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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

Ajkai Elektronikai Kft., has been the stamped sheet metal partner to many local and international OEMs and Tier1, Tier 2 system suppliers since 1962. The company’s 20 years long partnership with Suzuki Hungary as Tier 1 supplier has proven through hundreds of various parts (body/chassis, hinges, covers, assemblies) its complex vertical integrated manufacturing abilities.

• stamping from 10 to 630 t
• CO2 and spot welding - manual and robotic
• surface treatment Zn, Ag, Cu, Ni, Sn
• mechanical assembly

1962:  Videoton – State owned company
     • Military radios production
     • Consumer electronics production
1992:  Kvattro Rt . – after privatization
     • Suzuki body part production
     • Electro-mechanical assembly
1996:  Ajkai Elektronikai Kft.
     • New establishment by Muszertechnika Holding Zrt.
2008:  Ajkai Elektronikai Kft. – reorganization
     • The former division of Ajkai Elektronikai Kft. was separated to two companies – Ajkai Elektronikai Kft. and AE - Plasztik Kft.
     • AE-Plasztik Kft. produced moulded and assembled plastic parts. The cooperation between the companies remained strong; besides they share the same owner and the same premises. Therefore, they can still offer wide a range of services.

• automotive supplier status: OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2
• about 300 employee
• turnover in 2012: 10,4 Mio €
• 12,5 mio pressed parts per year, 95 % automotive
• production on 47 sq. meter

The company's customers list include:
• Suzuki (Hungarian Suzuki Corp.)
• E.P.C.
• Opel (Opel Polska)
• Elekthermax
• Otter-controls (UK)
• Knorr-Bremse
• Longas
• Valeo
• Speed-Tech
• Philips
• Payer Industries

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Contact info #1

Akos Kovacs
+36 20 981 8418
Sales Manager
+36 88 211 815
Gyar str.35, POB:132, H-8400 Ajka, Hungary


Ajkai Elektronikai activities are oriented to various fields:

Automative industry: The company manufactures parts and components for automotive industry, such as inside body parts, seat parts, tow-hook, inside and outside door-handles, door-stops, hinges, steering switches, machined brake parts.

Electronical items: Ajkai performs electronical assemblies, for instance assembly of potentiometers and main switches. In addition, Ajkai deals with precision mechanics, manufacturing plastics and fine-stamped parts of potentiometers and switches.

Other sectors:

  • Ajkai manufactures parts for household goods
  • Surface treatment

Services: buildings, infrastructure (energy, water, heating etc.)

Ajkai Elektronikai is involved in different activities, linked to various processes and know-hows.


Ajkai Elektronikai Kft. core competence is stamping up to 5 mm thickness with 44 different presses in range of 10 t - 630 t. The company has the capability to fulfil customer specified orders from fairly small parts up to structural and chassis parts.

  • 41 pcs. excenter and hydralic presses 10 t – 500 t
  • 5 pcs excenter presses with feeder 160 t – 630 t
  • The company uses both conventional and progressive tooling


  • Spot and CO welding robot and manual stations
  • Poke-joke way eliminates the possibility of any miss-welded product leaving the shop.

Surface Treatment

Manual and semi-automated line - wide spectrum of materials. In house Ajkai Elektronikai is able to galvanize any of its products, when there is a requirement.

  • Manual: hanged or drum
  • Semi-automatic line
  • Covering materials: Zn/Ag/Cu/Ni/Sn
  • KTL and powder painting (outsourced)

Mechanical Assembly

The company’s assembly unit house various complete assembly lines. Here Ajkai Elektronikai can unify various metal+metal; metal+plastic components to supply OEM or TIER 1 system suppliers sub-assemblies.

Be it simple or more complex part assembly the company has the capabilities take on medium and larger volumes.


Magyar Suzuki Zrt.

  • stamped parts
  • welded parts
  • assemblies
  • chassis parts
  • door hinges, hood hinges, trunk lid hinges


Fuji Koyo Czech, s.r.o. 

  • components and levers for steering wheel setting mechanics

AE-Plasztik Kft.

  • metal components of door stoppers
  • surface treatment

 Saab Sverige

  • latch rods


PAYER Industries Kft.

  • galvanizing, degreasing


Poppe+Potthoff Hungaria Bt.

  • welded parts

Ajkai Elektronikai Kft.

  • Gyar str.35, POB:132, H 8400, Ajka, Hungary
  • +36 88 510 510
  • +36 88 212 359
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