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Now privately owned only by Hungarian citizens, KE-TECH Bt. (Limited Partnership), as the legal predecessor of KE-TECH Kft. (Limited Liability Company), was found in 1991. The pillars of the company’s business activities are: sales and servicing of non-destructive testing apparatuses, equipment and materials as well as training in material testing. Non-destructive testing methods are potential means for gathering information on what is inside substances, without causing any irrevocable changes of form or damage to them.

KE-TECH offers the following measurement & control products:

Portable ultrasonic devices, wall thickness detectors, portable hardness testers, installed test equipment
Industrial DC and AC X-ray equipment, trans illumination cabins, complete test systems
Eddy current test equipment, portable and fixed versions
Industrial X-ray films, chemicals and automatic developing equipment
Industrial endoscope, video endoscope, fiberscope, bore scope, special cameras
Auxiliary radiological devices
Penetration and magnetic test equipment, apparatuses and chemicals; seepage markers and antistick liquids for welding
Layer thickness meters for measuring insulating materials (dyes, lacquers and plastic coatings) applied on ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metal base
Isotope holders, gamma graphic ancillary devices and meters
Industrial, pen-like marking dyes for metal, wooden and plastic surfaces with steel and fibrous tips, also in heat- and acid-proof design.
PCWI International Pty Ltd
Porosity detectors
RKI Instruments
Multi and single-gas portable monitors and measuring instruments

The company has approximately 30 other foreign and domestic suppliers a year, providing products closely associated with the test methods described. KE-TECH can offer customers all-in solutions for a complete range of non-destructive test methods. The company’s NAT-accredited Calibrating Lab, unique in its kind in this sector in Eastern Europe, to check devices sold before, maintaining safe and undisturbed production testing routines.

Quality Assurance Systems Applied:
• Environment-oriented Management System according to ISO 14001:2004
• Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008 standard
• Calibrating Laboratory accredited by NAT according to MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005


Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

Ultrasonic flaw detectors are used to detect and size subsurface defects and anomalies in many materials.

The company manufactures a complete line of high-quality portable ultrasonic instruments for a wide range of applications such as weld inspection, petrochemical piping & tubing, nuclear pressure vessels, aerospace components, aircraft maintenance, forged products, and heavy metals.

Radiography (X-ray)

Radiography (X-ray) is a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) method that examines the volume of a specimen. Radiography (X-ray) uses X-rays and gamma-rays to produce a radiograph of a specimen, showing any changes in thickness, defects (internal and external), and assembly details to ensure optimum quality in your operation.

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies offers a full range of industrial radiographic equipment and techniques. The company works with customers to identify the most appropriate solution to ensure optimum technique performance, speed and economy for their application.

MDS Nordion industrial testing products (the Agiris department) are dedicated to supporting industrial and public safety. This gamma radiography technology is used around the world to enhance industrial and public safety through the testing of critical structural components and systems such as bridge, pipelines and aircraft engines.

Eddy Current Testing

GE Inspection Technologies is a leading developer of eddy current instruments, testing machines, and sensors for industrial applications requiring surface and sub-surface crack detection and metal sorting. GE Inspection Technologies' nondestructive eddy current testing equipment and solutions can meet the critical requirements of customers’ unique application and deliver productivity, quality, and safety.

Hardness Testing Products

GE Inspection Technologies offers a complete range of portable hardness testers for quick and convenient on-site hardness testing. The harndess testing equipment range comprises of portable instruments and a large number of probes or impact devices – opening up extensive application ranges – for every testing situation. In addition, the hardness equipment offers a quick and economical supplement to stationary hardness testing in the modern production process.

There are three physical methods of hardness testing recognized in the field: the static UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) method, the dynamic rebound hardness testing method, and the optical TIV (Through-Indenter-Viewing) method. The decision to utilize a specific method depends on the test problem.

Videoscopes, Endoscopes

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies offers a comprehensive selection of remote viewing equipment (from our heritage brand Everest VIT) – from basic borescopes and fiberscope to measurement capable digital video borescopes, and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera systems and robotic crawler systems – GE Inspection Technologies has the right visual inspection equipment for your needs for any industry. Our systems are portable and ruggedly built, to survive the rigors of industrial environments.

Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing

The company also provides  customers with equipment for Penetrant and Magnetic Particle testing, e.g. UV-Lamps and Reference test bodies, as well as services like such as recalibration, repairs, maintenance and spare parts supply.

Coating Thickness Gauges

QNix® precision devices measure on all metallic substrates. No calibration required. QNix® coating thickness gauges function with highest precision, also in tough workaday conditions. They are durable and extremely simple to operate.

For the particularly variable employment the company developed the modular measuring system QNix® 8500, which can be tailored to any measuring task by a simple interchange of probe.

Ke-Tech Kft.

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