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Six Hungarian electrical engineers engaged in research, development and manufacturing founded HEXIUM Technical Development Co., Ltd. in 1996. The aim was research and development as well as manufacturing, based on research and development activities.

The company's field of activity covers the developing and manufacturing of:

• License plate recognition systems
• Traffic technology systems (speed measurement and vehicle classification)
• Infrared cameras
• Infrared measurement technology
• PC technology and devices
• Digital video systems
• Access control systems
• Surveillance systems
• Integrated security systems
• Fire protection systems
• Software security products
• Industrial computer products and periphery

The main products offered by the company are:

• HEXIUM Infrared Cameras and Multispectral Instruments and Systems for human thermography as well as for industrial applications (stationary / portable)
• HEXIUM UTCU License plate recognition unit
• HexCPU Custom design PC based on INTEL technology
• HEXIUM SpeedCapture  Laser speed measurement devices
• HEXIUM Vehicle Classification System
• HEXIUM proGuard Software Protection Product Family
• HEXIUM IDAXA Integrated License Plate Recognition, Video Surveillance and Access Control System
• Industrial Computer Systems and hardware accessories: GEMINI/APOLLO/SCORPION frame grabber cards; Multi I/O 16 in/output interface board; RS232/485 converters; voltage protection instruments; DC/DC converters; etc.

Since all these devices are developed within Hexium, they can be customised to meet the users’ requirements either on the European market (Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Great Britain) as well as overseas. Hexium is the synergistic and strategic partner of the USA based market leader RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc. The company has also close working relationship with European multinational companies (Siemens AG Österreich etc.).

Hexium works together with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), University of Debrecen and Budapest Polytechnic (BMF). The company has introduced the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 Quality Management System in 2005, which was certified by the TÜV in January of 2006.


Infrared Cameras

Hexium Industrial Infrared Cameras HX-IDS-IP 19 and HX-IDS-IP 110
Among the latest developments of the HEXIUM Technical Development Co., Ltd. are the HEXIUM industrial IR cameras. These products are fixed cameras. You can use them for monitoring industrial processes or for security surveillance, for example for the monitoring of:
• Industrial areas
• Country borders
• Military establishments

These cameras are also good for police missions to detect hiding persons. The HEXIUM industrial IR cameras utilize the recently developed Si microbolometer sensor based on polycrystalline, which can detect the electromagnetic radiation of the bodies in the 8-14 µm range and does not need cooling.

Hexium Mobile Infrared Cameras HX-IDS-M 19 and HX-IDS-M 110
The state-of-the-art Hexium Mobile IR Camera can be used to monitor and check devices that are difficult to access and require a mobile equipment in order to be examined. Important inspection targets are:
• Wear off components of various devices such as bearings, cog-wheels and wheels
• High-voltage wires
• Fuses
• Breakers
• Connections
• Relay contacts
• Transformers
• Switchgears
• Motor control centers
• Generators
• Printed circuit boards
• Etc.

UTCU License plate recognition unit

One of Hexium’s newest products is the UTCU camera. The company has integrated here the license plate recognition system into the camera. This way an easy to use unit was developed. Here you have the camera and the IPC in one. All that is needed is the UTCU unit and the laptop to catch speeders and wanted vehicles. As it can detect license plates effectively, UTCU is also suitable for entry systems.

The UTCU unit filters the information on its own and transmits only the data needed, for example the license number and the image of the car. The UTCU unit contains two cameras. One of them records the license plate, the other one – the overview camera - takes a picture of the whole vehicle.

The UTCU unit is easy to install: only two cables need to be connected (to connect the unit with the power supply and with the Ethernet) and the unit immediately functions. With UTCU a sophisticated picture processing is possible because the HEXIUM license plate recognition software has its own software trigger. Therefore it does not need inductive loops (for example built-in loops on the street) to trigger the algorithms. This makes using UTCU cheaper and simpler than many other solutions. Of course it is also able to use hardware trigger input.

The efficiency of the recognition (at a maximum speed of 200 km/h) is better than 95% by day and better than 92% by night. The UTCU unit has a TCP/IP connection. This allows the camera to be in a bigger distance from the central PC. The embedded processing unit does not contain moving parts. This reduces the possibility of malfunctioning.

