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CONDOR NON-LETHAL TECHNOLOGIES, is a Brazilian company with a focus exclusively on the production of cutting-edge equipment, non-lethal ammunition and pyrotechnic signaling devices. The Company has been operating in the national and global defense and security market for twenty-nine years while assuming a leading position in the production and development of non-lethal technologies and standing as one of the prominent exporters within the defense sector of Brazil.

The Company's portfolio includes about 150 products which have been researched and developed at its fabrication plant, approved by the Brazilian Army, and have extensive applicability to armed forces, the Peace Corps of the United Nations, and various police forces within several regions of the world.

Condor has established applications by police forces for riot control, special operations, controlling rebellions with ostensive policing, and more recently in the areas of private security and protection of public and private property.

Located in Rio de Janeiro within the municipality of Nova Iguaçu, Condor is installed within an area of approximately one million square meters in the vicinity of the biological reserve of Tinguá, the largest reserve of the Atlantic Forest in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

The Company adopts a permanent policy of protecting nature by allocating about 70% of its total area to the preservation of the native forest, water sources, flora and fauna, thereby making the factory environment an ecological island in perfect harmony with the term "non-lethal" in the respect for life and the citizen. Committed to quality and the environment, Condor has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


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Contact info #1

Massilon Miranda
+55 21 2524 7337
International Business Manager
+55 21 3974 3355
Rua do Carmo, 7 - Gr.1901, Centro Rio de Janeiro - RJ - CEP: 20011-020, Brazil

Training Services

Condor provides training to public and private institutions and professionals in the area for its entire line of non-lethal technologies and specific trainings for certain segments to give instructors and operators competency in the most modern non-lethal technologies on the market.

The Company's organizational structure allows its students access to educational materials containing the main requirements for utilizing each material which reinforces the dissemination of the non-lethal concept and focuses on modern principles of proportionate and differentiated use of force.

Condor counts on highly qualified teachers, including professionals with extensive experience in the police and military.

Non-Lethal Devices

High technology devices utilized by law enforcement for ostensive policing actions, fighting crime and in riot control operations.

1. Spark DSK 700,
2. Spark DSK 710,
3. AM 640 - 40mm Non-Lethal Launcher Ammunition,
4. AM 637 - 37/38mm Non-Lethal Launcher Ammunition.



Last step in non-lethality. Manufactured in 12 gauge and 37/38mm, 37/40mm, 38.1mm and 40mm caliber models, these allow law enforcement agents to shoot at a target with safety and effectiveness.

1.AM 403/PSR - Rubber Bullet - PRECISION (SHORT RANGE)
2.AM 403/P - Rubber Bullet - PRECISION
3.AM 403 - Rubber Bullet - MONOIMPACT
4.AM 403/A - 3 Rubber Bullets - TRIMPACT
5.AM 403/M - 12 Rubber Bullets - MULTIMPACT
6.AM 404 - 3 Rubber Bullets - TRIMPACT SUPER
7.AM 404/12E - 12 Rubber Bullets - MULTIMPACT SUPER
8.AM 470 - Expandable Impact Bullet - SOFTPUNCH
9.AM 405 - Launcher Cartridge
10.AM 405/A - Launcher Cartridge


Manufactured for 12 gauge and 37/38mm, 37/40mm, 38.1 mm and 40 mm caliber models. These are ideal for medium to long distance actions to ensure the physical integrity of law enforcement.

1.GL 101 - 12 Gauge Tear Gas Explosive Projectile
2.GL 102 - 12 Gauge Explosive Projectile
3.GL 103 - 12 Gauge Direct Jet Tear Gas
4.GL 104 - 12 Gauge Direct Jet Pepper Spray
5.GL 103 /A - Direct Jet Tear Gas
6.GL 104 /A - Direct Jet Pepper Spray
7.GL 201 - Medium Range Tear Gas Projectile
8.GL 202 - Long Range Tear Gas Projectile
9.203 GL/T - Triple Charge Tear Gas
10.GL 203/L - Multiple Charge Tear Gas
11.GL 203 - Multiple Charge Smoke
12.Colored Smoke Projectile - Available in Various Color


Special ammunition fired with 40mm launchers. High accuracy and effectiveness with each launch.

