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Supersom Ind. e Com. Ltda., "Jet Power" was founded on the 27th of August 1975. The first product manufactured by the company was the eliminator of batteries “ELB-124” for vehicular use, still in production today. In 1985 it began to manufacture the "GPU´s Jet Power" (Ground Power Unit), an equipment that provides power supply for departure and maintenance of aircrafts. Since then it has been an international reference in the production and commercialization of GPU´s. Its dealers provide equipment and financing needs for customers in several countries.


Supersom’s vision is to constantly search for total quality to best serve its customers.


Contact info #1

Patricia Braganca Rodrigues
+55 31 3371 1944
+55 31 3371 1941
Av. Souza Guimaraes, n? 47 CEP 30550-150 Belo Horizonte/MG, Brazil


  • Production and commercialization of electric and diesel power supply (G.P.U) for departure and maintenance of aircrafts of 28/14VCC;
  • Production and commercialization of power supply cable of 14 and 28VCC and 115/200 VAC 400HZ;
  • Maintenance in GPU´s of any brand and model;
  • Production and commercialization of the eliminator of batteries “ELB-124” for vehicular use.



GPU with 28 VCC output, maximum current of 2000 A at peak, 220/380 VCA input and high performance filter. Externally adjustable. Eletronic model with adjustable current limiter, external adjustment for output tension in the panel with seven positions. Eletronic protection for phase failure, overcurrent and overtension with voltmeter and ammeter.


GPU with 28 VCC output, maximum current of 2000 A at peak, 220/380 VCA input, high performance filter and phase failure indicator. Externally adjustable. Internal adjustment for output tension with voltmeter, ammeter and fuses protection.


GPU with 28 VCC output, maximum current of 2000 A at peak, 220/380 VCA input and medium performance filter. Internal adjustment for output and input tension with voltmeter and fuses protection.

JET POWER DIESEL 45, 60 and 90

Toweble GPU of high reliability with diesel engine and alternator. 28 VCC and 127/220 VCA output, 60 Hz in the potency of 45,60 and 90 Kva. Maximum current of 1200, 1500 and 2000 ACC of peak. Equiped with MWM or Mercedes engine. It could also be used as a mobile generator in locals with no electrical energy.


Source for vehicular use with 12 or 24VCC output and maximum current of 1000 A at peak. Compact size to start diesel, gas or alcohol engines in tractors, trucks, buses or automobiles.

  • Power Supply Cable of 115/200VAC – 400 Hz
  • Power Supply Cable of 28VCC
  • Plug R65BS of 28VCC
  • Plug R67 BS of 115/200 VAC – 400 Hz
  • Plug R69BS to interconnect aircrafts


  • Embraer - Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica SA
  • PAMAAF - Park of Aircraft Afonsos
  • Air Force Logistics Center
  • Navy of Brazil
  • Brazilian Army
  • Leading Air Taxi SA - Air Brazil
  • Lider Signature SA
  • Total Linhas Aereas SA
  • Military Police in several states
  • Civil Police of various States
  • Federal Police
  • Infraero - Brazilian Company of Airport Infrastructure
  • Passaredo Transportes Aereos Ltda
  • Varig Engineering & Maintenance SA
  • Trip Linhas Aereas SA
  • Air Minas Linhas Aereas Ltda.
  • Aero River Air Taxi Ltd.
  • Society of Air Taxi Weston Ltd.
  • Japi Aircraft Maintenance Ltd.
  • Dassault Falcon Jet from Brazil Ltda


SUPERSOM Industria e Comercio Ltda.

  • CEP 30550-150, Belo Horizonte / MG, Brazil
  • +55 31 99105-4443
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