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UNIS was established in May 1990 as an exclusively Czech private company without any foreign capital participation. The company UNIS became a joint stock company in 2008 and consequently there was adjusted the structure of the company UNIS, a.s., which currently falls within the parent company UNIS Capital, a.s. owning 100% of shares of the company UNIS, a.s. The company UNIS remains to be a purely Czech company with non-fragmented capital structure.

As from the beginning, the focal point of the company activities included process control, extended in offer of electrical part solution offers in 1995 - i.e. feeding and distribution systems and the field of instrumentation and control (I&C), which means that it processes design studies, opening, realisation and one-level projects of process instrumentation. In 1999 the research and development section Mechatronic Systems was established within the company, as from 1.7.2013 it is called Aerospace and Advanced Control Division. The division arranges complete development cycle of the product from the initial analysis of technical settings with a proposal of solution, through development of software, hardware and design of mechanical parts, up to manufacture of prototypes, testing according to required standards and small-series manufacture. Three years later, the company extended in implementation of manufacturing information systems MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and our own product was developed – the manufacturing information system PHARIS®. Originally, the system was developed for pharmaceutical industry, but after market research and additional development of functionalities, there was developed a product able to solve complex manufacture control even in discrete production, like metal processing and plastic pressing. Its modules cover the whole production process from order planning via partially processed production monitoring and up to its assessment.

A majority of activities in the field of technologies control aims at large capital equipment in petrochemical and chemical industry and in power industry, which initiated establishment of a mechanical – technological section. The section aims mainly at process engineering, mechanical construction and piping design works, 3D modelling and check of important technological operations. Realisation of many applications in petro-chemical industry allowed adoption of technological processes control from the portfolio of leading global providers – licensors of industrial technologies. In the power industry field, UNIS is able to offer complex management of large power plant or heating plant blocks including safety automation and turbines control. The projects in power industry, petro-chemical and chemical industry are characterised by exceptional requirements towards control engineering and arrangement of safety and due to that reason UNIS co-operates on long-term basis with leading global manufacturers of instrumentation and control engineering.

Other activities distinguishing the UNIS company from its competitors include control of critical and uninterrupted processes, optimisation and modelling of technological processes with stress put on higher control systems of the Advanced Control type, proper development and manufacture of SW and HW oriented at „embedded“ systems and their application in the field of aircraft, microprocessor and automotive industry.

As from the beginning of its existence, the company presented as a design, engineering and supplier company. Obtaining the first order for complex engineering for high-level capital equipment (EPC-M) in 1998 aimed the company UNIS more towards technological process specialisation to activities with higher added value. Later, the intention led to take over of the daughter company Koch-Glitsch NP and re-registration to ИООО "УНИС нефтепроект", providing support of engineering and project works in Byelorussia and other Russian – speaking territories.

Nowadays, EPC-M is the main focus of the company activities. The developed system of large projects management and realisation (refinery plants, chemical plants, gas processing plants, etc.) arranges significant stability of the company and its further dynamic growth. The business advantages include appropriately inter-connected offers from the fields of technology management and manufacturing information systems, offering - together with solutions of electrical feeding and distribution systems - ideal combinations for complex solutions of I&C, control systems and electrical parts. Provision of complex service makes an integral part of client services.

At the present time, the UNIS company is able to perform large orders in our country and abroad in the volumes of billions of Czech crowns, including assistance with arrangement of purchaser financing of capital equipment in co-operation with Czech banks and EGAP (Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation). Many successfully performed orders represent excellent reference for our service and this is a foundation stone for business relations development.



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Peter Schleiss
+421 541 515 111
+420 541 210 361
Jundrovska 33, 624 00 Brno, Czech Republic

UNIS a.s.

  • Jundrovská 33, 624 00, Brno, Czechia
  • +420 541 515 111 
  • +420 541 210 361
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