1.NT-900 - Marking Training Round
2.NT-901 - Foam Projectile
3.NT-901/CS - Foam Projectile with CS
4.NT 901/T - Foam Training Projectile with Innocuous Powder
5.NT-901 / M - Marking Foam Projectile
6.NT-902 - CS Tear Gas Emitting Projectile
7.NT-904 - Colorful Smoke-Emitting Projectile
8.NT-907 - Explosive Sound and Light-Emitting Projectile with Delay
9.NT-907/CS - CS Gas Explosive Sound and Light-Emitting Projectile with Delay
10.NT-907 I - Explosive Sound and Light-Emitting Projectile upon Impact
11.NT-907 I/CS - CS Gas Explosive Sound and Light-Emitting Projectile upon Impact
12.NT-906 - Illuminating Projectile with Parachute
13.NT-400 - Warning Cartridge



Designed with a body made entirely of rubber with dual-stage and 1.5 seconds of delay, these are ideal for use indoors.

1. GA 100 and GA 100/A - Distraction Grenades
2. GB 704 - Indoor Stun GRENADE
3. GB 705 - Indoor Tear Gas GRENADE
4. GB 707 - Indoor Flash and Bang GRENADE
5. GB 708 - Indoor Pepper Spray GRENADE


Similar to indoor grenades, these are ideal for use in actions to combat crime and control riots in external environments.

1. GL 700 - Multiple Explosion Grenade - SEVENBANG
2. GL 304 - Stun Grenade
3. GL 305 - Tear Gas Grenade
4. GL 307 - Flash and Bang Grenade
5. GL 308 - Tear Gas Grenade
6. AM 500 - Training Grenade


These produce dense smoke with tear gas to ensure efficiency of law enforcement actions.

1. GL 310 - Random Movement "Ballerina" Tear Gas Grenade
2. GL 309 - Tear Gas Grenade (Rubberball)
3. GL 301 - Medium Emission Tear Gas Grenade
4. GL 302 - High Emission Tear Gas Grenade
5. GL 303 - Tear Gas Grenade (MINI CONDOR)
6. GL 311 - Instant Emission Tear Gas Grenade
7. GL 300/TH - Triple Hyper Tear Gas Grenade
8. GL 300/T - Triple Tear Gas Grenade


With multiple internal rubber balls and tear gas, these are intended to control severe riots and crime.

1. GM 100 - Multi-Impact Grenade
2. GM 101 - Multi-Impact Tear Gas Grenade
3. GM 102 - Multi-Impact Pepper Spray Grenade


The emission of dense colored smoke is used as a screen for troop movements and for displaying color codes.

Tactical Kits


  • KTO I - Tactical/Operational Kit I,
  • KTO II - Tactical/Operational Kit II,
  • KTO III - Tactical/Operational Kit III,
  • KTO IV - Tactical/Operational Kit IV,
  • KTO IV -  40mm Tactical/Operational Kit IV.


  • KOE I - Non-Lethal Special Operational Kit I,
  • KOE II - Non-Lethal Special Operational Kit II.


1. SS-601 - Colored Smoke Grenade
2. SS-602 - Orange Floating Smoke Signal
3. SS-603 - Hand-Held Signal Star
4. SS-604/A - Light Flashing Trap
5. SS-604 - Hand-Held Red Signal Flare
6. SS-605 - Day/Night Signal Device
7. SS-606 - Hand-Held Parachute Flare
8. SS-607 - Hand-Held Five Red Star Rocket
9. SS-615 - Night Signaling Kit

Condor Non-Lethal Technologies

  • Rua do Carmo, 7 Gr.1901, Centro, RJ, CEP: 20011 020, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • +55 21 2886 8729
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