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INGEMEL LTDA., is a Colombian engineering company specialized in industrial automation, the installation of security systems on industrial machinery, as well as the provision of all kinds of electrical engineering works.

INGEMEL LTDA. is situated in Barranquilla, Sarander and can offer solutions directly to the defence sector, aiming at providing more efficiency in terms of automation of industrial processes, thus ensuring competitiveness and increased customer satisfaction.


  • Creativity,
  • Responsibility,
  • Confidentiality.


Contact info #1

Mario Munoz
Office: +57 5 368 4482; Mobile: +57 3106336374
General Manager
+57 5 349 1870
Calle 64 # 47-74 L-2, Barranquilla, Colombia

Industrial Electrical Assembly

INGEMEL LTDA. provides design, installation and assembly services on electrical equipment. More specifically, INGEMEL LTDA. offers:

  • Installation of tray systems and pipelines,
  • Assembly of equipment and machinery,
  • Design and installation of electrical cabinets and panels,
  • Installation of electrical connections and explosion-proof accessories for hazardous locations,
  • Installation of conduit pipes,
  • Installation and maintenance of lighting equipment,
  • Laying of power, control and data cables,
  • Design and installation of energy saving systems.

Industrial Automation Services

INGEMEL LTDA.’s industrial automation services permit clients to reach major process efficiency and quality uniformity and increase production rate. More specifically, INGEMEL LTDA. specialises in:

  • The design and installation of control systems and process automation,
  • The installation and configuration of programmable logic modules,
  • The design, assembly, installation and maintenance of electrical and control panels,
  • The analysis, design and implementation of control systems and monitoring of industrial processes and variables (temperature, pressure, speed, etc.) with PLC's,
  • Installation of industrial networks,
  • Integration of isolated control systems,
  • Electronic control of industrial electric engines. Installation and configuration of variable speed drives,
  • Installation of monitoring and process control software. Configuration and development of HMI applications,
  • Technological updating of existing systems and controls,
  • Hardware and software installation for the monitoring and managing of energy consumption in the client’s company,
  • Installation of equipment and industrial safety solutions.

Design & Installation of Grounding & Shielding Equipment

INGEMEL LTDA. specialises in the installation of safety equipment in areas of high accident potential. More specifically, INGEMEL LTDA. offers:

  • Design and installation of grounding and shielding equipment, machinery and cabinets,
  • Study preparations,
  • Installation of safety equipment for protection against lightnings and transient surges.

Electrical Systems Testing

INGEMEL provides testing and measurement services according to IEC 60364, EN 20460 and EN 61557 standards. More specifically, INGEMEL LTDA. specialises in:

  • Measurement of ground resistance,
  • Measurement of soil resistivity,
  • Insulation and resistance tests and maintenance of historical records,
  • Floor and wall resistance (WELLER method),
  • Loop impedance and line impedance measurement,
  • RCD tripping times,
  • Continuity tests.

Supply & Installation of Pipes, Fittings & Valves

INGEMEL LTDA. specialises in the supply and/or installation of VESBO pipes, fittings and valves made of polyurethane material for the following applications:

  • Compressed Air Networks,
  • Cooling water Networks,
  • Hot Water Networks,
  • Vacuum Networks,
  • Chemical Networks,
  • Drain Networks.


INGEMEL LTDA.’s clients are mostly companies of the cardboard, cement, food and agricultural industries, namely:


• DOW AGROSCIENCES, among others.


Ingemel Ltda.

  • Calle 64 # 47 74 L 2, Barranquilla, Colombia
  • +57 5 368 4482, +57 5 369 2894 
  • +57 5 349 1870
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