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MONTANA, has been one of the leading medium-sized enterprises in the Hungarian market for more than twenty years. Over those years, it has acquired the professional knowledge and experience with which they are able to satisfy the requirements of almost any sector to the highest possible standard.

The company’s strategy focuses on the development of individual solutions, and therefore CREATIVITY and INNOVATION are key factors in their operation. They concentrate on developing new applications for major actors in the economy, offering solutions to problems that could not be resolved by the largest software manufacturers. In 1999, MONTANA acquired Noreg Ltd., one of the leading suppliers in the Hungarian information security market, which now functions as a member of the MONTANA Group. During the acquisition, twenty information security experts joined MONTANA’s team of almost one hundred experts.

The Company has focused on the development of applications, customised according to customer requirements and integrated into existing IT systems. The developments (Infohunter, Up-To-Date, MonDoc System, MonFlow, DigiSec, MonSpeech) are effective tools that provide practical responses to existing problems.

As a major IT company in Hungary, MONTANA has the professional knowledge, extensive technical background and production support with which they are able to satisfy customers’ support needs effectively and in the highest quality. MONTANA offers the following services to its customers: Operation and Servicing, IT Integration, Application Development, and IT Strategic Consultation.

The company integrates into one system the top products of the world’s leading manufacturers, with the support of their key partners, Microsoft, HP, Novell, Cisco, McAfee, Oracle, Novell, Xerox, IBM, and Autonomy, under the control of specially qualified Montana Engineers. MONTANA Support assists in the continuous and safe operation of the systems according to requirements, even over 7x24x365 hours.


The consulting division of MONTANA Knowledge Management Ltd. operates with experienced senior colleagues who have a long professional history. The competences of the division includes all services dedicated to the development of our customers’ activities, as well as the operation of processes, employees, organisations and information, in an effective system.

Strategic Consulting
• Strategic target setting, operation development experiences
• Competition analysis
• Future vision, IT strategy development
• Preparation of feasibility studies
• Business planning

Organisation and Operation Development
• Profitability boosting and efficiency improving measures
• Organisational structure development proposals
• Problem analysis, proposed solutions and new processes

Process Management Consulting
In the course of that activity, the corporate processes and organisation are aligned with customer requirements and wider environmental expectations. Advantages of process management:
• Improved organisation transparency
• Operation development
• Ideal use of resources
• Measurable processes

IT Consulting
• Elaboration of an IT governance framework system
• Complex project management and quality assurance
• IT system design and implementation
• System design
• Test management support
• IT audit

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Elaboration of an account management strategy
• Elaboration and development of Front Office processes related to account management
• Customer segmentation and business analyses based on analytical CRM data

Process and Business Intelligence
• Integrated Business Intelligence - a solution supporting strategic management and process performance measurement.
• It provides access to the latest reliable information that can be of your assistance.

Application Development

For more than ten years MONTANA Knowledge Management Ltd. has concentrated heavily on the development of its own applications though, apart from that, it also offers its customers a wide range of products available on the market. The Company’s portfolio includes the products of other manufacturers (e.g., SAP, SharePoint, mail systems, central archives) and solutions developed by themselves (MonDoc System, MonFlow, Infohunter, Up-To-Date), which are customised according to requirements and integrated into the existing information systems. A well-designed application helps companies make progress and develop, by optimising the work processes, and making them more transparent.

If application development, then MONTANA!
• They offer complete solutions.
• The company’s staff members have a considerable professional history, and guarantee quality.
• Satisfied customers include financial institutions, security agencies, ministries, telecommunication and forwarding companies.

To whom are the services recommended?
MONTANA’s internal development methodology is a very effective mix; the result of the combination of various approaches, with a single aim of satisfying even extraordinary customer requirements. In that spirit the company has undertaken development based on a ‘V model’, only according to SCRUM, and also by using spiral and iterative incremental models.

IT Integration

As information technology is developing rapidly, more and more complex systems are built as essential components in our daily tasks. The system integration division of MONTANA Knowledge Management Ltd. has been supporting such systems successfully for 20 years, accumulating a wide range of knowledge and experience during that time. The Company’s competencies have been designed to cover all services that are indispensable to the design and operation of the information systems of a company, for a reliable service network, the supply of spare components and for bringing the IT manager up-to-date in the cutting edge technologies, available on the market.

If IT Integration, then MONTANA!
• Microsoft-based information systems
• Servers and storage units
• Active and passive network systems
• Virus protection and network security systems
• Virtualisation solutions
• Software management

Microsoft competencies
• Professional work
• Experts with worldwide reputation, certified by Microsoft
• Technological expertise in the latest technologies

Software Asset Management (SAM)
• Transparent software management
• Either an ad hoc activity, or continuous operation

Network Competencies
• HP and Cisco LAN, WAN, and Wireless networks
• Motorola, primarily Wireless network

IT Security
• Montana is an Elite-level expert of the McAfee product portfolio
• Professional virus protection, SPAM filtering and log analysis solutions

• Hardware independent operation of information systems
• Server and client virtualisation

Hardware System Integration and Servicing

• Since 1995, we have been certified official HP Gold and Service Partners
• Installation of HP servers, storages, complex support of installed systems

MonDoc System

MONTANA has been developing document management systems for more than ten years. The MonDoc System, is a full life-cycle, workflow driven, document management system, which follows paper and electronic documents from their origin or receipt to the archive. No longer need to search for papers, contracts and orders; administration will become transparent and organised. Companies will be able to focus on their core activity. One proof of the unique nature of the product is that in 2007 it was the only product worthy of an outstanding award in the computer technology category of the Hungarian Innovation Award competition.

