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Elettronica, founded in 1951, is one of the European leaders in the production of Electronic Defence equipment (EW). The experience in the design and production of EW equipment and systems acquired in over 50 years guarantees reliable, effective solutions able to satisfy the changing needs of modern defence. Elettronica supplies all solutions, systems and products in the EW field: from interception capacity during law enforcement operations to surveillance of risk areas, to the self-protection of platforms in hostile zones, up to monitoring the electro-magnetic scenario.

The Company's product line includes any EW aspect: from single stand-alone devices to integrated systems for naval, air and ground applications in service with the Armed Forces of 28 countries in 5 continents. In detail, Elettronica is specialised in the design, development and production of EW systems for search, interception, analysis, identification and localisation of electromagnetic emissions (ESM/ELINT); EW counter-measure systems (ECM); Radar Warning Receivers (RWR); integrated EW systems ESM/ECM.

The Company boasts successful international collaboration with both platform producers and other sector industries worldwide. Said consolidated collaborations have led to the definition and implementation of important systems like the EW suites for Consortiums and International Programs such as:

• TYPHOON (EURODASS: Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom)
• NH-90
• EH101
• MIRAGE2000.

The EW systems for air application include self-protections suites (RWR integrated with advanced ECM systems) to be used on high performance fighters; passive systems for Early Warning type platforms, maritime patrol (Maritime Patrol Aircraft) and helicopters.

The vast range of EW systems for naval applications goes from the powerful integrated system (ESM/ECM) protecting large units to the light, compact systems to be installed on small units and submarines. The production of EW systems for ground use includes passive data collection systems and ELINT for fixed or mobile installations, which can be associated with an EW analysis centre. The EW is a basic component of Information Warfare (IW) in the Network Centric Warfare (NCW) context, whose purpose is to stop use of critical information while safeguarding sources. This means greater speed and reliability in Situation Awareness one of the main priority goals in the Company's product strategy.

Furthermore, Elettronica can make use of its excellent company strategy for what concerns the design and development of software, training tools, automatic testing counters, logistic support programs and the production of important EW modules. In fact, to satisfy the high tech requirements of EW systems, the company has developed highly sophisticated items:

• Phased Array Antennas
• Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM)
• Solid state Rx/Tx modules
• Digital Receiver


AVIONIC EQUIPMENT - Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)

In this category of equipment, the most simple and compact, ELT produced hundreds of units of different models, for installation in tactical aircraft and helicopters for the armed forces of Italy and of many other countries. The most recent products of this class have been enhanced through integration of an Instantanious Frequency Detector (IFD) and adoption of advanced processing features (such as accurate signal analysis and automatic extraction of radar tracks), for effective operation even in "high density" signal scenarios.

Equipment of this class, definitely more sophisticated the traditional RWR, are designed to provide the pilots of combat aircrafts with a clear and unambiguous description of the electronic scenario (the so-called Situation Awareness), even in the most critical operating environments (with the presence of numerous continuous-wave signals or strong EMC, friendly o enemy).

The most recent models, now being developed, use a combination of various cooperating receiving, working in parallel and synchronised to provide unambiguous real time signal description even in critical situations. The internal architecture also foresees the use of DRx (digital receiver), now in its current and "simple" form, to be replaced in future by some more sophisticated model, presently under development.

ESM & Tactical-ELINT
One of ELT's leading products is today a modular ESM equipment (the ALR-733 system family), designed for various classes of aircraft, from Navy helicopters to MPA, AEW&C, AGS and various types of UAV.
Such systems have two main functions, simultaneous and totally independent:

• Fully automatic surveillance of the electromagnetic environment
• Detailed analysis of high priority / interest signals, either selected by the operator on the basis of the mission requirements, or automatically designated by the ESM Processor, on the basis of pre-programmed criterea, defined by the user.

Thanks to the wide flexibility in data display and exploitation, to the possibility of controlling the system from a remote station and to integrate ESM data with information from other sensors, these systems are an extremely flexible and easily adaptable tool, suitable for a wide range of platforms and applications.

