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The ancestor of Metalconstruct Zrt. (the producer and fixer of agricultural equipment) was established in 1951. The company designs and manufactures standard and specialized aluminium solutions mainly for the food, pharmaceutical, building and logistical industry and exports its products in more than 10 European countries. Metalconstruct Zrt. is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Scaffolding Systems

Metalconstruct Zrt. has several decades of experience in manufacturing scaffold systems for the building industry as well as for household activities. The systems are easily movable, storable and collapsible.

The product range includes:
• MC VARIO foldable platform
• MC VARIO 850/1450 mobile scaffold
• MC UNIVERSAL mobile safety podium step

Aluminium Boxes

The company’s aluminium boxes are available in a wide range of sizes, come in different thickness, alloyed sheets and profiles and offer solutions for most transportation, packaging and storing problems of different industry sectors, including the industrial, the military and the food sectors.

The product range includes:
• 3 in 1 boxes
• 2 in 1 boxes
• Welded and quint boxes
• Forever tool boxes
• Moto boxes
• Type D
• Type C
• Type B
• Type A

Logistic Products, Products for Events

Metalconstruct  Zrt.  has a 60 years of experience in manufacturing logistic devices and products for special events providing solutions for companies and individuals willing to operate in a long term, environmentally friendly and cost effective way.

The pallets provided by the company are available also with GMP certification, meeting the Good Manufacturing Practice procedure in the field of manufacture of aluminium pallets for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

The product range includes:
• Aluminium pallets and frames
• Aluminium containers
• Aluminium trolleys
• Aluminium parking protectors
• Aluminium tent frames

Stands for Fruit-Picking

The fruit-picking scaffolds manufactured by Metalconstruct Zrt. are specially developed to facilitate the working process. Keeping in mind the easy movability within the garden, the transportation and the storage, the company has designed scaffolds that make the fruit picking and pruning easier.

Material: alloyed aluminium tube, tear-drop plates with slip resistant surface.

Metalconstruct Zrt.

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