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  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment

Fincantieri, heir to the great tradition of Italian shipbuilding and one of the largest shipbuilding groups in the world, operates in the design and construction of complex ships with high technological content such as merchant and naval vessels, offshore and mega yachts.

The Company is a leader in the construction of cruise ships and large ferries. Moreover, it is the reference builder for a wide range of ship types including surface vessels (frigates, corvettes, patrol vessels etc.) and submarines. Fincantieri is a partner to ship owners and to the Defense sector with innovative, tailor-made turn-key products backed by a high service level.

The company’s wide ranging engineering expertise and capacity to build prototypes enable it to take up new opportunities on the market by developing tailor-made products. This specific skills were proved in January 2013 by the acquisition of STX OSV (today VARD), a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, world leader in the construction of offshore support vessels for oil and gas extraction and production. Thanks to this transaction Fincantieri improved its competitive position in the offshore industry, becoming one of the leading groups in this sector.

In the field of ship repairs and conversions, Fincantieri provides services worldwide and organizes interventions to be carried out at its own facilities or at third party facilities with the aim of reducing the amount of time the ship is out of service and in accordance with customer requirements.

It develops and builds naval systems (stabilizers, solutions and components for propulsion and power generation etc.), industrial turbines, as well as diesel engines, for both marine and industrial application through its subsidiary Isotta Fraschini Motori.

The company also draws on its expertise to create complex, high value designs for the luxury niche market of mega yachts of over 70 metres.

The Company, founded in 1959 as Società Finanziaria Cantieri Navali – Fincantieri Società per Azioni, became an operational company in 1984, as a result of the merger of eight of its subsidiaries, operating in the field of ship construction and repairs and manufacturing of mechanical components and diesel engines. In January 2013 the Company doubled its dimensions with the acquisition of STX OSV (renamed VARD), a Norwegian group that operates in the offshore sector.

The Company’s headquarters and corporate offices, which are located in Trieste, provide support, planning and coordination services for the business units and the subsidiaries.

The main design centres are located in Trieste and Genoa; the headquarters of CETENA, the subsidiary company engaged in research and technical consultancy in the naval and maritime field, are also in Genoa.

The structure of the Fincantieri Group, based on 5 Business Units, is tailored according to the specificities of the markets.

The Business Units rely upon an integrated production network of 21 shipyards and two manufacturing sites units dedicated to the production of mechanical components and systems.

Business Units:  Merchant Ships
Production Network: Monfalcone (Gorizia), Marghera (Venezia), Genova-Sestri Ponente, Ancona, Castellammare di Stabia (Napoli), Palermo
Business Units:  Ship Repairs and Conversions
Production Network:  Palermo, Trieste (shiprepair docks), La Spezia (shiprepair docks)
Business Units:  Naval Vessels
Production Network: Integrated shipyard of Riva Trigoso (Genoa) - Muggiano (La Spezia), Marinette Marine (Marinette, WI, USA), Bay Shipbuilding (Sturgeon Bay, WI, USA), ACE Marine (Green Bay, WI, USA)
Business Units: Marine Systems and Components
Production Network: Riva Trigoso, Bari
Business Units:  Fincantieri Yachts
Production Network:  Muggiano (La Spezia)
Business Units:  Fincantieri Offshore
Production Network:  Trieste, Genova-Sestri Ponente, Ancona, Palermo
Business Units:  After Sales
Production Network:  Genova
Business Units:  VARD
Production Network: Brazil: VARD Niterói SA, VARDPromar SA - Norway: VARD Group AS (Headquarter), VARD Aukra, VARD Langsten, VARD Brattvaag, VARD Brevik, VARD Søviknes - Romania: VARD Braila SA, VARD Tulcea SA - Vietnam: VARD Vung Tau Ltd.

The main subsidiaries are: Orizzonte Sistemi Navali S.p.A., Isotta Fraschini Motori S.p.A., Fincantieri Marine Systems North America Inc., Fincantieri Marine Group LLC, CETENA S.p.A. and since January 2013 VARD.