The stringent weight requirements of several aircraft and helicopters encouraged ELT to develop a "miniaturised" version of the ALR-733, designated ALR-741. This version retains modularity and most performances of its "larger" brother, but is definitely lighter and permits an easier installation on tactical aircraft with critical payload limitations.

The strong points of this new lightweight product are: automation, flexibility of operational functions, to respond to mission requirements ranging from Radar Warning to detailed scenario analysis (real time Tactional ELINT), total controllability from a remote station and high performance level; a mix of features that many potentional users will certainly find attractive.

Today's main product is a family of mobile stations for ELINT activity (ELT-888), in various models, usually housed in shelter, with the antenna on a telescopic mast. These systems may be functionally integrated among them and with a data-fusion center, so as to form a net of co-ordinated sensors. These products have recently had a significant success on the international market and are now in use in Italy and in some other non-European countries.

Another ESM / ELINT system, mounted in a 6x6 armoured vehicle, has been recently designed for an important international competition for the production od high-mobility systems, dedicated to ESM functions and Tactical ELINT, and won the tender.

For installation of smaller vehicles, such as a 4x4 light military car, a dedicated version of ALR-741 apparatus can be offered; this configuration may be equipped with various types of antenna and interface-operators, according to the installation constaints imposed by the vehicle and the customer's operational requirements.

The characteristic elements of these systems, somehow similar to those used on board MPA's, at least in terms of performance, are: very high sensitivity, very accurate Direction Finding, completely automatic surveillance functions and capacity to collect data for ELINT, with very high quality signal analysis. For this last function, analyse capabilities have been recently extended to the signal's "intrapulse" features.

In the latest generation ELT products, DF-Accuracy and sensitivity can be increased above the level the baseline product (SLR-736 modular ESM family), through addition of an optional antenna unit / module (E-Mode Antenna), providing Enhanced Performance Operation Mode in a specific azimuth sector, chosen in real time by the ESM operator on the basis of the mission needs.

Also this product line will soon take advantage of the addition of a DRx, in the various forms that this device will have in the near future.

Escort/Support Jammer is an highly integrated system, installed on an unique POD, to perform active protection of fighter, both for stand-off and escort purpose.

The Escort/Support Jammer system can operate in a complex scenario, facing both old and new generation type of threats, including search, acquisition & tracking radars dislocated on the territory.

The system is conceived to be completely autonomous, with suitable cooling system and complete power generation for on-board units management.

System Highlights

• Capability to operate in a very complex scenario
• Full azimuth coverage
• Wide band frequency coverage (L to K)
• High accuracy measurement of the key parameters of radar emissions thanks to digital receiver
• Automatic classification of detected emitters and designation of most warning ones toward the ECM based on solid state technology
• Multi-threat jamming capability through time-sharing resource management
• High selectivity angular capability through planar phased array, both for receiving and transmitting purpose
• Optimised Man Machine Interface ensuring high compatibility with on-board devices

Product support
The ELT/888 family is fully supported by a complete set of product support equipment that includes:

• Field test equipment
• Ground support equipment
• Automatic test equipment
• Library programming
• Library loading/unloading

System Installation
The Escort/Support Jammer can be installed onboard fighter aircraft.

MW Transmitter is part of Missile Warning System suitable for platform self-protection against missile menace with relevant off-board countermeasure launch according to on board Defensive Aid Computer.

RF Source
RF Source Unit is dedicated to multiple electronic countermeasures generation suitable for pulsed (included High PRF and Track While Scan) and CW emissions.

Antenna Array
The Antenna Array Unit is a rice-transmitting Phased Array Antenna based on Solid State Technology: every array channel is composed by a Vivaldi radiating element fed by a Tx-Rx microwave module. The channels are properly combined to perform the desired beam pointing.

Digital Receiver
ELT's Digital Receiver is the state-of-the-art receiver device capable to provide a very accurate representation of the electromagnetic scenario through a real time digital analysis of the input signals.

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