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  • CBRN Equipment
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

POHORELEC s.r.o., was founded in 1990 and is located in the village Cepi in Pardubice Region, CZ. The company's objective is to provide services in the field of air-conditioning and to create a comfortable atmosphere in your personal or professional environment. The company provides complete consultation, system designs, production, delivery, installation, service and guarantees.

  • Industrial Air-conditioning
  • HITACHI Air-conditioning units
  • GUARD Filtering-Ventilation devices
  • CNC Perforation, CNC angling
  • We have fulfiled more than 7,600 orders in a wide range of facilities including banks, regional offices, hospitals, computer centers, power plants, coal-mines, industrial halls and restaurants throughout our republic, Germany, Russia, Poland and Slovakia. (see references) 

Briefly from history:

  • 1990 Established by Mr. Pohorelec Jan Sr.
  • 1994 Construction of production facilities
  • 1996 Renovation of office building
  • 2000 Introduction of new press department
  • 2003 ISO 9001:2000 implementation
  • 2004 Established POHORELEC, limited trade company


Contact info #1

Jan Pohorelec, Senior
+42 0 60 242 5453
+42 0 466 971 261
Cepi 100, 533 32 Pardubice, Czech Republic

Contact info #2

Jan Pohorelec, Junior
+42 0 72 402 7595
Managing Director
+42 0 466 971 261
Cepi 100, 533 32 Pardubice, Czech Republic

Contact info #3

Lucie Pohorelcova
+42 6 60 223 0994
Sales Manager
+42 0 466 971 261
Cepi 100, 533 32 Pardubice, Czech Republic

Contact info #4

Jana Pohorelcova
+42 0 60 273 9857
+42 0 466 971 261
Cepi 100, 533 32 Pardubice, Czech Republic


System design - Delivery - Installation - Service- Guarantee

  • ARGO
  • LG
  • Mobile


Air-conditoning from HITACHI uses the latest ideas and developments in technology to create a range of innovative products which provide more comfortable and more productive environments in which people can happily live and work.

HITACHI achieves all this while mantaining responsible concern for protecting the environmental quality of the planet Earth which is shared by all. Experts and users alike can always be assured that performance and costs are not the only parameters by which HITACHI products can be judged.

One of the largest companies in the world, with over 330,000 employees. HITACHI is a highly reliable concern with 90 years tradition.

HITACHI, which means a sunrise in Japanese, is constantly researching and developing frontiers of technology, ideas and innovations. As example are SCROLL and SEMI-hermetic SCREW compressors and water chillers.

Authorised distributors throughout Europe are the only companies able to deal in HITACHI product. These distributors contribute their own specialised technical support and practical assistance to provide individual system designs, commissioning and on-going after sales service and guarantees.

HITACHI air-conditioners are available in "cooling" or "heat-pump" versions.

HITACHI series includes:

  • COMFORT range
  • Output 1,5 kW - 8,5 kW
  • Single Split BIGFLOW
  • Twin Split DUALZONE
  • Triple Split TRIPLEZONE
  • Single Split SUMMIT (virtually silent operation)
  • Single Split Inverter PAM
  • Wall Mounted
  • 2 Way Cassette
  • Floor Mounted
  • MULTIZONE 80H Inverter (virtually silent operation)
  • Wall Mounted
  • Floor standing
  • Above Ceiling
  • 2 Way Cassette


  • Output 4 - 15,5 kW
  • 4 Way Cassette
  • Above Ceiling
  • Ceiling Suspended
  • Wall Mounted
  • Twin 4 Way Cassette
  • Twin Above Ceiling
  • Twin Ceiling Suspended


  • Output 12,5 - 25 kW
  • Twin 4 Way Cassette
  • Twin Above Ceiling
  • Twin Ceiling Suspended


Output 2,2 - 14,8 kW
complex solution for administration buildings, apartment houses, hospitals, hotels, etc.
Benefits: central operation, independent operation of each indoor unit, fast installation, silent operation

In combination:

  • Above Ceiling
  • 4 Way Cassette
  • 2 Way Cassette
  • Ceiling Suspended
  • Wall Mounted
  • Floor Standing
  • Floor Standing (Concealed)
  • Outdoor Units
  • Heat Pump (2 pipe)


  • Air-conditioning
  • Heat-pump
  • Radiator - heating
  • Dehumidifier
  • Ventilator + Filtration
  • All in ONE"


  • Convenient for small-size rooms e.g. offices, storerooms, building cells, etc..
  • Steel frame secures construction resistance
  • 4 Way Air Flow
  • Auto Restart Function
  • 12 hours Timer
  • Remote or Manual Control
  • Cooling output from 2,05 kW to 6,3 kW
  • Heating output from 2,15 kw to 5,86 kW
  • Fast Installation
  • Favourable Price

Portable air-conditioners Nagano
Usage: recommended for small-size rooms such as households, offices, general practices, chalets, apartments, hotel rooms. Unsuitable for dusty spaces.

Operation: cooling * dehumidifying * ventilation * automatic
Environmental refrigerant R410A
Compact and handy operation
High efficiency
Quiet compressor
Auto swing operation
Nonstop Timer

If the water container is full, the A/C units stops automatically (the red light is on)


POHORELEC, Ltd is highly experienced in air-conditioning system design (AUTO CAD), production, installation and service. Our services are tailored to meet each customer´s individual needs. These services include system design documentation and M&R. Each order is precisely adjusted and implemented by our experts.

