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ASE S.p.A., is a privately-owned Italian company leader in the design, development and production of Electrical Power Generation and Distribution Systems for the Aerospace and Defence Industry.

With its headquarters in Milan and manufacturing plant of 15,000 sqm in San Giorgio su Legnano (Milan), ASE is one of the most important members of the Lombardy Aerospace Cluster, and one of the most qualified and experienced partners in the Aerospace and Defence market for the supply of electromechanical and electrical equipment.

The products designed and developed by ASE have been selected by European and World-wide leading companies for more than half a century and in the last decade to power their fixed-wing, rotary-wing aircrafts and defence vehicles.


Power Generation
The core business of ASE is represented by high technology oil and air cooled AC and DC electromechanical equipment including Electrical Power Generators, Starters and Starter/Generators manufactured using high performance electromagnetic materials and nano-structured carbon composites.

The company offers power solutions for every requirement:

• from 5 to 50 kVA AC Generators;
• from 5 to 15 kW DC Generators/Starter Generators brush or brushless.

New product families are continuously developed and qualified, in full accordance with the Customer most recent and stringent requirements. ASE’s contribution to each program goes from the design, manufacturing, testing, up to final system qualification and certification.

In the last years ASE has made the step from equipment to system integrator for many defence and civil fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, while continuing the supply of its equipment on other major programs where the prime contractor maintains system integration.

Continuous R&D activities together with the availability of in-house development facilities and an impressive amount of field data are a guarantee for the Customer of advanced technology, performance, reliability and maintainability of ASE’s products.

Power Management
ASE has acquired significant know-how and considerable experience in the design, manufacture and qualification of Generator Control Units currently installed on European and International programs. ASE’s microprocessor controlled supervisory equipment makes the whole system reliable, safe and meets the operating requirement of the Customer in full.

The main Customer requirements of high reliability and low weight are met by designing state of the art components in compact packages, with extensive use of nano-structured carbon composites and sustainable finishing of metal alloys, while the need of high safety as well as environmental and electromagnetic compatibility are fulfilled with dedicated electronic designs, greatly customized for each peculiar application.

Power Distribution
The importance of the Distribution System to the function of an aircraft makes it almost imperative that the best system is designed and installed. ASE supplies the Aerospace and Defence Industry with both Primary and Secondary Power Distribution Systems that can, cost effectively and safely, supply adequate electric service to present and future loads.

The unique design of ASE’s Power Distribution Units is a result of value-added engineering and the use of packaged proven relay, contactor and circuit breaker products. Innovative packaging significantly reduces the overall system weight while improving system-level reliability and maintainability.

Additional advantages include ease of installation and accessibility, lower on-aircraft test time, and reduced overall aircraft build time since Power Distribution Units support both current and evolving higher power architectures.

Power Conversion
For Power Conversion, ASE designs and produces low weight and size, high performance AC/DC and DC/AC Converters, Transformer Rectifier Units and Current Transformers for both civil and military aviation Customers worldwide.

ASE’s line of Power Conversion Units provide affordable, efficient, light weight and reliable conversion, while meeting today’s stringent power quality requirements.

ASE boasts Power Conversion Units for a wide variety of aircraft programs. Features include unregulated configuration for simplicity, regulated configuration with tight voltage control, options for free, forced or fan cooling, long-life field-proven fan, and clean output power, ensuring compatibility with avionics loads.


Civil & Defence Fixed-Wing Aircraft
ASE is strongly involved in European multinational Defence Fixed-Wing Aircraft programs, such as Eurofighter Typhoon , Tornado, AMX, M346 and A400M. The high quality and reliability of its Power Generation and Distribution systems, and the validity of the product support ASE is able to guarantee are the key points for the participation of the company in all the initiatives aimed at modifying or improving existing platforms or future projects.

With specific regard to the segment of Civil Fixed-Wing Aircraft, ASE has been supporting A380 fleet successfully for over ten years. Thanks to the robust family of AC and DC Generators the company has been developing and manufacturing for over 60 years and its innovative generation of Brushless Starter Generators, ASE is ready to take on the challenge of next decade with a focus to increasing its participation in the Civil segment, especially in the field of business jets.

Civil & Defence Rotary-Wing Aircraft
The segment of Defence & Civil Rotary-Wing Aircraft  is at the core of ASE’s strategy. The reliability and advanced tailored technology of its systems have awarded ASE to be the preferred supplier for all AgustaWestland’s  new Defence & Civil programs. Several AgustaWestland’s  Rotary-Wing platforms are already powered by ASE’s systems: AW101/EH101, AW129, T129, AW139, AW159, not to mention new AW149 and AW189.

ASE supports the Defence & Civil Rotary-Wing Aircraft segment also in the Indian market, where the company boasts a long and profitable business relationship with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.  ASE is proud to have been selected as “partner of choice” for the supply of Power Generation on A.L.H. (Advance Light Helicopter), L.C.H. (Light Combat Helicopter) and L.U.H. (Light Utility Helicopter).

Last but not least is the participation of ASE in Eurocopter’s Program CH-53GA.

ASE has developed and currently supplies Power Generation and Distribution systems also for some UAVs like the Israeli Heron TP and Dassault’s nEUROn. New opportunities are envisaged for similar applications.

Defence Vehicles
In addition to its Power Generation systems, ASE supports several Iveco’s and Oto Melara’s Defence Vehicle platforms such as B1 CENTAURO, LMV, VBM, PUMA, ARIETE C1 and VCC80 by supplying also fuel and braking systems.

ASE S.p.A.

  • Via Verdi, 33/35, 20010 San Giorgio su Legnano, Milan, Italy
  • +39 0331 402216
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