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Eltec was founded in 1994 in Budapest, Hungary. Starting out as an automotive supplier for the German market, Eltec's mission was to establish itself as a leading wire harness manufacturer with a niche product of exceptionally high quality. By 1997, the company expanded its operations to the home appliance and computer industries, diversified its product palette, and increased its portfolio to cater to a list of international clients.

In 1999, Eltec reorganized its operations to adapt to market trends and carved out its competitive specialty in customized service solutions for difficult manufacturing tasks in the small to mid size order quantity. Today, Eltec continues breaking into new industries and refining its business process, which allowed it to be recognized as a global player in the high-end manufacturing business. Eltec has penetrated several industries over the years and worked with renowned multi-national clients.

Today, the group services seven industries to create a diversified portfolio and roadmap to steady growth:

Automotive: since 1994. Major clients include Eberspaecher
Home Appliance: since 1997. Major clients include Bosch-Junkers
Computer: since 2000. Major clients include HP
Commercial Vehicle: since 1994. Major clients include Eberspaecher
Machinery: since 2006. Major clients include Bosch Rexroth
Medical Technology: since 1994.
Aviation & Aerospace: since 2010. Major clients include Corvus Aircraft.


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Wiring harness, cable systems for the automotive industry

Eltec produces complete cable systems for the automotive, commercial vehicle and bus industries, as well as for single and special vehicles such as earth moving equipment and electric cars.

Manufacturing is conducted in accordance with all the requirements of the automotive industry. In addition, complete cable systems for single and special vehicles such as earth moving equipment are produced. Process control is aided by systematic and automatised communication.

Complex cable systems for the mechanical engineering industry

Customised cable sets for modern production lines in connection with control and conveyor systems, complying with the highest standards. Special solutions for heavy power and data transfer challenges.

For efficient production, modern machinery is also essential in the automotive industry, where the role of communication between the control system and the units is significantly increased due to the developments in electronics. This machinery and equipment can only be operated with well designed, complex cable systems.

Multiply insulated complex solutions for heavy power and data transfer challenges, whereby cable systems of great complexity are manufactured. In addition, cable systems for the linking of hydraulic and other controlled units are produced.

Cable systems for the aerospace industry

Special cable systems for aeroplane cockpits from ultralight aircraft to passenger planes, body wiring including console, sensor connections, wet cell units.

At present, cable systems for ultralight aircraft are being produced. The firm is the first EN 9100 certified company in Hungary, so they are prepared to meet further challenges in the area of the aircraft industry as well as space research.

Cable systems for the solar technology and wind power

Solar cell connection and assembly including safety units and protective devices in all wet areas. In addition, installation and operation of complex cable units for wind power converters. In the utilisation of renewable energy, solar energy also plays an important role. A special feature is UV resistance and a simple application technique. This is the reason why cable systems with polarisation, mechanical flexibility and elasticity properties are produced.

Control engineering and sensor technology are essential for operating wind power converters. It is important to connect these with highly developed and safe cable systems, as a guarantee for long-term operation. Eltec goal is to use renewable energy resources, so they have extended the firm's product range with the introduction of modern technology. Due to the expansion in the usage of solar technology, the demand for cable systems has grown at the same time, and the prevalence of wind power converters has led to a further increase in production.

Winding technology

Production of axially low voltage magnetic coils for pumping systems, magnetic solenoids, braking systems and magnetic power plants. Coils produced manually or semi-automatically with high precision.

Axially low-voltage magnetic coils are produced, for which the greatest precision is essential. For correct functioning, it is vital to adhere to the permissible dimensions and tolerances. In the automotive industry, dosing devices and magnets are operated by coils.

Hot melt technology (Macromelt)

Low pressure plastics technology for high quality stability and execution with maintenance of form, in the areas of the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, heating technology and household goods.

The low pressure hot melt which forms the basis for this technology has made a significant contribution to streamlining execution and linkage in the automotive engineering industry. It is one of the alternative technologies for the processing for plastics. Most applications and requirements are covered by this.

Plastic moulding

Plastic technical components for cable systems in the areas of sensors, engine compartments and external sections with very high resistance demands, coatings for the connection of cable systems with component assemblies, meeting the highest standards.

The connection points for the cable systems are produced with plastics moulding procedures. The units connected to the cable and thus installed in the plastic setting are then waterproof and have good resistance to tensile and bending forces. The appropriate watertightness and the correct function of the connections is the result of parameterised and disciplined production.

Resin casting technology

Resin casting technology is used by us for permanent high-strength connections. Cable systems with high acceleration parameters or particularly high load capacity are thus produced.

Using this technology, the company is able to produce cable systems with high acceleration parameters or particularly high load capacity.

Component assemblies

Mechanical, electrical and electronic components, as well as display and control units are assembled for usage in all branches of industry. Component assemblies are thus incorporated as functional groups in customers' minds. The production of these is characterised by highly sophisticated teamwork, progress and reliability.

In all branches of the automotive industry, mechanical engineering industry, aviation industry and space research, as well as solar and wind power utilisation, it is essential to provide clients with highly integrated systems. Mechanical, electrical and electronic components, as well as display and control units are assembled for usage in all branches of industry.

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