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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Engines, Propulsion, Power Generation
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

Rotem Industries Ltd., a government owned company, specializes in the commercialization of advanced and innovative technologies and science. Founded in early 1980’s, the company has been mandated to implement and commercialize state-of-the-art marketable innovations, reaping the technical harvest of scientific research, for the benefit of research, industrial and commercial communities worldwide.

Rotem Industries Ltd. specializes in the commercialization of advanced technologies and science in a multi discipline environment. Key fields of activities include Medical Imaging, Solar and other Renewable Energy Applications, Homeland Security & CBRN challenges, Crystals Growth & Processing, Radiation Detection Technologies and many more. The company focuses on state-of-the-art innovations, reaping the technical harvest of scientific research, for the benefit of academy, industrial, defence and commercial communities worldwide.

Rotem Industries is a diversified technology-oriented company with headquarters in the south of Israel. With a broad scientific and research base in its associated Nuclear Research Center-Negev, Rotem specializes in evaluating seed technologies, bringing them to market readiness and commercializing the resulting products.

Rotem’s business units and subsidiaries are engaged in a wide range of fields:

• Nuclear Medicine (PET imaging)
• Industrial Safety Equipment
• Environmental Protection
• Radiation Detection
• Crystal Growth (Sapphire)
• Homeland Security
• Metallurgy
• Alternative Energy

Specifically, Rotem excels and is successfully engaged in:

• Advanced research activities;
• Applications development;
• Manufacturing and fine engineering;
• Provision of services to the industrial, defense and academic communities;
• Marketing and business activities.

Throughout the past 20 year, Rotem Industries has established a variety of key business activities and research centers, in various industries including the defense and homeland security sectors, medical imaging market, renewable energy sector and fine engineering & manufacturing industry.

With experienced and professional teams of scientists, engineers and marketing orientated management, our organization has established profitable business and technological relationships with strategic partners, distributors, academic institutions, governmental institutions and defense entities.


HYOX-18 Division 

Hyox-18 division employs 20 years of research and development efforts to produce Hyox18, the world’s No. 1 brand of Oxygen-18 enriched water. Hyox18 is used by leading PET centers for production of FDG, administered to patients as part of PET scanning. With the high growth rate in use of PET for cancer diagnosis and staging, Rotem plays a central role by supplying this critical raw material on a consistent basis with uniform quality.

Production capacity is expanded to meet the industry’s growing needs; volumes were doubled in 2001, and were further doubled in 2003. The company places great emphasis on dependability of supply, comprehensive customer support and seamless logistics to enable users to rely on Hyox18 for all their O-18 requirements.

Crystals Division 

Global presence and over 30 years of accumulated know how and expertise in sapphire and other crystals technologies: R&D, crystal growth, precision fabrication & processing, QA, business and marketing capacities.

• Air-to-Air/Air-to-Surface/ Surface-to-Surface/Anti-Tank IR missile domes.      
• Domes for worldwide Aerospace, Homeland Security and Marine applications.     
• IR windows for Anti-ballistic missiles.      
• Optical windows for R&D projects and various electro-optical systems.      
• Radiation resistant windows and optics.       
• High Temperature/ High Pressure/ High Vacuum process windows. 
• Other Markets: Medical, Microelectronics, Semiconductors, Optics, Electro-optics, Lithography.

Radiation Detection & Monitoring Division

Rotem’s Radiation Detection & Monitoring Division develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art Health Physics Radiation Monitoring systems and Instruments. A Variety of instruments and systems are utilized in different applications for Homeland Security Applications, Nuclear Power Plants, Medical Applications, Radioisotope Laboratories, etc.

With global presence, extensive distribution channels and several strategic alliances with key players in the market, Rotem specializes in giving unique solutions to its customers and in fulfilling the increasing worldwide demand for sophisticated radiation monitoring instruments and systems. Rotem’s portfolio of innovative and state of the art solutions include Advanced Spectroscopic Portals (ASP), Portable Radiation Detectors for Homeland Security Applications, a variety of fixed and hand-held devices, area monitoring solutions and many more.

The Israeli Center Of Counter CBRN Trrorism  

• Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Terrorism threats. 
• CBRN preparedness of Emergency Services & Units. 
• Modular Solutions for Strategic Sites & Critical Infrastructures. 
• CBRN Terror Prevention, Mitigation & Response layouts, from Preparatory layer to full Operational Deployment, including Training & Procurement.

Key activities include: Risk Assessments, Evaluation of Capabilities & Resources, Master Doctrines, Mitigation Planning, Inter-Agency Coordination Layouts, 1St Responders Doctrines, Detection & Warning Systems, Instruction and Training.

