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Totaltel Telecom Techniques Ltd., is a private enterprise established in 1991. The company has steadily evolved offering the following products and services:

  • Delivery of microwave radio and related equipment
  • Custom, turnkey microwave radio systems complete with licensing and installation
  • Complete in-house radio system evaluation repair and bench-testing
  • Full time maintenance and repair service
  • Real-time technical support

The development and production of equipment accomplished by highly qualified personnel with access to high level development and measurement systems. The equipment of the TDR microwave radio family are applied in several public, private and government networks.

Company's main activities include:

  • Development and production of digital microwave radio equipment
  • Building of telecommunication networks based on microwave communication
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Vilmos Geleji
+36 1 204 7850
Project Manager
+36 1 206 2342
Temesvar u 20, H-1116 Budapest, Hungary


All of the system planning steps (site surveys, feasibility studies, detailed frequency and network planning) are covered. From a single link or a small private network of several hops, up to nation-wide system of over a few hundred links Totaltel has got the experience in the design and also in providing the authorization documents.


Totaltel Ltd is also prepared to install and commission microwave links and also to integrate them with other telecommunication or IT equipment.


Totaltel conducts turn-key projects on the field of microwave communication systems. The company has experience not only in the installation of microwave equipment, but also in the deployment of auxiliary equipment (power supplies, air conditioners, etc) and the construction of elements telecommunication infrastructure (erection of towers, building of containers, etc.)


Members of the equipment family operate in the 5-7-8-13-15-18-23-38 GHz frequency bands and provide the transmission of E1, E3 signals (2 or 34 Mbps, G.703) as well as link between Ethernet LANs (10/100Base-T).

The equipment TDR-F consists of an outdoor microwave unit (ODU) and an indoor signal processing unit (IDU), interconnected by a single coaxial cable. The ODU is made to depend only on the frequency band applied, while the IDU is determined only by the transmitted signals and some application conditions, like the protection system as well as the network management system.

Broadband microwave circuitry is employed, the channel frequency and transmit power are adjustable by software.

Flexibly configuring/readjusting the equipment by the local craft terminal and/or replacing the interface units according to the actual demand, the modulation format (4QAM, 16QAM or 32QAM) and the transmission capacity (from 4Mbps up to 100Mbps full duplex) may be varied. Hardware versions of the IDU provide operation under various network management and protection systems: 1+1 protection may work in hot standby, space diversity or frequency diversity modes.

The equipment is powered from 23..60VDC.

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Based on the choice of antennas offered by our partner company, Totaltel supplies parabolic antennas for all the above frequency bands of any size between diameters 0.3m and 2.4m. The ODU may be integrated with the antenna to eliminate the waveguide loss and unnecessary cost.


The TDR-F digital microwave radio can be supplied with standard SNMP functionality. It operates on an IP network created by a series of TDR-F equipment for management purposes. Each microwave equipment has its unique IP address, each of them can be addressed and configured remotely from the OMC. The configuration possibility covers all the parameters of the radio.

This separate network created by the management system can be used also for other purposes: e.g. for facility management or for web-cam applications. Any microwave radio with the "external contacts" option can control several external equipment like power supplies, intrusion alarm systems, air conditioner, etc.

Totaltel offers a proprietary, complete Linux-based NMS as well. The MX-MSS network management system has been developed by the partner company Maxpert Ltd. The system is in use in nation-wide networks of several operators within Hungary.

The MX-MSS operates on a network created from TDR-F equipment with serial ports using the MX-MSS network cards. The MX-MSS is a message controlled system, so the normal data transfer rate on the NMS network is low. As in the case of SNMP, the microwave equipment with "external contacts" option can control the telecom infrastructure.

In the MX-MSS system all the microwave equipment are controlled by the OMC server. It is also possible to use a second server as back-up. The system can be constructed also in a fault-tolerant way.

A low-cost, entry-level version of the MX-MSS system is the EL-90 system based on the MX-MSS NMS hardware. Many of the important features of the MX-MSS system are realized in it, and it can be seamlessly transformed into a full-featured MX-MSS system.

Totaltel Telecom Techniques Ltd.

  • H 1116, XI. Temesvar u. 20, Budapest, Hungary
  • +36 1 204 7850
  • +36 1 206 2342
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