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Mag ICS Holding Co.’s, activity in industrial IT technology dates back to the mid 80’s, but officially was founded as an Ltd.  in 1989. From its inception the company has been a pioneer in implementing the first warehouse-logistics, production-tracking and access control systems beside the launch of the first barcode-based systems in retail and healthcare in Hungary. Primarily it served bigger and multinational companies.

By 1993 Mag ICS Holding became market leader of the auto ID segment in Hungary. In 2000 Mag ICS extended its services and set up a flexo printing-house of its own, which has been producing labels in two full shifts so far. This milestone enriched the product portfolio and thus contributed to higher competitiveness and success level on the market.

Nowadays the company is a complex service provider on the field of auto ID. Their product portfolio includes different devices from leading manufacturers; barcode printers, barcode scanners, mobile computers/PDAs, accessories and media like labels, etiquettes, thermal transfer ribbons, card- and kiosk printers, software and network elements. Services cover custom label printing and design, system planning and monitoring, software development, consultancy, maintenance and repair, and plastic card printing service. They are also official Zebra’s Authorized Service Providers (ZASP).

Mag ICS has civil ISO 9001:2009, military AQAP 2120 and NATO supplier certifications, and beyond that it can line up such references as former Lehel - now Electrolux, IBM, Nokia, Hitachi, General Motors, Samsung, Sony, Suzuki, Grundfos, Alcoa, the Hungarian Post, the Hungarian Blood-bank, etc.

What makes the company’s labelling production and services competitive, high quality and first class are the raw materials from top manufacturers (Lintec, Saelim), the well-functioning printing-house, the quality assurance systems and the 25 years of know-how and professional experience.

Mag ICS subsidiaries are:

• Auto ID Vonalkód Nagykereskedelmi Kft.
• Mag ICS Fehérvár Kft.
• Mag ICS Print Jászberény

Mag ICS Holding Co.

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