Solar Energy Technologies

Solar Energy Technologies is a team of professional scientists and engineers, with vast experience and accumulated know-how in the research, development and implementation of Solar-Energy-based technologies. Key projects included the development of innovative Energy Storage technology, participation in the development of a Solar Thermal Power Plant with a High Temperature central Receiver.

Light Metals/ Magnesium R&D Center

This R&D center’s activity is testing the commercial viability of unique and advanced magnesium technologies. It is intensively engaged in the research, development and production of a variety of industrial, commercial and academic applications. Its key capabilities include development of applications, through advanced techniques and know-how of product design, materials’ characterization, and advanced technologies for forging, rolling, extrusion, welding and machining.

Throughout the years, the center has been engaged in a large and diverse network of strategic clients, research partners and sub-contracting entities, both in Israel and abroad. This knowledge center is based on decades of accumulated experience, unique expertise and un-challenged professionalism. The team of scientists, researchers, developers and marketing experts has gained substantial experience in a large number of strategic projects in a variety of industries, such as the defense sector, the motor industry, homeland security market, consumer products, low-tech & high-tech industries.

Coating Application – R&D Center

Low Temperature Deposition & Plasma Surface Treatments:

The Thin Films Research Center offers a variety of surface treatments (nitriding, oxidizing, boriding and carburizing) as well as thin film deposition of metals, ceramics, and other coatings. The laboratory takes advantage of Rotem’s internationally-known scientists, advanced facilities and decades of experience in Thin Film Technology. The Coating Laboratory is currently serving a variety of strategic clients from High-tech, Textile, FMCG and Medical industries.

• New Dual Frequency technology (Microwave/Radio-frequency).      
• Magnetron RF or DC Sputtering    
• Inductive RF Plasma     
• Plasma Activated Chemical Vapor Deposition (100-450C), (PACVD)   
• Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Metal-Organic CVD (MOCVD)      
• Electron Beam Evaporation

Hydrogen Applications – R&D Center

The Hydrogen Research Center is strategically positioned to offer a variety of Hydrogen-related research, development and commercialization activities, in order to respond to growing global needs for innovative solutions. This Center-Of-Excellence takes advantage from its internationally known scientists, advanced facilities and decades of experience in this field. The Center offers consultancy services, Co-developments, Research services and Hydrogen related applications for the international business & academy communities.

• Characterization, Assessment & Evaluation of Hydrogen Storage Materials. 
• Co-Development of Hydrogen Storage Applications. 
• Research & Development – Hydrogen Purification, Corrosion and Embrittlement. 
• Hydrogen Getters and Hydrogen Sensors and Measuring Applications.
• Co-development for Hydrogen/ Nano-chemicals/ Electro-chemistry Applications (MOCVD)

Technological Incubator 

A leading technological incubator, dedicated for early stage entrepreneurs, positioned at Rotem Industrial Park. The incubator has been privatized in 2006 and became a leading center for innovative and state-of-the-art technologies.The incubator is led by a group of renowned business investors that specializes in establishing, branding and marketing new technological innovations. The incubator’s management team understands entrepreneurial needs, ensures a thorough due diligence process, and closely supports the entrepreneurs. The incubator start-ups benefit from financial, business and marketing support, essential for their ventures’ success.

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Sapphire Smart Components

Production of sapphire smart components for the defense market:

• Air-to-Air/Air-to-Surface IR missile domes
• Surface-to-Surface/Anti-Tank missile domes
• Domes for missile warning & protection systems
• Big & small domes for worldwide Aerospace and Marine applications
• Domes for international defense programs
• IR windows for Anti-ballistic missiles
• Different windows for UAV's payloads, targeting & reconnaissance pods
• Windows for missile warning & protection systems
• Windows for Homeland Security applications
• Optical windows for R&D projects and various electro-optical systems
• Strips for Micro-electronics
• Radiation resistant windows and optics
• Detector cell lenses and windows
• High temperature process windows
• High pressure windows and optics
• High vacuum windows

Health Physics Radiation Monitoring Systems and Instruments

Our Health PhysicsInstrumentation Department develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art Health Physics Radiation Monitoring systems and Instruments.

A Variety of instruments and systems are utilized in different applications for homeland security applications, Nuclear Power Plants, Medical Applications, Radioisotope Laboratories, etc.

Rotem specializes in giving unique solutions to its customers and in fulfilling the increasing worldwide demand for sophisticated radiation monitoring instruments and systems.


• Portable radiation and contamination meters
• Fixed Area Monitoring Systems for environmental and in-door usage
• Portals for scarp yards and border crossings

Rotem Industries Ltd.

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