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ENAER is Chile's national aeronautical company. Located in Santiago City, ENAER has more than 70 years of experience in aviation and is one of the most important aeronautic centers in Latin America. ENAER continues to add new technological capabilities, to support its goals of serving commercial, civilian and military aviation, while meeting international certification requirements.

ENAER, firmly established as one of the major aerospace companies of the Southern Cone of America, is a diverse aeronautic maintenance solution source for commercial and military aircraft, designing and manufacturing piece parts, airframes and aircraft. ENAER has a wide range of solutions for maintenance, repair and overhaul of military aircraft, engines and components. Lockheed Martin has recognized ENAER as one of its eighteen worldwide Authorized Service Centers for the C-130 Hercules, which allows us to provide true integrated maintenance solutions for operators of this equipment.

ENAER, as Repair Station N? VMZY045J, is certified for maintenance, repairs and upgrading of commercial aircraft such as Boeing 707, 737 (-200 -300 -500) and the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series. In addition, our company, due to its engineering, design and high technology manufacturing capabilities, such as Five-Axis Machining Centers, is relied upon by major aeronautics companies to produce the Empennage for the Embraer ERJ-135 and ERJ-145, the Lower Central Fairing for the Dassault Falcon 900 and 2000 business jets, the Tail Cone Assembly of the EADS-CASA CN-235 and C-295, and the Nose Assembly of the Eclipse 500 from Eclipse Aviation, among other projects.

ENAER, through its CATIA v5 (3D PLM) software system, has the capabilities to manage an entire project in terms of conceiving, designing, managing and producing piece parts, airframes or entire aircraft such as our T-35 "Pillan", a military training aircraft developed to provide the flight characteristics of high performance aircraft, but with low cost of maintenance and high instruction standards, currently operated by eight 8 Latin-American countries.


A. - Aircraft Manufacturing


ENAER manufactures the T-35 PILLAN, which is a military training aircraft with tandem seats, and with the incorporated modifications attempts to make it more attractive and competitive. At present it can be found in operation by the Air Forces of Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay, and Spain, and the National Air Service of Panama, and the Naval Aviation of the Equador.

Pillan's Procedure Trainer

Static simulation trainer (hardware and software), allows the practice of the different flight procedures with a considerable cost reduction.

B. - Airframes Manufacturing

Enaer is equipped with technology and production capabilities enough to develop projects such as:

Nose Assembly for Eclipse 500 aircraft

Manufacturing of the nose assembly for the VLJ (Very Light Jet) Eclipse 500 aircraft of Eclipse Aviation Company from United States. (It is considered as an important opportunity for Enaer's products and capabilities for recognition in the aeronautical market of that country).

ERJ-135 and ERJ-145 Aircraft Empennage

The company provides and assemblies electro-mechanical parts for the vertical and horizontal planes of these aircrafts. Enaer has manufactured more than 800 shipsets. Embraer has been awarding Enaer for several years, as the best supplier.

CASA CN-235 and CASA C-295

CASA-Espana trusted Enaer for the complex manufacturing of a rear assembly that joint  the fuselage with the empennage and the cargo door of these military transport aircraft.

Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000

Manufacturing of the Lower Karman of these Dassault Aviation's aircraft.


Enaer has a long experience in the provision of maintenance services for different commercial and military aircrafts, their engines and components. In particular:

A.- Civil and Commercial Maintenance

The Repair Station VMZY045J of Enaer, has the capability to carry out the major maintenance of Boeing 737-200-300-500 and 700 aircrafts, counting on FAA, DGAC and DNA certifications. Also, Enaer has avionic modification capabilities with regard TCAS, ATC, GPWS and GPS in Boeing 737-200. In addition, the company has been granted the certification for MD-80 series.

Boeing 737-200 Lap Joint Repair

Enaer is a competitive alternative to perform inspections and repairs that are described in the Boeing SB 737 - 53 A1177 and SB 737-53 AT 1255 Service Bulletins. At the same time, the annual inspection and the service bulletin applications can be carried out, as well as, cracks and scratches repairs. In addition, Enaer is qualified to perform repairs in fuselage areas not contemplated in the manual.

