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MULTIMEDIA SERVICE S.A., is a Company with more than a decade of experience in the design and development of simulation and visualization solutions for the industrial sectors. The Company represents multinational high technology brands and designs and develops advanced solutions for the defense, transportation and health sectors. MULTIMEDIA SERVICE is known for its innovation, research and development capabilities and experienced human talent, a combination that makes its products and services a guaranteed success.

MULTIMEDIA SERVICE S.A. specializes in the development and implementation of simulation, visualization and education solutions in the military and aeronautic fields. Some of the solutions implemented in these sectors are:

  • Tactical military simulators in accordance with the needs of Colombian Army academies,
  • Simulation rooms fully fitted to meet the needs of the Colombian National Army,
  • Consulting services related to the implementation of simulation solutions for the Army of Ecuador,
  • Visualization centers for the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority.

MULTIMEDIA SERVICE S.A. is a part of the group MEDIOS Y SOLUCIONES, which is a holding group specialized in areas related to high technology, education, simulation, visualization, communication and consultancy. The Company’s main objective is to provide comprehensive solutions that guarantee the total satisfaction of customers’ needs.


Contact info #1

Jose Jaime Gomez
+57 1 614 7012
General Manager
+57 1 258 2616
Calle 127B Bis # 46-77, Bogota, Colombia

Development of Simulation Solutions

Backed by international firms and leaders in simulation technologies, MULTIMEDIA SERVICE S.A.’s simulation division designs, develops and commercializes simulation tools and specialized simulators.

Additionally, the Company offers:

  • Consulting services on the implementation of simulation solutions for different uses,
  • Simulation platforms for police command centers,
  • Development, customization and commissioning of simulators,
  • Specialized software for generating 3D images and real time scenarios.

Development of Systems & Applications

MULTIMEDIA SERVICE S.A. specializes in the development of:

• HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems for military applications,
• Two-dimensional and three-dimensional simulators for military applications,
• Access control systems, biometrics and smart cards for different applications,
• Simulation solutions and two-dimensional and three-dimensional training systems,
• Two-dimensional and three-dimensional interactive resources for learning purposes,
• Software and audiovisual content,
• Database systems.

Educational Programs & Courses


• Technical support and training to organizations and institutions,
• Consulting services on the implementation of virtual methodologies and technologies,
• Design of academic programs and courses,
• Outsourcing services in integrated management and virtual programs certified by universities and other institutions.

Visualization Services

MULTIMEDIA SERVICE’s visualization division designs and integrates high definition projectors. More specifically, the Company specializes in the development and implementation of projection solutions for strong visualization, namely, digital, laser, led and opto-mechanical projectors with DLP, LCD, LCOS, SXRD, D-ILA technologies for planetariums and other educational and non-educational purposes.

Aircraft Logistics

The Company provides a range of highly specialized products for the aviation sector. MULTIMEDIA SERVICE has strategic alliances with leading companies in the area of production, logistics, training, aircraft design and certification.

IT Advisory & Consulting Services

MULTIMEDIA SERVICE offers specialized consulting services in Information Technology with transparency and the support of experienced professionals in the area.

Research & Development Division

SERVICE’s research and development division specializes in:

• Information gathering and analysis,
• Effective and pragmatic planning in the research of new technologies or processes,
• The adaptability of products, tools and processes,
• Training in the development of products.

Clients / Projects

Virtual Training Courses:


  • Gobierno en Línea,
  • Courses on Geographic Information Systems - Bogota City Hall.


CBT - Computer Based Training: Development of the CBT system of the C-295 aircraft.


3D Interactive Application for the Military University Nueva Granada.


Multimedia Service S.A.

  • Calle 127B Bis # 46 77, Bogota, Colombia
  • (+57) 1 6147012 - 614 70 01
  • +57 1 258 2616
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