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NUMERICA LTDA., is a technology-based company, legally incorporated in 1995 as an answer to the needs of the technology sector. The Company is dedicated to the analysis of complex problems and was initially focused on the numerical modeling of materials, fluids and geophysical areas.

Later on, and as an answer to the demands of the market, NUMERICA LTDA. focused on the application of cutting-edge computational technologies and research and technological development processes with the support of a qualified workforce.

The Company is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with academic credibility that is aware of technological trends and is supported by strategic allies and advanced technological infrastructure in order to offer innovative and high quality products.

Since its foundation, NUMERICA LTDA. has offered innovative technological solutions to its clients assisting them in optimizing their processes and products and contributing to the industrial and technological development of the nation.

NUMERICA LTDA. has been able to consolidate its presence through four business areas:

  • Software development: Research, design and development of customized solutions.
  • Consultancy: Consulting services and support in processes involving the oil industry.
  • Document preservation: Integrated solutions for document management.
  • Computer assisted engineering: Design and development of virtual prototypes simulating the assembly of engineering systems.


The Company offers innovative technological solutions that meet the technical specifications of its clients and guarantee their satisfaction in terms of cost and efficiency. NUMERICA LTDA. offers consultancy and cutting edge technical support services backed by high level human resources with experience in the sector.


Contact info #1

Jairo Castaneda
Cell: +57 317 501 3016
General Manager
+57 7 678 3893
Ecoparque NATURA, Km 2.176 Anillo Vial Floridablanca, Giron, Torre 2 Oficina No. 543, Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia

Technology Services

NUMERICA’s experience and know-how have allowed the Company to offer a wide range of technological services, among which are:

Telemetry Services: Monitoring and control of the running parameters of any equipment, both remotely and in real time.

Real-Time Tracking: NUMERICA specializes in the development of web-based real-time tracking software that combines GPS and GPRS technology so that users are aware of the whereabouts of corporate vehicles and other assets.

Systems Development: Customized systems that allow customers to monitor key processes and take timely decisions.

Development of RFID Systems: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is ideal for a wide range of applications from access control systems to the monitoring of corporate assets.

Scientific Computing: Development of scientific applications, ideal for mathematical and engineering analyses. NUMERICA has developed scientific applications related to:

• Modeling through finite elements, finite differences and ray tracing,
• Parallel computing,
• Algorithms applied to earth sciences,
• Three-dimensional stereoscopic display,
• Data mining (neural networks, multivariate statistics, principal components, among others),
• Multiplatform systems,
• Command and control systems.

Stereoscopic 3D visualization: Virtual reality environments with stereoscopic 3D display that facilitate data interpretation and analysis as they allow different types of information to be viewed in a comprehensive way.


VirtualBΚ is a fully interactive and realistic 3D educational software that is available in three different versions:

  • Human body,
  • Amphibians, birds and mammals.
  • Microbiology (cell, DNA, viruses and bacteria collection).

VirtualBΚ has been designed through the digital processing of diagnostic images and photographs and has the following features:

  • Show/hide organs option,
  • Change color of organs,
  • Τransparent human organs,
  • Zoom and rotation options,
  • Overlapping photographs,
  • Editable description of organs,
  • Export of screenshots,
  • Saving of 3D models,
  • Microbiology.

Why differentiates BioTK from similar software programs?

  • BioTK is realistic. Each 3D organ has been created through the digital processing of diagnostic images and high-resolution photos in full color.
  • BioTK includes fully interactive 3D organs.
  • BioTK lets users dissect the human body from their computer.


WellMonitor is a software for the monitoring and control of the running parameters of any equipment, both remotely and in real time.


• Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP),
• Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP),
• Tanks,
• Valves.

WellMonitor provides access to all information on the web and has the following features:

• User configurable alerts by Email or SMS,
• Adaptation to any type of equipment and communications protocols,
• System log,
• Multi-interface support,
• Data export to excel formats,
• User configurable reports.

Virtual Commander

Virtual Commander (VICOM) is a C3I (Control Center, Command, Communications and Intelligence) solution for military and civilian applications. VICOM receives real-time information from remote units. This information is processed to deliver Common Operational Pictures (COP), thus contributing to quick decision-making and the delivery of orders to the troops in real time. VICOM comes in different versions for command centres and mobile or remote units. VICOM has a robust GIS module that ensures connectivity to the database for the display of geospatial files and satellite photographs. Formats supported:

• Main vector formats: ESRI Shapefiles, MapInfo, SDTS and GML.
• PostgreSQL and Oracle Geospatial tables.
• Raster formats: geotiff, png, jpg and others.

This module also supports GPS tools for online geo-positioning and target tracking. The 3D visualization module allows clients to view the geographic information in 3D, thus offering a better and more clear picture of what is happening in the field. VICOM has a full set of radar topographic data with a resolution of about 90m where conventional mapping, satellite images, geo tracking is displayed.

MPT - Multiparametric Processing Tool

MPT is a processing software for CRS (Common Reflection Surface) search and stack for land and marine seismic datasets.

The MPT software offers a better imaging of the structural sections than the traditional NMO/DMO based software, especially in areas with strong dipping reflectors, poor signal to noise ratio, low fold seismic data or noisy areas.


DocuAdmin® is a document and system management software that categorises in a hierarchical manner digital documents of any type into a database, facilitating search and viewing. It also has an efficient search engine that allows the location of any document and is ideal not only for the management of information but also for the provision of support in relation to the administrative processes of organizations through a sophisticated system of alerts, document expiration control and flows.


DocuMail® is a robust program for the management and administration of external and internal correspondence with features, such as multiple registration, scanning of physical documents and notification via e-mails, facilitating the monitoring and control of correspondence, under a useful system of classification.


Among NUMERICA’s most distinguished clients are:


• Colombian Air Force,
• Industria Militar Colombiana (Indumil),
• CPNT S.A.,
• Empresas Públicas de Medellin,
• Telebucaramanga,
• Bucaramanga Transportation Terminal,
• Bucaramanga’s Transit and Transportation Directorate.


BioTK software is mainly used in schools across the country. Additionally, the Company also supplies the main universities of Colombia with computer-aided engineering software.


Numerica Ltda.

  • Centro Empresarial Natura, Torre 2, Of 543. KM 2.176 Anillo Vial Floridablanca-Giron. CP: 681004, Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • +57 7 678 3893
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