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TESLA V.T. MIKROEL s.r.o., established in 1993, is a producer of microwave power tubes and special products of vacuum electronics. The company is a member of Association of the Defense Industry of the Czech Republic and holds ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Main Defense Product Line includes:

- Magnetrons for radar service
- Power klystron amplifiers for TV service (UHF)
- Xenon discharge tubes for illuminating of airfield landing strips
- Linear accelerator 4 MEV
- Ceramic vacuum tight bushings
- Special vacuum technology as brazing and welding, and vacuum tight ceramics – metal connections
- Microwave power tubes
- Vacuum technology
- Hydrogen and vacuum brazing
- Special kinds of welding in protective atmosphere


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Tomas Komrska
+420 281 86 1355
Marketing Manager
+420 281 861 355
Nademlejnska 600, 198 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic


High power klystrons are metal-ceramic tubes for use in output stages of transmitters in u.h.f. television service. The tubes operate in external cavities in the frequency band 470 - 790 MHz. Maximal (sync) output power is 6 to 25 kW, power gain 30 to 40 dB and bandwidth 8 MHz/1 dB (according to the type)

In the transmitter klystrons work in the circuit assembly (PS..) containing coils, which produce dc axial magnetic field for beam focusing. A solid coaxial line serves for the coupling of the high power of the output cavity.

In all types a modulation anode is built in, enabling tubes to operate at a lower power levels in sound transmitters using the same voltage as the vision amplifier.

A built-in ion getter pump, which works in a separate ferromagnetic circuit, is unified for all the types.


Magnetrons are impulse microwave generators for transmitters of radar approach control (RAC) and ground surveillance radars. The types 611- 638SP52 are applied in the radar and the types 68SP52, 69SP52 and 691SP52 in the linear accelerators service.

A ceramic output window, an indirectly heated dispenser cathode, a liquid-cooled anode and a built-in permanent magnet are their common features.

The radar magnetrons are tunable by means of an external cavity, which, together with the liquid cooling, stabilizes significantly the working frequency, the stability being a very importand parameter in MTI (Moving Target Indication) service. The dispenser cathode extends the life of the magnetrons, the cathode glass insulator enables the application of getters as well as inner vacuum checking.

The magnetrons for linear accelerators operate at a high peak power and a low duty cycle.


Current transformers with the torroide ferrite core are available as transducers of the time-variable currents (esp. impulse) for various osciloscops, voltmeters, spectrum analysers, etc. A current transformer inserts nagligeable resistence into the measured circuit and because there is an inductive coupling, it can be placed into any part of the measured circuit.

No galvanic connection takes place, so that no errors can arise caused by double-earthing.



XV 80 is a xenon impulse discharge tube. Three optic pure quarz coils represent its basic construction. A serial or parallel ignition, realized by a thin wire wound round the helix, can be applied. The spectral energy distribution is similar to the daylight one.

The discharge tube is determined especially for illuminating of airfield landing strips.


Ceramic vacuum tight bushings are generaly employed for the transmission of electric signals into vacuum sealed cavities.

They are applied in various instuments and devices for example in following fields:

Vacuum Technics and Electronics
vacuum pumps, power tubes, vacuum gauges

Electron Optics
mass spectrograf, electron microscope

X-ray and Nuclear Technics
X-ray convertors, spectrum analysers, epitax molecular beam sources, hydrogen ion sources, neutron beam sources, vacuum welding cameras

Measurement Technics
thermocell probes, Langmuir diodes, plasma diagnostics

The bushings are composed of low-loss corundum ceramics, metal flanges and pins. The ceramic is connected to a flange made exclusively of special metal alloys, whose thickness is 0,3 to 0,5 mm as a rule. The pins of different size or shape can be also made of thermocell materials.

The bushing is vacuum tight at inner pressure down to 10-8 - 10-9 Pa and temperature up to 600 °C (or 900 °C when copper brazed).


Linear accelerator LINAC 4-1200

High frequency linear accelerator is a source of fast electrons of 3 - 5 MeV energie. The common 50 kV impulse voltage supply feeds the electron gun (producing the input electron beam of the accelerator) as well as the magnetron generating hf energy in 10 cm band.

The basic assembly contains four main units: accelerator, modulator, supplies and a controle unit. The accelerator includes a broad output camera with a sweep circuit for the homogenous dose distribution, which enables the uniform ratio of the irradiation of materials in width up to 500 mm.

LINAC 4-1200 is suitable for various radiation technologies, for example for the sterilisation of sanitary and pharmaceutical goods, desinsection of agricultural products, irradiation crosslinking of thermoplastic polymers. A very useful application takes place in the irradiation chemistry, ekology and semiconductor production.

The value of the voltage ensures, that no secondary radioactivity can arise at any applied technology.

The whole equipment requires only two rooms: the irradiotion and the control room with walls protected against the X-ray radiation.


Army of Czech and Slovak Republic
for which the company is the exclusive producer of magnetrons for radiolocation equipment.


Czech and Slovak Radiocommunication
for which the company produces all listed types of output klystrons for power amplifier stages of television transmitters.


Management of flight traffic of Czech and Slovak Republic
for which the company is the executive producer of magnetrons for TESLA radiolocation equipment and of xenon discharge lamps for runway illumination.


for which the company has been producing ceramic vacuum bushings intended for electron microscopes and supplying special technologies of active vacuum soldering.


International Atomic Commission
through the mediation of which the company supplies spare parts for the operation of the linear accelerator of our production.


SKODA Nuclear Engineering Plzen
to which the company supplies special ceramic bushings for the production of linear drives for fuel elements of nuclear reactors.

Tesla V.T. Mikroel s.r.o.

  • Nademlejnska 600, 198 00, 9, Prague, Czechia
  • +420 281 861 345, +420 281 861 355
  • +420 281 861 355
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