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Deaway is quick and agile developer of automotive technologies. The company designs its own solutions and technologies using Rapid RDT&E process. Deaway uses its out the box thinking and creativity and provides clients what they need most - advanced solutions they never believe are possible in VERY short schedule.


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Guy Edelist
+972 54 4816755
Managing Director/CEO

Vehicle Mobility Upgrade

Automotive upgrade to tracked and wheeled vehicles, package tailored to customer’s  needs, modification includes kits for converting common transmission to IMOS,  Hybrid Hydraulic Drive.

It’s driven by wire hydrostatic drive with computer control. IMOS saves fuel, increases maneuverability both urban and off road, decreases load on diesel engine,  extends engine lifetime, extends vehicle serviceability period.


Unmanned Ground Vehicle, 6 wheels, 2.5 ton payload. High maneuverability, computer control, active suspension,  skeed steer (in development).

DAS - Deaway Active Suspension

Active suspension, included in-hub hydraulic motor, active radial damper, computer controlled activating.
DAS can be fitted into conventional linear suspension axles as replacment of common shock absorbers (in development).

A.I.CORE - Artificial Intelligence Software

Controls unmanned vehicles and unmanned platforms.

GPS, INS, Cameras, 3rd party guiding systems, sensors.

LLC -Low level control.
Controlling UGV speed, acceleration, breaking, direction left-right-forward-reverse, controls active suspension, up-down movements, soft-hard damping.
Competabilty: JAUS Standard.

Deaway Inc.

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