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Albacomp, has been a leader in the Hungarian IT sector since 1985. Apart from operating Hungary’s largest PC and notebook assembly plant, Albacomp is also well known for major network and system integration projects. 100% Hungary-owned, the company is among the top 5 Hungarian IT companies and is one of the Top 200 companies on Figyelo’s list. Among the company’s 300 highly skilled employees, 180 are part of the sales & service staff which is dispatched in 14 cities, providing efficient customer service. 269 employees specifically work on IT matters.

Albacomp annual revenues reach HUF 13.1 billion. With its own capital of USD 12 million, Albacomp’s manufacturing capacities reach 25 000 PCs per annum, 15% of which are exported. In 2003, 20,000 PCs were manufactured at the company’s assembly plant, of which 3,000 were exported. The company is organised in several divisions, each of which is dedicated to a specific field: Governments division, Small and Medium factor division, Large company division, Military division, System planning division, Applications Developments division and New Solution division.

With its own Albacomp Activa desktop PC and Albacomp Activa Mobil notebook lines, the company has been actively involved in several IT projects, some partially funded by the government, including the Doctors PC and Employees PC Programs, ITP tenders published by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and the Sulinet Expressz Program launched by the ministries of labour, information technology and education. Well aware of the opportunity to expand its customer base, Albacomp Co. has played a significant role as an integrated IT solutions provider to local governments that are in the process of setting up their local e-government services.

Hungarian brand in the public procurement sector

Since the enactment of the Public Procurement Act in 1995 and the later introduction of the centralized public procurement tendering system, Albacomp has been an active participant in public procurement tenders. Based on a contract signed with the Central Procurement Services Directorate, Albacomp, as the largest Hungarian IT brand, has its own contract as of January 30, 2004 for the delivery of ready-to-ship PCs. As part of this contract, a full range of computer products (desktop and notebook PCs, servers, operating systems) are being offered to buyers participating in the public procurement system. Albacomp is also listed as a certified supplier in the centralized purchase agreements of the individual manufacturers in the computer systems, printers and software products categories. The company offers a complete range of computer products and related services to its public procurement partners. Albacomp Co. offers, for each product it sells, a 1 or 3 year full-scale on-site warranty depending on the make/model. A complete range of support services are offered nationwide, even beyond the warranty period, by its service network of qualified engineers and technicians.

Research & Development

One of Albacomp Co.’s main objectives is to further creativity, and to provide a platform and support to develop new products. Since the early 1990s, Albacomp’s own R&D team has created several unique products. Albacomp web-enabled, database-driven eInfoPoint touch screen terminal, found at shopping malls, local government offices, special events, and even McDonald’s outlets, combines the benefits of multimedia and the Internet effectively to offer round-the-clock access to much-needed information at public places. The Personal Monitor, another Albacomp flagship product developed in-house, is a head-mounted display device that is capable of producing 180 000 pixel images in colour that seem to be 2 meters away from the user. Due to its easy wearability, the Personal Monitor is perfectly suited for situations requiring mobility, and enables the wearer to monitor the video image and the surroundings simultaneously. Apart from the above, several other software applications and custom-made solutions have been developed by Albacomp’s R&D team.

Quality Policy  
In August 2003, the company received, as a result of a quality assurance and environment management audit, the ISO 14001:1996 certificate for its complete range of activities, while at the same time renewing its ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance certificate.

The environment management audit focused on the selective collection of waste resulting from the manufacturing processes, and the destruction of such wast e. Albacomp met requirements in both regards.

Based on the ISO certification, the Technological Office of the Ministry of Defense audited the company's quality management system as per the requirements of the AQAP 110 (MSZK 1174) standard. The certificate attests that Albacomp Rt meets those additional requirements that are necessary to be listed as a "NATO-approved supplier".