Why MonDoc System?
• Easy implementation.
• No need for unnecessary copies.
• More effective and faster work processes.
• Analysis of the time dedicated to tasks.
• Individuals and time of access to various types of functions and documents can be defined.
• It facilitates retrieving content from documents.

To whom is it recommended?
Regardless of company size, it offers a customised solution with the best price/performance indicators. A great number of organisations operating in public administration and in the market sector are satisfied users of the MonDoc System. The system has all the certificates required for the public sector and it is also suitable for handling classified documents. Owing to its extensive parameterisation, it is an ideal solution for every company and institution struggling with administration.

How does it work?
One or more types of electronic, .doc, .pdf, .xls, .tiff, etc. files are documents for the purposes of the system. The descriptive information refers to information supplementing or accompanying those electronic documents. In the MonDoc system such descriptive information can naturally relate not only to an electronic document but may also exist individually; e.g., if the descriptive information registers the data of a paper-based document. It follows the life-cycle of thus defined documents from their origin or receipt to the archive or until they are scrapped. In the active cycle, documents remain available for queries all the time, while authorisation management may be changed flexibly.


The MonFlow graphic process organisation system developed by MONTANA Knowledge Management Ltd. allows corporate management to easily understand and automate the existing business and administration processes. Employees will no longer be burdened with the task of organising and executing the work-flow. Everyone will need to concentrate only on their own tasks. In addition, this system can be connected directly to the MonDoc document management system. In 2007, the product gained the IT Business Leadership Award in Product Development, Large Corporate category.

Why MonFlow?
• It assigns responsible officers and administrators to the given tasks.
• It automatically follows the deadlines.
• It facilitates faster throughput times.
• Each employee need concentrate only on their own tasks, which will make work more effective.
• The product can easily be integrated into the existing IT environment.

To whom is it recommend?
The system is based on state of the art web technology, which makes it especially ideal for companies operating on more than one site or requiring remote access. It may be configured on a graphic interface and there is no need for any programming knowledge. The product is used both in the market sector and in public administration. Integrated with the MonDoc document management system, the product has all the certificates required for the public sector.


MONTANA Knowledge Management Ltd. is present in the Hungarian IT market with a number of innovative developments. The DigiSec system, developed by the company, supports detection of simple and complex events in real time and analysis of that information on a continuous basis. It facilitates fast conclusions and effective preventive, partly automated measures responding to the captured information. Primarily events generated by camera images can be integrated into the system, but events generated by other systems (entry authorisation and traffic control systems) may also be included in the analysis. One representative of the potential user segment, MKB Bank, also took part in the project contributing its professional knowledge and authorising the installation of the pilot application.

Why DigiSec?
• It is sufficient to observe one monitor image.
• The system seeks similarity through pre-defined behavioural samples.
• It generates an alert depending on classification.
• The system may be implemented regardless of the size of the area.

To whom is it recommended?
The system is ideal for the surveillance of banks, airports, shopping centres, gas stations, pharmacies and any size and any type of outside public area. No one using the system will miss the occurrence of any important event that is a potential risk to life.

How does it work?
The DigiSec solution is a new approach, supporting complex and integrated analysis of individual basic events and object characteristics. Once the new information generated during the assessment of the data set resulting from the integrated analyses has been processed, complex events may also be recognised. On that basis more effective and more precise risk projection systems may also be built. The system can also observe events from the images of more than one camera and attach content to the generated result, depending on local knowledge. The system interprets the results and launches the respective alerts.


Up-To-Date is a subscription-based service of MONTANA Knowledge Management Ltd., which uses its text mining knowledge management technology (Infohunter). It is capable of regularly monitoring pre-defined content sources accessible on the Internet; collecting the information and selecting it automatically according to the criteria of the topics, relevant to the subscriber. It sends notification of relevant content, or only indications thereof, via e-mail or in any other manner requested by the customer.

Why Up-To-Date?
• Fully automatic.
• Search according to individual information criteria (topics, situations, keywords).
• Information is received directly.
• There is no need to install any program to use Up-To-Date.
• With Up-To-Date, you may obtain relevant information that was not accessible before due to lack of time.

To whom is it recommended?
It is recommended to any company or organisation for whom information published on the internet is important, regardless of whether or not it is press coverage of a particular company or competitor, significant events or products of a specific market sector, tenders issued or results, changes in legal regulations, or any other individual topic.

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