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EVPÚ Defence a.s. is a leading Czech manufacturer specializing in the development and production of surveillance and monitoring systems for civil and military applications. Our ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 certified systems protect the borders of more than 40 countries worldwide.

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer a fully customised solution to our customers.

Our portfolio:

  • short-, mid- and long-range electro-optical surveillance systems
  • surveillance and monitoring vehicles
  • two-axis pan and tilt positioners
  • multi-sensor containers
  • HD day/night and thermal imaging cameras
  • special electro-optical equipment for armored vehicles
  • remote-controlled weapon stations
  • gunner and commander sights
  • situational awareness system
  • laser and radar irradiation detection system
  • special software applications for electro-optical surveillance systems

Contact info #1

Sales department
+420 576 512 918
Jaktare 1781, 686 01 Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic

Key services

EVPÚ Defence offers the complete turnkey solution for monitoring and surveillance networks. The company provides a full service starting with the initial analysis followed by each step in the production, installation and commissioning. This includes the required communication connections and data transmissions, operator training and service support.

Key services:

  • design and development of customized products regardless of the required quantity
  • first-class logistic solutions for electro-optical systems, their subsequent installation and training of operators in various languages
  • maintenance of all delivered systems including accessories and support for reliable functionality throughout their operation lifetime


Thanks to their own long-term development, manufacturing and maintenance pan tilt units have excellent quality, reliability, long service life and first-rate adaptation to the toughest conditions of use. Due to the great flexibility of our own development department, unstabilized and gyroscopically stabilized pan and tilt devices can be used in a variety of applications such as border monitoring, anti-drone, unmanned, vehicle mobile systems, boats and others. Pan and tilt positioners can be tailor-made to the specific requirements of the customer with respect to the application.

Key features:

•    a wide range of unstabilized and gyroscopically stabilized products
•    high quality and reliability
•    long service life
•    excellent adaptation to the toughest environmental conditions
•    suitable for a variety of land and naval applications

All pan and tilt positioners can be tailor-made to meet the customer´s requirements.


Key features:

•    suitable for border protection, coastal surveillance, vessel traffic monitoring, surveillance of airports, oil refineries, power plants and other objects of interest
•    range of observation up to 9.1 km (short), 14 km (middle) and 28 km (long)
•    offer high reliability, long lifespan and wide coverage
•    provide 24/7 surveillance and protection against intruders
•   radars, searchlights, day/night cameras, thermal imaging cameras and/or various optical sensors can be integrated to create a reliable 360° surveillance solution for the simultaneous detection, evaluation and tracking of multiple targets over long distances

All electro-optical systems can be tailor-made to meet the customer´s requirements.


Key features:

•    include surveillance and monitoring vehicles, monitoring office with connection to CCTV, EOS rooftop box system and tower surveillance system
•    suitable for police forces in search of lost persons or illegal immigrants
•    able to detect people and vehicles in a distance of up to 25 km
•    able to operate in difficult terrains and under unfavourable weather conditions
•    can be custom-built to fit the specific deployment or application


Key features:

•    provide maximum day and night security
•    offer superior thermal vision and detection capability
•    allow 24/7 trouble-free surveillance operation
•    give you clear high-contrast video
•    highly rugged housing ensures extra protection against the most demanding weather conditions


Key products:

•    remote-controlled weapon stations for 5.56-12.7 mm machine guns of NATO and Russian caliber
•    gunner and commander sights
•    situational awareness system
•    laser and radar irradiation detection system


As part of providing a comprehensive solution, EVPÚ Defence a.s. also supplies various accessories for the electro-optical systems (EOS) such as:

•    durable sensors - GNSS, DMC - digital magnetic compass, LRF - laser rangefinder
•    software
•    operator console
•    system and sensor cables designed for specific devices
•    lifting mechanism / mast
•    seismic systems - unattended ground sensors

EVPÚ Defence a.s.

  • Jaktare 1781, 686 01, Uherske Hradiste, Czechia
  • +420 576 512 918
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