The primary goal of the UTCU unit is license plate recognition. But the UTCU unit is also able to make a rough estimation of the speed of the vehicle, if the speed of the vehicle is under 200 km/h. When a vehicle passes through the field of view of the UTCU, several pictures are taken. So the calculation of the speed is based on the movement of the vehicle.

HexCPU Custom design PC based on INTEL technology

HEXIUM has developed a new industrial PC CPU board, based on Intel mobile technology. With the HexCPU board the number of boards in the application can be reduced to a single highly integrated PC board. This economical solution has several advantages for the customer:
• It can reduce the number of boards and wires in users’ application and with them possible errors too. With HexCPU the application becomes more reliable.
• Through the very special design, tailored specially for each user, their device is not easy to copy. The HexCPU board protects their intellectual property this way.
• On the board, there is only what is really needed, and this saves place and energy
• The PC has a longer life cycle and appropriate interfaces

Users can select the following modules for their HexCPU board: WLAN, Bluetooth, GPRS and GPS. LAN is also available. On the HexCPU the usual standard PC peripherals like USB, Ethernet, serial and parallel ports can be used. HexCPU has integrated non-standard interface modules as well (A/D, I/O, Communication).

The board can use non-standard power inputs, so users do not need to buy a special (and therefore expensive) power supply unit for their device. It is no problem to use the device from such unstable power supply sources like a cigarette lighter of a car. This feature is very useful by medical measuring instruments, speedometers or devices which use solar cells as power supply.

Nowadays the life cycle of the non-industrial PCs is about 6 months, the life cycle of industrial motherboards is about 1-2 years. Firms working in the field of application however need hardware elements with at least 5 years of life cycle, because every change in the hardware infers an authentication and feasibility analysis.

HEXIUM SpeedCapture

The Hexium SpeedCapture product was developed by Hexium Co., Ltd. The SpeedCapture instruments are designed to measure the speed of moving vehicles with maximum precision and accuracy as well as to record traffic offences. This product is offered in two versions: fix installed and mobile (can be mounted on a tripod).

The fix installed version of the SpeedCapture enables the operator to continuously monitor the speed of moving vehicles at a given place. In this case, working in automatic measuring mode, the SpeedCapture takes a picture of all vehicles exceeding the pre-determined speed limit. The device can be activated, and the database accessed remotely via either a GPRS or WLAN connection.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the mobile version of the SpeedCapture (mounted on a tripod) incorporates a touch screen LCD panel, enabling direct operation of the device. The mobile version of the SpeedCapture is delivered complete with all accessories necessary to perform in-vehicle installation, including a GPS module to determine the exact speed of the monitoring vehicle, which is necessary to perform a highly accurate speed measurement of the offending vehicle.

The SpeedCapture devices measure the speed of the vehicles in the following way: The processor incorporated in the instrument is capable of determining the distance of the monitored vehicle by using the time differences between emission and detection. From the determined, time-to-time elementary distance measurements, the speedometer accurately defines the speed of the vehicle. The displayed data is counted by ten elementary measurements. The system shows valid data only if these elementary measurements display results that are coherent with each other. By operating in this way, a resultant false measurement reading is virtually impossible.

The user software (developed by HEXIUM), is an organic part of the SpeedCapture instruments. The software, by its graphical interface enables the fast and accurate tuning, camera operation and the processing of acquired images. Another essential task of the user software is to define the vehicle to be measured by the calibration, and to perform a secure data transmission between the measuring device and PC.

ProGuard software-protection keys

With the development of modern technology and the growing popularity of computers the number of people using software products illegally has also significantly grown. Because of this software developers have a loss of their deserved income. Office and management software products or game software are especially problematic in this respect.

Of course software developers try to protect their products against such free software usage, with more or less success. They try to prevent the usage of illegal software copies with the help of hardware keys.

Most of the hardware keys on the market work basically in the following way: the key has some kind of algorithm, which can encode data. Only the manufacturer, but not the developer knows this algorithm. By using the software, the program sends data to the hardware key. The incoming data is transformed into a result according to the algorithm. The program continues running only if the values generated by the hardware key are identical with the previously (by the software developer) set values.

It is a dangerous carelessness from the manufacturer, that such professional-looking hardware keys are checked by programs only with a simple comparative operation, which ends in a conditional jump. For illegal use it is enough to find and replace this one command, and then the expensive software works without the hardware-key too. This opens the way to the illegal copying and use of the software.

