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VMA INGENIERIA LTDA., is an engineering company dedicated to the provision of technology solutions for the optimization and upgrade of industrial processes with emphasis on the automotive sector.

VMA INGENIERIA LTDA., is a Colombian company located in Bogota and dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers with commitment towards product quality. The Company gives great importance to pre and post sales services and is continuously upgrading its processes with the acquisition of new technologies.


VMA INGENIERIA LTDA., has as a focus to be established in the engineering sector, as a solutions provider recognized worldwide for its innovative products and services.


• Integrity,
• Commitment,
• Creativity,
• Innovation,
• Customer Orientation,
• Availability.


Contact info #1

Clemencia Gomez
+57 1 237 0427
Administration Manager
+57 1 370 3550
Carrera 26 # 11-33, Bogota, Colombia

Industrial Automation Projects

Management, design and development of projects for the automation of industrial processes, with particular emphasis on modern methods for the design, operation and control of automated production systems.

Solutions for the Automotive Sector

VMA INGENIERIA LTDA., manufactures products mainly for the automotive sector, namely accessories for torque control tools. Among the solutions the Company offers are:

• Automatic stations for suspension assembly,
• Assembly benches,
• Support tooling,
• Socket trays,
• Ergonomic support structures,
• Control and fluid dispensing equipment,
• Equipment for cable wiring testing,
• Equipment for the verification of materials,
• Andon systems,
• SCADA systems,
• Special poka yoke mechanisms.


DANA - GM COLMOTORES - Three stations for suspension assembly and two stations for truck chassis assembly.


DANA - MAZDA - 13 torque control stations for automotive assembly and truck chassis assembly.


GABRIEL DE COLOMBIA - 2 torque control stations.


IMFRISA - GM OBB - Installation of two torque control stations for front and rear suspension assembly, 2011.



Among the Company’s most prominent clients are:




VMA Ingenieria Ltda.

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