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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

ELTESTA is a company which designs and manufacturers an extensive line of high-performance electronic equipment based on Time-Domain Technologies in Pico and Nanosecond Areas. The key point of these technologies is generating and acquiring electrical signals with very fast rise time. Main coaxial and waveguide units of the instruments built under this technology are:

  • GHz-Samplers,
  • ps-Finite Generators,
  • Wide-Bandwidth Antennas,
  • HF Accessories.

All they use very fast semiconductors.

Line of the instruments includes: Wide-Bandwidth PC-Sampling Oscilloscopes also working as Communication Analyzer, Time Domain Reflectometer and Network Analyzer; Pulse, Step and One Sine-wave Generators, Impulse Radars (Ground Penetrating Radar and Mine Detector).

The Company's products serve a vast number of markets, including the high frequency telecommunication industry, semiconductors testing, electronic test instrumentation, computers, aerospace, research, military, police, building, archaeology, geology, among others.

Instruments can be used for civil and military applications. Many of the products are the key components of T&M systems, which work in pico- and nanosecond data acquisition systems. In some application they are using as calibrators. Mine detectors are using in military divisions as the instrument for effective detection of buried non-metallic anti-personnel and anti-tank mines.

ELTESTA's designing and manufacturing process utilizes highly skilled assemblers and quality assurance testing. All operations are performed in-house laboratories, including product design, assembly, final test and calibration. Product design relies heavily on computer-aided design programs.

ELTESTA is a company, committed to fulfillment of its customer's metrological, technological and other requirements. It custom designs products to meet customer specification. Contrary to industry standards, its published specifications are explicitly detailed. ELTESTA markets its products direct, and through a network of sales representatives outside Lithuania.

ELTESTA was founded as a company in 1993. Today ELTESTA is a joint-stock company with mixed shares capital.

The name of company was derived of two words - ELECTRONICS and TESTING, i.e. ELTESTA.

Eltesta UAB

  • Vytenio 20 , LT-03227, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • +370 5 233 3214
  • +370 5 233 3214
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