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METALPLAST, is a company with extensive experience and background in the industrial sector of the region, characterized by the development and production of conveyor idlers (rollers) and other conveyor idler components. The Company has a broad portfolio of products ensuring customer satisfaction.

The Company has positioned itself in the market as a leader in quality and after-sales services and conducts monitoring activities through technical visits that guarantee the optimum performance of the conveyor machinery.

METALPLAST is at the forefront of the world market providing comprehensive solutions that meet customers’ needs. The Company is continuously improving technological processes and is in the process of implementing a management system, so as to meet the requirements of the national and global markets.

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Contact info #1

Harold Jurado
+57 2 441 9292
+57 2 438 1596
Calle 32B No. 17-37, Cali, Colombia

Technical Support Services

METALPLAST provides personalized technical support in order to guarantee optimum performance on the conveyors.

Conveyor Components

METALPLAST is an integrated solutions provider that manufactures high quality components for bulk belt conveyors according to the CEMA standards, namely:

• Return rollers,
• Nylon rollers,
• Conveyor stations,
• Conveyor scrapers,
• Flat return idlers
• Garland idlers,
• Carrying idlers,
• Conveyor pulleys,
• Polyurethane scrapers,
• Impact rollers.

METALPLAST’s conveyor idler components are lighter, have high cargo capacity and are resistant to abrasion and corrosion. The Company also offers after-sale tracking services and technical support.


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