In addition to this Fincantieri, in Joint Venture with Al Fattan Ship Industries, created ETIHAD Shipbuilding and entered the United Arab Emirates market.

Cruise ships
The success achieved by Fincantieri in the cruise ships business stems from a long tradition.

Already in the early 1900s the two shipbuilding centres of Genoa and Trieste were unrivalled players at world level building ships which already then stood out for their design, elegant interior furnishings and engineering solutions.

Of the many ships built the Rex is worthy of special mention as possibly the most famous, classical Italian transatlantic liner, the epitome of luxury and elegance. Built at Genoa shipyard, the Rex is remembered for winning the Blue Riband in 1933, having beaten the record for crossing the Atlantic, a record won by few other transatlantic liners.

Availing itself of highly diversified, in-depth technological know-how and skills, Fincantieri is capable of designing and building a full range of merchant ships (chemical tankers, gas carriers, RoRos, ferries, etc.).

The company specialises in the construction of ferries for passengers and vehicles. In this sector Fincantieri provides its customers with a complete range (from cruise ferries to Ropax and High Speed Ferries), together with the capacity to understand the needs of the shipowners designing tailor made vessels within contained construction lead-times.

Naval Vessel
The history of Fincantieri in the field of naval vessels counts over 2,000 vessels built for the Italian Navy and many foreign navies.

Fincantieri is able to design and build a wide range of surface ships, aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes, patrol vessels, in addition to support ships and submarines.

Ships are assisted throughout the course of their whole life with the provision of logistical support and post sales services as the company is able to guarantee both planning of maintenance and the execution of work of an ordinary or extraordinary nature and refitting at Fincantieri facilities or at a site chosen by the customer.

The company is the reference partner of the Italian Navy for the design, construction and logistical support of the surface fleet and submarines in addition to boasting a consolidated relationship with other State bodies.

Fincantieri has well-proven products, which provide high operating standards alongside optimised costs thanks to the use of design and construction solutions tried and tested in the merchant field.

Mega Yachts
Fincantieri has built over 7000 ships, so they know quite a bit about the sea and how to build top-of-the-range seagoing vessels of all types. One of the secrets is understanding their differences. For example, the company knows that a Mega-yacht is unique, not just a luxurious passenger ship, but rather a very special statement of her owner’s success, sophistication and style.

With this in mind, Fincantieri made the strategic decision to pursue excellence at the very top of the yacht market and set up Fincantieri Yachts as an autonomous division, totally focussed on building yachts larger than 70 metres (230ft).

Fincantieri Offshore
Fincantieri is a leading shipbuilding company, world leader in the design and construction of complex high technology vessels and has already made its resources available to the offshore market with the delivery of more than 30 units over the last 30 years. This has been possible through the utilisation of a well-proven ability in project management, use of experienced shipyards, large internal design offices, and the involvement of a network of specialized designers, equipment suppliers and supply chain specialists.

Ship repairs and conversions
Fincantieri has been providing services to the Shiprepair and Conversion sector since its launching in 1959. Then, utilising the services of dedicated Companies which were initiated in 1992, Fincantieri established itself as one of the largest direct providers of drydocks and shiprepair services in the Mediterranean. This activity has developed into a specialised Marine Services business unit, which is technically and commercially able to respond quickly and efficiently to client needs and which provides all the required support for ship repair, conversion and other specialised projects.

Marine systems
Expertise in System Engineering Fincantieri Marine Systems is the Business Unit of Fincantieri dedicated to research, design and production of Marine Systems. This Unit is the system integrator and engineering heart of the company for:

• Propulsion systems
• Stabilization and ride-control systems
• Power generation systems
• Dynamic positioning systems
• Offshore CALM/SALM terminal turnkey systems for oil & gas applications
• Tailor made systems on the relevant category based on Customer need

Special ships
Engineering capacity and the ability to build prototypes enable Fincantieri to take advantage of further opportunities in the market by developing new tailor-made products.

In particular, the company works in the offshore sector providing support vessels (AHTS) and special vessels for working at sea.


Fincantieri S.p.A.

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