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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

With 125 years of experience in the automotive industry, the business portfolio of RÁBA Automotive Holding Plc. consists of four separate, interrelated business units: the Axle, the Automotive Components, the Vehicle and the Gearbox business units. Rába is a highly export-oriented company, with strategic export markets in the EU, the USA and Japan. The shares of Győr-based RÁBA Automotive Holding Plc. are listed in the ‘Premium’ category of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

RÁBA Automotive Holding Plcis one of the largest Hungarian companies in the sector. The three strategic business units of the group of companies produce and supply axles and axles parts for commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and earthmovers, as well as automotive components for commercial and passenger vehicles for the global automotive market.

Rába Automotive Holding Plc. is listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange and is majority state owned since 2012.  Rába Plc.’s seat is in Győr, Western Hungary, with production facilities in Győr, Mór and Sárvár. 

Established in 1896, Rába, with its proud traditions, is one of a handful of large, independent, Hungarian companies where decisions are made locally, that managed to adapt successfully to the transformed market conditions following the political changes and found the market segments, in which it gained the position of a global player, as a key European industrial factor.  About 94 per cent of group sales revenues are generated by indirect and direct exports.  Principal export markets include North-America and the European Union, in addition to the substantial sales concluded on the Japanese market by Rába, as a niche market player.

RÁBA Automotive Holding Plc.

  • Martin u. 1, 9027 Győr, Hungary
  • +36 (30) 444 9500
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