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Zetatek Industries Ltd., started its operations after successfully developing a range of process instrumentation, computerized controllers and data acquisition systems. The company has gained a good reputation for the quality of its products.

Zetatek subsequently diversified into after sales service support, operation and maintenance contracts for a range of environmental test facilities like environmental test chambers, electro-dynamic vibration systems, electro-hydraulic vibration systems etc. Soon, Zetatek started manufacturing activity of chambers with building ovens for sintering of PTFE using own computerized controllers to control these ovens.

Zetatek has its own production facility at Balanagar, Hyderabad with a total floor area of 35000 sqft for all the operations. Zetatek manufactures and supplies standard and custom built environmental test chambers from â800C to +3000C, temperature and humidity chambers, altitude chambers, thermal shock chambers, rain chambers. The size varies from tabletop to drive-in chamber.

Zetatek, progressed to become a well known name in the field of environmental test equipments, is committed to excellence in providing ozone friendly environmental test equipments like climatic chambers and vibration systems to ensure quality products to the stringent international quality standards. Zetatek test chambers are designed to meet MIL, JSS, DIN, QM, IEC, DEF, JSGO 102 and other International standards requirements for testing products during research, product development, quality control and production.

Zetatek a name synonym with quality has the patronage of Defence Research Establishments, Aeronautical Industry, Space Organization, Automobile Manufacturers, Telecommunication and Electronic Industries, to name a few where quality matters.

Zetatek not only specializes in product development, but also is well equipped in design and technical capabilities to match international standards. The company has a workforce of 125 personnel of proven strength and expertise.


Environmental Test Chambers

  • Hot Air Oven
  • Hot & Cold Chamber
  • Temperature Humidity Chamber
  • Temperature Altitude Chamber
  • Combined Altitude Temperature & Humidity Chamber
  • Combined Walk-In Temperature Humidity Chamber
  • Environmental Stress Screening Chamber
  • Temperature Chamber with Touch Screen Controller
  • Mobile Temperature Chamber
  • Thermal Shock Chamber
  • Thermal Platform (Hot & Cold Thermal Stage)
  • Rain Test Facility
  • Thermo Mechanical Test Chamber with Hydraulic System for Insulator Testing
  • Combined Vibration and Climatic System
  • Temperature Chamber with Single Axis Rate Table
  • Temperature Chamber for Rate Table with Refrigeration Power Pack

Zetatek Industries Ltd.

  • No 31, Technocrats Industrial Estate, Balanagar, 500037, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, India
  • +91 40 2372 1000
  • +91 40 2372 0305
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