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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Engines, Propulsion, Power Generation
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies
  • Weapons & Ammunition

Goldtec Technologies Ltd. is an Israel based manufacturer, agent, distributer and integrator of technological systems. The company’s subsidiaries include Goldtec Multimedia, Military DVRs and Thermal Beacon.

The company was founded in 1989 and operates in five business fields:

• Military & Security
• Communication Solutions
• Automotive
• Energy
• Industrial

Goldtec does so in two complementary and integrated ways: Goldtec operates as an authorized reseller of technological devices and products manufactured by companies located throughout the world.

It also operates as a provider of turnkey solutions, adapting technical adjustments on these products and tailoring for its customers’ specifications.

Fields of Expertise

Amongst Goldtec’s most prominent fields of activity are HLS, Robotics, Masts (autonomous, pneumatic and portable or mobile), Automotive Systems and Optical & Illumination devices. Currently, the company operate as one of the major vendors for various Israeli security forces and Israeli defense industries. It also operates as an international vender for security forces in countries which maintain trade relations with the state of Israel.

In the Security and Defense field, Goldtec is typically well known for having a different concept than other companies. That is due to the fact that the company usually focuses on high end – innovative solutions, tailor made to best serve its customers.

Goldtec is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Military & Security

As terrorism and crime become more and more sophisticated, so must law enforcers in the military and security fields. The attacks characterizing the new century, alongside the complex routine of today's world oblige military, police, prison, engineering and other security and defense personnel to stay one step ahead. Goldtec makes sure to keep its customers up to date with the latest technological means which help them keep the population, as well as themselves, safe.

• Robotic Systems
• Correctional Facility Monitoring Systems
• Demining & Breeching
• Pyrotechnic Components
• High Power Searchlights
• Tactical Tripods
• Less Lethal Weapons
• Masts & Towers
• Central Management Security Systems
• Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters


The Communication Department designs and integrates turn key projects (including R&D), manufactures and installs systems and sub systems. Goldtec also markets COTS (Custom of the Shelf) products such as intercom systems, audio accessories, antennas and antenna rotators, telescopic masts RFID, WIFI, mash proportional, military & aviation headsets etc.

The company’s major local customers are of the industrial, government and military sectors i.e. I.D.F (Israeli Defense Forces), M.O.D (Ministry Of Defense), Israeli Police, I.A.I. (Israel Aerospace Industries), Elbit, Rafael etc.  In addition, a significant portion of its production is targeted for Export.

• Professional Intercom Systems
• RF (Wireless Communication)
• Through The Earth Communication
• Headsets
• Masts and Towers Systems


Today’s automotive world is widely different than the one of past times. In these modern times solutions exist for what once seemed like the impossible goal. Goldtec Technologies offers high quality – cutting edge products and solutions which enable its customers overcome the obstacles of the past.

With means such as Run-Flat systems, Electric powered vehicles, Remote steering conversion kits and so on, the options are endless. By integrating these means with one another, or with other technological means, the company is able to supply customers with the best solution for their needs.

• Electric Powered Vehicles
• Run-Flat Systems
• Wheels For Armored Vehicles
• Obstacle Detection
• Remote Steering Conversion Kits
• CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System)


Goldtec Technologies believes in holistic solutions, thus it offers costumers products which fulfill virtually every aspect of their industrial needs. By combining its vast knowledge and experience Goldtec is able to tailor fit an all in one solution package to best meet customers’ needs.

• Advanced Assets Tracking
• NDT (Non Destructive Testing)
• Watter Jet Cutting
• High Power Searchlights
• Ground Support Equipment (Airports)


Goldtec Technologies is an energy systems integrator that designs, builds, installs and services power generation, energy management, and energy storage solutions to government and industrial customers. The solutions range from fuel cells, tactical solar panels through wind turbines and energy storage systems.

• Tactical Energy Solutions
• Wind Turbines


Goldtec customer list includes:


  • Ministry of Defence
  • IDF
  • Israeli Police Force
  • Ministry of Education
  • Pelephon - The pioneer of Cellular phone technology  and one of the biggest Celluler operators in Israel
  • Clal - A Large scale Concern
  • Shufersal - The biggest Retail store Chain
  • Carmel / Dovrat - Large Investmend company
  • Gazit Globe - One of the largest real estate companies in north America today, it's Head ofiice located in Tel Aviv
  • Excellence Nashuah - Considered to be the second large investment company in Israel
  • The British Council - The Israeli branches are located in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Nazareth
  • Hertz - Rent a Car

Goldtec Technologies Ltd.

  • 10 Rival Street, 67778, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • +972 3 537 7870 
  • +972 3 537 7868 
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