B. - Military Maintenance

Enaer has capabilities to carry out military aircraft maintenance, for the following types of aircraft: Mirage, F-5, A-37, C-101, C-130 A/B/H, UH-1H, C-212, T-35 Pillan, Twin Otter, Lear Jet 25/35, 99-A, PA-28, and 0-2A.

Besides, Enaer has capabilities such as:

  • Painting and Stripping (external and internal)
  • Structural Repair
  • Fiber Glass Repair
  • Avionic Modifications
  • Wiring Replacement.

for any other type of aircraft.

It must be noted that thanks to certifications, facilities and qualified personnel of the company, Lockheed Martin classified Enaer in the category of "Authorized Service Centers for C-130 Aircraft Maintenance", a fact which allows the company to carry out major maintenance to A, B and H versions.

Upgrading and Modification of Aircraft

Enaer is capable to perform upgradings in various types of aircrafts, to update communications, navigation and flight systems, to increase tactical capabilities and enable them to accomplish new operative roles, and to fit new systems according to operator's requirements.

Engines Maintenance

Enaer has advanced facilities for maintenance of turbo, turbo prop and conventional engines, such as: Atar 09K50/09C, J85-21 and 17A, TFE 731, T-53,

PT 6A-20/25A/25C/27/28/34/36/41/ and PT6T-3B, T-56, Allison 250-C20 and C30, TPE-331. Besides, Enaer has a Lycoming / Continental Authorized Center.

This area counts on workshops with application of technologies such as: Plasma Spray, Shot-peening, Manual and Automatic Tig Welding, Spot Welding, Hot Spraying, Galvanic Coatings, Dynamic Balancing, Thermal Treatments, Accurate Machining.

Components Maintenance

Overhaul, repair and functional tests of a wide range of components, allows Enaer to provide an integral service. Enaer has test banks and tools according to manufacturers' demands, performing upon different aircraft systems. Also, Enaer, is Dassault Aviation Authorized Center, able to carry out repairs and overhauls for servocommands (hydraulic and electronic) of Mirage III, V and 50.

C. - Quality Assurance Services

Enaer assures that its products and services fulfill customers' demands and comply with international aeronautical quality standards.

In order to achieve that, Enaer has established:

- Chemistry Laboratory
- Physics Laboratory
- Metrology Laboratory
- National Pattern Custodian Laboratory

D. - Engineering Services

This area, supports the continuous research and development of new products and services, whilst attempts to respond effectively and acurately to customers' special requirements and aircraft and instrument modifications.

In addition, Enaer has acquired computing tools, CATIA V and Smarteam, aiming to develop physical elements (mechanical) into a 3D virtual design platform, allowing by this way to carry out mechanical, thermal and contact analyses, and simulation of the behavior of pieces, before being produced, by means of videos or animations. Thanks to these tools, Enaer is closer to the position of Boeing or EADS companies, being able to carry out mechanical, electrical designs, structural analyses and digital mock-ups, that are essential for aeronautical project developments.

Major Defence Customers

  • Products Area: Embraer, EADS-CASA, Dassault Aviation, IAI, Eurocopter, Eclipse Aviation
  • T-35 Operators: Air Forces of: Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay. Ejercito del Aire (Spain), National Air Service of Panama, Naval Aviation of Ecuador.
  • Maintenance Area: Chilean Air Force, Army and Navy, Mexican Air Force, Argentinean Air Force, Bolivian Air Force, Colombian Air Force, Paraguayan Air Force, Honduran Air Force, Uruguayan Air Force, among others. Commercial Airlines as: Pegasus, Pluna Airlines, Republic Airlines, LAN Airlines, Aerolineas del Sur, Rutaca Airlines, among others.
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ENAER - Empresa Nacional de Aeronautica

  • Av. Jose Miguel Carrera, Paradero 36 1/2 Gran Avenida, El Bosque, Santiago, Chile
  • +56 2 3831871
  • +56 2 5282699
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