Last Update May 30, 2023


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Since the end of 2011, Grepton Informatikai Zrt. continues its work as an independent professional company again. With the help of its own and its partner’s resources, its services provide solution for every section of the application’s lifecycle. It expanded its service portfolio with strong Java technology competence that was previously based on Microsoft technology, so it can cover the needs of its customers on a wider scale as the determinative solution transporter of the Hungarian IT sector.


Grepton Informatikai Zrt. wishes to become such an easily acceptable, user-friendly solution transporter company, which alloys innovation, mobile technology and self-service business intelligence, and continuously strengthen its competences and broaden its capacity.


Grepton Informatikai Zrt.

  • 1087, Könyves Kálmán körút 48 52., II. emelet, Budapest, Hungary
  • +36 1 204 7730 
  • +36 1 204 7731 
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