We supply both our own products and those of other manufaturers including:

  • VENTILATORS - wall, duct, medium-pressure and high-pressure, roof, ceiling
  • A/C COMPONENTS - cyclic, square
  • AIR DUCTS - flexible piping, fittings, installation accessories, industrial ducts
  • DISTRIBUTION ELEMENTS - finishes, grills, anemostats, diffusors, eddy finishes, nozzles, disc valves, etc


Powerful filtration (0,0003 mm = 0,3µm)
NBC filter, HEPA filter: chemical, radioactive, bacteriological contamination (allergens, pollens, organic solvents, acid vapours and gases, alkaline vapours and gases, formaldehyde vapours, mercuric vapours, poisonous gases).

Resistant version
Usage: civil defence shelters, containers, field hospitals, vehicles, (REFER TO DATA)

Civil version
Usage: civil defence shelters, health service - operation rooms, laboratories, ICU (intensive care units), ambulance cars, embassies, sanatoriums, schools, public houses, apartment blocks and family houses, hotels..(REFER TO DATA)
Transport version
Usage: van vehicles, ambulance cars, ICU, bio-boxes, shelters, tents, mobile labs, containers, ships, fire cars, etc..(REFER TO DATA)

Device Efficiency 99,999% MPPS
Independence on the central ventilation system
Reliability ESVN 01 105
Mech./Climatic resistance CSVN 09 105
Elmag. Compatibility CSN EN 33 2000-6-61
Efficiency shielding MIL-STD 285
Shielding IP 65
Safe Storage

HOLCIM Cesko, Summit NATO Praha, Fakultni nemocnice Na Bulovce, Polni nemocnice, SZU Pribram, Autoflug GmbH, SRN, Nemocnice a ambulance - Infekcni odd. Melnik, Nemocnice Ceske Budejovice - Infekcni odd., Fakultni nemocnice Hradec Kralove - Infekcni odd.

Services informational files


We solve both humidification and dehumidification on single order.

The dehumidifier below is suitable for small buildings, offices, archives, schools, cellars, etc..

  • Huge dehumidifying potential
  • Environmental refrigerant R 134 A
  • Simple control
  • Compact and handy operation
  • High efficiency
  • Quiet compressor


Our PRESS department offers single order or serial production (from 1 to "x" pieces) on CNC perforation and CNC angling machines. You can provide your own material or you can order it through our company.

We can also outsource following services: rim-off, paintworks, powder coating, galvanizing, etc..

Our company can provide transportations of the products or you can pick it up yourself.


Club activities include searching for old air-crafts, especially from World War II, historical materials collection, renovation of old crafts. Further, the club organizes veteran gatherings or exhibitions esp. at the aviation shows.


  • Preserve historical artifacts for benefit of the younger generation
  • Intensive development, publicity and promotion of aviation
  • Support of young people interested in aviation
  • Organizing or assistance with shows and other public events
  • Searching for stable sponsors within the region and abroad

Chairman: Jan Pohorelec st.
Members: Pavel Kalina, Frantisek Lansman, Martin Veverka, Mr. Veverka st., Libor Milotinsky, Mr. Stepanek, Petr Cermak, Jiri Racak, Tomas Hrdina, Jan Pohorelec ml., Jana Pohorelcova, Lucie Pohorelcova.


  • FOXCONN CZ, Pardubice, CZ - computer components production
  • HOLCIM Cesko, Prachovice, CZ - cement producer
  • CEZ Chvaletice, CZ - energy supplier
  • FOMEI, Hradec Kralove, CZ - x-ray and photo devices production
  • AVX Czech Republic, Lanskroun, CZ - electronics production
  • AUTOFLUG, Hamburg, Germany, - Public Protection
  • Cadastral Office Pardubice, CZ
  • VAK, Hradec Kralove, CZ - drinkable water production and distribution, draining & refining
  • TAURUS, Chrudim, CZ - producer of feeding industrial devices
  • NOPOZM, Slatinany, CZ - producer of agricultural devices & machines
  • PERFO LINEA, Chrudim, CZ - producer of perforated sheet metal
  • RegulTech, Byst, CZ - measuring and regulation
  • PROKOPINVEST, Pardubice, CZ - mill machines & devices producer
  • ZDAS, Zdar nad Sazavou, CZ - engineering company
  • Komercni Banka, Pardubice, CZ - banking industry
  • PRVNI STAVEBNI CHRUDIM, CZ - construction company
  • COLOR CAR, Hradec Kralove, Pardubice, CZ - Dealer of Nissan & Renault cars
  • Teaching Hospital Na Bulovce, Prague, CZ - health service
  • CSOB, Praha, CZ - banking indurstry
  • UVMV, Praha, CZ - research institute - automotive testing laboratory
  • KOVOLIS, Hedvikov, CZ - engineering company
  • Regional Museum Chrudim, CZ
  • LIFFT, Pardubice, CZ - producer of perforated sheet metal
  • MICHALEK, Chrudim, CZ - engineering company
  • BW LINEA, Chrudim, CZ - producer of perforated sheet metal
  • SZU Pribram, CZ - public protection
  • Hospital & ambulance, Melnik, CZ - health service
  • Hospital Ceske Budejovice, CZ - health service


Pohorelec s.r.o.

  • Cepi 100, 533 32 Pardubice, Cepi, Czechia
  • +420 602 230 994
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