Contact info #1

Balazs Minarovits
+36 22 515 466
+36 22 315 106
H-8000 Szekesfehervar, Martirok str. 9, Hungary

Contact info #2

Zsolt Simon
+36 22 515 477
+36 22 315 106
H-8000 Szekesfehervar, Martirok str. 9, Hungary

SMT - Surface Mounted Technology

Albacomp’s SMD – Surface Mounted Devices equipment are capable of mounting from 1 piece prototype through few hundreds up to a few thousand series.  The company is able to work from the 0402 size SMD components to FP es BGA/uBGA packaged integrated chips.

Tin paste placement
Albacomp can provide 2 kinds of technologies for tin paste placement:

  • stencil printer
  • dispenser (leaded, or lead-free) according to customer specification

While the automated stencil printer enables highly accurate homogenous spreading, dispenser aided pasting under certain criteria (0603 packaged components to SOP packaged integratred circles) can be the more cost beneficial solution. Further advantage of stencil is its multi-board layout possibility on a 420x445 mm max printing area, yet again saving costs.

SMD Mounting
Albacomp runs Samsung Full Vision system Pick & Place Automated insertion machines. Unbeatable plus of Pick & Place is its flexibility for component preparation. The integrated board can be mounted in tube, reel or in tray, machine can cope with all these insertion modes.

  • Accuracy: 50um
  • Speed: ~14.900 component /hour
  • PCB size: 50mm x 40mm – 420mm x 390mm

SMD Soldering
In HELLER 7 zone convection reflow oven, which aids today’s expectations of quality and heat-profiles.

SMD Repair
Microscopic visual inspections of solder joints and repairs are carried out by our high-skill colleagues. The precise repair is possible with adjustable temperature, component specific ERSA work stations and LEISTER air heaters.

Final Inspection
Albacomp's products are not only on line and microscope checked but they are 100% visually inspected before shipment.

THT - Through Hole Technology

Although SMD technology significantly lowered the importance of conventional components, occasionally there are reasons for applying them even today.

Component Preparation
Albacomp prepares the components with special equipment, which secure steady leg-outlets. The company is capable of reeling axial components with their own manual operated ITECO machines, thus they can accept very individual special requests.

Component Mounting
Inserting traditional components are carried out by Albacomp's long experienced skilled colleagues. The company can run cc. 30 h daily capacity.

Albacomp's CMS400 type wave soldering machine can solder traditional comp. up to 400x400mm panel size lead-free.

BGA Rework

Albacomp takes on repair, removal, remount of BGA components and/or solder failure repair in professional environment with the appropriate instruments.


  • removal
  • re-soldering
  • re-balling

Few examples:

  • Laptop / Notebook baseboard repair
  • PS3 / XBOX360 consol repair
  • VGA card repair

Netbook Charging Cart

According to the education market demand, Albacomp developed a trolley to charge and store safely Intel’s Classmate PCs or netbooks, tablets, e-book readers. Thanks to the more than 1000 units it has produced so far, the company can offer a cost effective and reliable charging and storage cart.

Albacomp’s SmartCart is designed to store and charge the maximum number of Classmate PCs or netbooks, tablets, e-book readers when classroom space is at the minimum. The trolley is mobile and safely secures valuable equipment. It is available in 10, 24 and 32 user models.

Thanks to the flexibility of Albacomp’s engineers and production line, the cart can be customised right to the needs of customer's equipment and local market demands, even for small quantities.


  • safely store and charge Classmate PCs (trolley can also be configured with major brands)
  • available in 10, 24, 32 users model
  • 4 rubberized or plastic wheels for mobility
  • individual charging plugs for each Classmate PC
  • made from wood and/or metal
  • 1 year warranty

Classmate PC Charging Technology

  • Trolley operates from single electrical outlet, protective earth wired wall mounted is recommended
  • 20 VDC
  • charging current/Classmate PC: 1,2 to 2,2A
  • power consumption 300 to 1 500 VA

Product informational files

Albacomp Co.

  • H 8000, Mártírok str. 9, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
  • +36 22 200 801
  • +36 22 327 532 
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