Therefore the abovementioned protections have a common mistake: the software becomes fully accessible if it succeeds to eliminate the hardware key, because the complete program can be found in the setup set (for example on the setup CD).

Considering these problems, Hexium Technical Development Co., Ltd. developed a new kind of hardware key. The new product, the proGuard, represents a new generation of hardware keys. With the help of this device the deficiencies of today´s software protection can be eliminated.

This solution is safer and fundamentally different from previous ones. The main operating principle of proGuard is that some parts of the software are located in the proGuard device. The software developer puts these parts into the software key when developing the software. Then he activates the protection against readout. After that the information in the proGuard hardware key is not accessible any more. It can only be erased.

IDAXA reader and identification devices

The Hexium IDAXA system consists of networks built up hierarchically to each other. The network of reader and I/O units can be found on the lowest level. These devices register events, for example the passing through of entering or leaving users.

The Hexium IDAXA readers with their variegation try to satisfy the users' comprehensive needs. There is a wide range of readers on the company’s product list, from the simple proximity reader up to the working time register DALLAS iButton readers. Based on the authorization list of the central PC and the data coming from the reader and identification units, the IDAXA system opens doors and gates.

Hexium offers two types of IDAXA readers for sale: card and button version. iButtons is recommended for applications where the radio radiation of the card disqualifies the card solution (for example in the access control systems of hospitals). Using the iButton is also advantageous for places where a physical contact to the reader device is easily solvable or it is explicitly expected. Such applications are for example the safety-related applications. Here the acknowledging of the alarm has to be provable. The iButton solution is very suitable here, because the button generates an event only if it is pressed directly to the reader. A popular area of application of the cards is for example opening the doors in offices. Here it is not even needed to take the card out of the pocket to open the door.

Some types of Hexium IDAXA readers have their own relay outputs. These readers can be well used together with the in- and outputs of the terminals to execute logical and door controls. Through this almost any kind of admission process can be easily solved, from one-way one-person entry task to bidirectional vehicle admission, even using it for one-way entry tasks of 16 doors.

Industrial computer systems and hardware accessories

Hexium HV-APOLLO, HV-SCORPION PCI bus DSP Video Frame Grabber Cards
Hexium PCI bus frame grabber cards combine professional design with user friendliness. The drivers for the cards are easy to install, so their operation can begin in a matter of minutes. The main advantage of the HEXIUM HV-APOLLO and HV-SCORPION cards is that they combine a semi-professional digitalizing technology with the efficient multimedia performance of the Philips Nexperia DSP processor.

Hexium HX-MIO16 Multi IO card for PC
The HX-MIO16-PCI is a PCI bus interface Multi IO card. The HX-MIO16-PCI card was developed by Hexium and can be used in IBM PC compatible computers. The HX-MIO16-PCI card has 16 in and 16 outputs. In case of the basic version, 8-8 of them can be used via the D25 connector located on the back of the card.

The further 8-8 in- and outputs are reachable via the HX-MIO-CONN passive connector. The HX-MIO16-PCI card has isolated opto-coupled inputs, its ground is independent from the ground of the PC. In order to have an easier way for connecting, the HX-MIO-SKP terminal block board is available.

Hexium Multi485 CARD HX-MULTI485
The Hexium Multi485 card has been developed for a usage on the field of general industrial communication. They can be used for cameras, microcontrollers, control systems or in the output of fire alarm systems. The Hexium Multi485 card is a PCI bus communication card with 4 optically isolated RS485 ports and a DC24V 625 mA isolated power supply. The PC is able to communicate with the cameras and the sensors and supply the latter with the help of this card.

The Hexium Multi485 card has a quad PCI Bus Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART). The device is designed to meet today´s 32-bit PCI Bus and high bandwidth requirements in communication systems.

The Hexium A/D converter is suitable for the measurement of low-frequency analog signals. The Hexium A/D Converter is a complete, 4-channel, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter card (ADC). It contains a 12-bit, capacitor-based, successive approximation register (SAR) ADC with a sample-and-hold amplifier. The ADC of the HEXIUM A/D Converter is specified at 20kHz sampling rate while dissipating only 2mW of power.

Users can set any of the inputs to voltage or current mode via jumpers. They can also set the sensitivity of the device with the help of a software. Hexium provides a driver and sample programs for the Hexium A/D Converter.

Hexium Technical Development Co.Ltd. (Hexium Muszaki Fejleszto Kft)

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