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SVITAP J.H.J. Ltd., has a complex production program that covers technical-fabrics production (tent fabrics and canvases, flax fabrics, filter and blend fabrics) and technical ready-made clothes, PE canvases, non-woven textiles, upholstery fabrics and blankets, working clothes materials, cleaning textiles and modified textiles (impregnation), tablecloths, towels, bedclothes, geotextiles etc.

The product portfolio was enlarged in 2008 with the production of artificial leathers, by purchasing production plant in Chropyne (former part of Fatra). Svitap J.H.J. Ltd. is a supplier of Army of the Czech Republic. The company cooperates in camouflage fabrics’ production with the Czech Army.


The oldest provable textile professions are dated in Svitavy to the year 1516. There is cited the name of the first cloth maker in the chronicles. The count of profession masters was still grown and there were already so many masters in the town about 1760, they could not earn a living. Because old profession rules were restraining from business activities, the textile field was setting apart profession production at times of the first manufactures in 1773 and became to the free occupation. Heinrich Klinger asked the district authorities in Moravska Trebova for permission buying and manufacturing of flax fabrics. He founded the first textile production in Svitavy in 1866 – branch of his Viennese firm. Another from founders of Svitavy´s textile industry Julius Preussfreund put up the mechanical jute mill. He left the town in 1881 and Heinrich Klinger joined the mill to his company. It was founded k. k. Leinenwaarenfabrik.

Contact info #1

Ing. Jan Hermansky
+420 461 568 244
General Director
+420 461 568 300
Kijevska 8, 568 02 Svitavy, Czech Republic


Decontamination tent is ideal for army and emergency services. Easy to assemble and maintain. Tent has higher resistance against chemical substances. Aluminium construction. Tent’s cover is from the PES fabric coated with PVC.

  • Bottom bath – its edges are reinforced with the foam rubber. Low weight.
  • Ties – for fixing lines. Provides stability during bad - windy weather.
  • 4 sprinklers inside of the tent provides complete cleaning from all angles.
  • Doors are easy to open, and fixed with the Velcro fastener.


Product assembled in modular system;

Decontamination bath is made out of PES fabric coated with PVC, where the base is made from the inflatable tube, with the diameter of 30 cm. We offer the wide array of shapes, for example square shape. Weight of decontaminating bath is 19 kg. Inflating valve is a part of decontaminating bath.

Produced in dimensions according to a customer wish;


The company produces antiflooding barrier system in two basic shapes – rectangle and trapeze. Barrier construction is made form steel tubes, coated with special paint. Cover is from PES fabric coated with PVC – weight 900 g/m2. Warp band strength is 4000 N/ 5cm. Woof band strength is 3500 N/ 5cm. One barrier part has length of 3m, it is possible to build non-ending barrier. Recommended length of one field is 12 m. The most common type of the barrier has the length of 3 m, height of 1,1 m and 1,7 m of width. Time for the assembling – with the use of 2 pumps with the capacity of 1500 l/min and 6 persons, the 100 meter long barrier could be build up in 1 hour. We supplied this dimension of barrier to town Poprad.

VUT Brno certified the barrier system. It holds the certificate EPW according to the regulation CSN EN 13067 and the DOC EVF 581:01.


ARMY 2000 is a large - spacious tent for setting up with basic ground plan of 6 x 6 m. Extension part 6 x 3 m is inserted between front and back part.

  • Canvas: PES fabric coated PVC, weight 750 g, waterproof, fungicidal modification, reduced flammability, anti-infra modification
  • Frame: aluminium or steel
  •  Windows: PES netting, transparent detachable lapel + lapel of tent material
  • Doors: on the front and back part (120 x 223 cm)
  • Accessories: the roof is equipped with two chimney openings, on the sidewalls are 2 openings for air conditioning, if required, the tent will be equipped with free embedded floor

GRAND is a special large - spacious tent, designed for alternatives of the entrances (location and numbers) in accordance with customer’s wish.

  • Canvas: 50% cotton / 50% PES, weight 400 g, waterproofed and fungicidal adjustment
  • Colour of canvas: natural (white), when more pcs. ordered, colour in accordance with customer’s wish
  • Frame: painted, zinc coated steel
  • Windows: standard 4 pcs. - PES netting
  • Doors: 2 entrances - on the front and back side, 1 entrances on the each side
  • Accesories: if required, the tent will be equipped with free embedded floor

 HOSPITAL is a large spacious two-part tent with detachable entrances.

Canvas: 50% cotton / 50% PES, weight 400 g/m, waterproofed and fungicidal adjustment
Colour of canvas: natural (white)

  • Frame: aluminium
  • Windows: 8 pcs. - PES netting + lapel of tent material
  • Doors: detachable on the front and back side, 2 entrances on the sides
  • Accesories: if required, tent will be equipped with free embedded floor

MIHU is a special large-spacious tent of basic ground plan 8 x 8 m. It consists of front and back part (8 x 4) MIHU can be set up thank to module 8 x 4 m. to the results of 8 x 12 m, 8 x 16 m, etc. LONG LIFE, easy maintenance, easy assembly and dismantling.

  • Canvas: PVC coated PES fabric, weight 700 g/m2, flame resistant (TO AATCC34), anti-infra modification (300 - 1200nm), temperature resistance -30 / 70oC
  • Frame: aluminium profiles
  • Windows: PES netting, transparent detachable PVC foil, PVC lapel in tent colour
  • Accesories: if required, the tent will be equipped with free embedded floor

MIHU size possibilities:
Width: 6 m, 8 m, 10 m, 12 m /module of the length 4 m
Width: 15 m / module of the length 5 m


Contacts - Division II

Cotton beaver/flannel
Used yarns: Cotton
Weight: 460 g/m2
Width: 140 cm
Modifications: Combed
Application: Lining, decoration fabric etc

Serge for work clothes
Used yarns: Cotton, cotton/polyester
Weight: 200 – 300 g/m2
Width: 140 – 150 cm
Modifications: sanforization, Teflon coating, acid resistant, caulking, fire resistant (temporary, non-temporary, semi-temporary)
Colours: All colours according to RAL /PANTONE/
Application: Work clothes

Ties reinforcing
Used yarns: polyester, viscose staple fibre
Weight: 245 – 290 g/m2
Width: 155 cm
Modifications: caulking, combing
Application: Ties reinforcing

Used yarns: cotton / viscose
Weight: 180 – 250 g/m2
Rozmer: 40 x 73, 52 x 62, 41 x 58
Modifications: combing
Application: Feet shoe protection

Lining fabrics
Used yarns: Cotton
Weight: 150 g/m2
Width: 150 cm
Modifications: Dyeing, sanforization, combing,
Application: Clothes lining

Gloves fabrics
Used yarns: cotton / flax, cotton / juta, flax, juta
Weight: 400 - 500 g/m2
Width: 155 cm
Modifications: scalding, flame resistant
Application: Fabric for working gloves

Clothes bearskin
Used yarns: cotton / viscose
Weight: 365 g/m2
Width: 150 cm
Modifications: Sanforization, combing
Application: Butchers clothes (brown-black, white-black square)

SVITAP J.H.J. spol. s r.o.

  • Kijevská 423/8, 568 02, Svitavy, Czechia
  • +420 461 568 111
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