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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment

IACIT, has been specialized on providing customized solutions, comprising project, integration, deployment and maintenance of systems. IACIT started its activities within Defense, Air Traffic Control and Air Navigation Aids. The company was founded in 1986.

This specialization raised new opportunities on technical support services for the implementation of Defense and Air Traffic Control relevant systems for Brazil, such as DACTA I, DACTA II, DACTA III and SIVAM, Satellite Communication Systems, Mobile Cellular Phone, Structured Networks and Systems for the ATC, as well as, created new opportunities to provide further services on Brazilian airports.

Throughout the years, IACIT has added new technologies, developed partnerships and amplified its action into other sectors, such as: Road Traffic, Integrated systems, Meteorology Sensoring and Surveillance.

In January 2008, IACIT initiated its development and manufacturing activities for the aeronautical segment – CNS/ATM and weather meteorology.


Company's mission is to contribute to the strengthening of the Brazilian Industrial Base with solutions of excellence for customers in the segments of DEFENSE, METEOROLOGY and INTEGRATED NETWORKS.


Company's vision is to be the preferred company by its clients as a provider of customized services and products due to excellence.


IACIT has the following Certificates:

Certificate of Conformity CSQ No. I - 2005 04-02

Meet the Requirements of the ISO 9001:2000
Ministério da Defesa – Comando da Aeronáutica
DEPED - Departamento de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento
CTA - Centro Técnico Aeroespacial / IFI – Instituto de Fomento Industrial
INMETRO – Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Normalização e Qualidade Industrial

Activities: Implementation, maintenance, operation and commercialization of communication, spectral analysis, and electro electronic systems applicable to the navigation aids and control.

Technical & Operational Specialization Certificate (CET) CET No. 001

Compliance to the Requirements of item 3.3.5 of IMA 63-10
Ministério da Defesa – Comando da Aeronáutica
DECEA - Departamento de Controle do Espaço Aéreo

Activities related to the Flight Protection System:

· Operation of EPTA Categories “ESP”, “A”, “B” e “C”;
· Implementation of EPTA Categories “ESP”, “A”, “B” e “C”;
· Maintenance of equipment of Communication and Air Navigation Aids used on EPTA.

Validade: de 01 de Outubro de 2007 a 30 de Setembro de 2009.

IACIT - Pictures

Contact info #1

Luiz Teixeira
+55 12 3922 2777
Director Manager
+55 12 3797 7753
Av. Dep. Benedito Matarazzo, 7981 - Vila Betania - CEP: 12245-615, Sao Jose dos Campos - SP - Brazil

Contact info #2

Antonio L. Sallum
+55 12 3922 2777
System Engineer
+55 12 3797 7753
Av. Dep. Benedito Matarazzo, 7981 - Vila Betania - CEP: 12245-615, Sao Jose dos Campos - SP - Brazil

Contact info #3

Milena Luciano
+55 12 3797 7760
Sales Engineer
+55 12 3797 7753
Av. Dep. Benedito Matarazzo, 7981 - Vila Betania - CEP: 12245-615, Sao Jose dos Campos - SP - Brazil

Contact info #4

Juscemar Tessaro
+55 12 3922 3777
Technical Director
+55 12 3797 7753
Av. Dep. Benedito Matarazzo, 7981 - Vila Betania - CEP: 12245-615, Sao Jose dos Campos - SP - Brazil

R&D, Manufacturing & Testing, Installation, Integration & Tests

Research & Development

IACIT performs research and development of innovative products in its market segments.

  • Research and development of Aeronautical Products and Solutions.
  • Development of Integrated Networks and Air Traffic Solutions.
  • Development of specific Meteorological Products.

Manufacturing & Testing

Installation, Integration and Tests

IACIT is prepared to offer services for the implementation of equipment and systems, on its sector of activity, comprising as much modules as necessary, according to the project of each client. The following sequence and descriptions better explain the scope of each service module.

  • Field Survey,
  • Solutions Project Documentation,
  • Mounting,
  • Equipment Activation and Testing,
  • Operation Deployment,
  • Commissioning,
  • Support to Obtain Authorization to Operate,
  • Infrastructure, Building, Energy,
  • Project and Development of Customized Solutions,
  • Civil Construction,
  • Installation,
  • Systems Integration and Testing,
  • “As Built” Documentation,
  • Electromagnetic Interference Analysis,
  • Operation and Logistic Support.

Aeronautical & Meteorology Sectors Products

Aeronautical Sector:

  • VHF-AM – Radio Communication for the Air Traffic Control,
  • ATIS,
  • NDB - Non-Directional Beacon,
  • VOR 0100 - Conventional VOR Systems (CVOR),
  • DME 0100,
  • GBAS Ground-Based Augmentation System,
  • RCS 0100 – Remote Control System,
  • IFOTEC Multiplexer/Demultiplexer.

Meteorology Sector:

  • RMT 0100 DS – S Band Weather Radar,
  • Oceanic Radar.


  • Air Force - Comando da Aeronáutica,
  • Comissão de Implantação do Sistema de Controle do Espaço Aéreo –
  • Departamento do Controle do Espaço Aéreo – DECEA,
  • Parque de Material de Eletrônica da Aeronáutica – PAME,
  • Diretoria de Engenharia da Aeronáutica – DIRENG,
  • Centro Técnico Aeroespacial - CTA,
  • Army - Comando do Exército,
  • Base da Aviação do Exército de Taubaté – BavEx,
  • INFRAERO - Empresa Brasileira de Infra-Estrutura Aeroportuária,
  • Headquarters – Brasília,
  • Regional Comand,
  • São Paulo State Office,
  • Departamento Aeroviário do Estado de São Paulo - DAESP,
  • Departamento de Estradas de Rodagem do Estado de São Paulo – DER,
  • Minas Gerais State Office,
  • Departamento de Estradas de Rodagem do Estado de Minas Gerais – DER,
  • Santa Catarina State Office,
  • Infra Structure State Office,
  • Ceará Estate Office,
  • FUNCEME - Fundação Cearense de Meteorologia e Recursos Hídricos,
  • Petrobras – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.



  • Av. Dep. Benedito Matarazzo, 7981 Vila Betânia CEP: 12245 615 , Sao Jose dos Campos SP, Brazil
  • +55 12 3797 7777
  • +55 12 3797 7753
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