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Aichelin GmbH, specializes in the manufacture of plants and systems for thermic and thermochemical optimizations of metallic construction parts.

Company is split up in the following 3 divisions namely:

Industrial Furnaces: Aichelin specializes in the area of heat treatment. It also has the process know-how for electrical and gas heated furnaces such as multi-purpose chamber, pusher typ, conveyor belt, ring hearth, rotary hearth or roller hearth furnaces. Additionally, Aichelin provides systems for cleaning of parts ("Flexiclean"), protective gas generators ("Endomat") and automation systems.

Induction Hardening Plants and Frequency Converters: EMA Indutec GmbH provides systems for induction hardening plants and frequency converters.

Industrial Gas Burner Systems: Noxmat GmbH develops and manufactures industry gas burners and controllers. They are used in plants for preheating and heat treatment of metallic materials and non-ferous metalls. These burners can be applied in the ceramical, environmental, and chemical industry.

Its product list includes:

  • Multi purpose chamber furnace plants
  • Rotary hearth furnace plants
  • Pusher type furnace plants
  • Ring hearth furnace plants
  • Roller and small roller hearth furnace plants
  • Conveyor belt furnace plants
  • Automatisation systems
  • Cleaning systems
  • Protective gas generators (ENDOMAT)

Processes followed by the company include hardening, tempering, carburizing, carbonitriding, short term/long term nitriding, and annealing, heating, heat treatment of light metals for wide ranging applications within the automotive, aerospace and industrial sector.

Aichelin Holding GmbH

  • Fabriksgasse 3, Postfach 210, Modling, Austria
  • +43 2236 236 46 0
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