moved to different locations.


Due to customer demand for better tugboat performance, Israel Shipyards launched a new line of tugs.

The V.S. Propelled Tugs have a unique propulsion system that allows 360-degree thrust and a complete turn within one boat-length. They are designed for easy operation, needing only a three-man crew.

The special designs also include 30-to-55-ton Bollard Pull "Voith-Schneider" / "Z Drive" Tractor Tugs.

Service Boats - Service Vessels

Israel Shipyards service boats are in use at all Israeli ports, as well as many worldwide locations.

ISL quality is built into special-purpose vessels of all kinds: barges, sea-salvage ships, firefighters and harbor service boats. These are tailor-made according to the specific needs of our customers.

Custom Solutions for Heavy Industry

Israel Shipyards applies its versatile design and building capabilities, along with its skilled and experienced workers, to land-based challenges as well.

The naval-standard quality practiced by Israel Shipyards over the last 50 years benefits both the military and industrial sectors, especially companies that require heavy metal structures and infrastructure.

Israel Shipyards Ltd uses its seaside location and other advantages to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness of industrial construction:

• Large covered areas
• Steel fabrication facilities
• Heavy lifting cranes
• Experienced work force
• Certified QA standards

Israel Shipyards Ltd.

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