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GALAXY HOLDING s.r.o., produces rescue rocket parachute systems for 1 and 2-seat light aircrafts, ultralights and experimental aircrafts. The company was founded in 1989 and since then has gained international recognition as one of leading producer of ballistic airframe recovery parachutes.

The company bet all on quality before quantity and on a team of experienced and technically advanced workers with minimal job-switching. All is devoted to quality, research and development.

GALAXY co-operates among the others with the VÚPCH Semtín (the Research Institute of Industrial Chemistry), the Aero Vodochody, CVÚT katedra letadel (the Czech Technical University, Aircraft Institute) and the Czech Institute of Arms and Ammunition Testing. The company owns an airfield with hangar for 7 aircraft, managing its own facility for service, development, research and pilot activity.





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Vit Hrusa
+420 48 510 44 92
+420 48 510 44 92
Trida 1. Maje 24a, 460 01 Liberec 3, Czech Republic



The GRS is a new design in which the canopy is not gradually drawn from a box by means of a long conventional sleeve, distorted by air currents and possibly fouling on the aircraft structure or its debris, during deployment. The GRS canopy is drawn away from the aircraft in a short special compact container to a length of 15-18 metres from the aircraft depending on the size of GRS. At this point the whole hanging system from canopy to aircraft is stretched, a container lock is released and the canopy can be inflated directly, significantly reducing the risk of debris damaging the canopy. The whole design of the GRS is purposefully constructed for the fastest possible opening which enhances the potential of a rescue of the aircraft and crew from the lowest possible height.

Firing the system is done mechanically by hand pulling the activation handle with a force of approximately 9 kg. Launching ignition mechanism is activated and two igniters will be fired by double strikers which will ignite the powder load and ignite the TPH (solid fuel) of the rocket engine.


  • Trida 1. Maje 24a, 460 01, 3, Liberec, Czechia
  • +420 48 510 4492
  • +420 48 510 4492
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