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Trade FIDES JSC, is one of the leading providers of high-quality and complex services in the area of security systems designed for property and individual protection. The company's products represent results of their own development, research and production, thus enabling the implementation of specific customers' security projects in the public as well as private sectors. The company also provides consulting service, technical support and customer service.



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It is a general evaluation of the object security according to the previous viewing. It defines a security level in respect to the security risks in a given locality.

It represents an underlying document for decision-making in terms of purpose and extent of the particular security system.


It is a brief security system study introducing technical and price solution to particular requirements including the price of project preparation.


Project implementation documentation is an initial document for materials delivery and equipment installation. It is prepared according to the current norms and regulations after the object has been viewed and the project implementation consulted with the customer.

Security system projects concerning objects used for handling classified materials are prepared in compliance with the classified information protection act. A program of regular training and education of our project designers results in progressive project designing using state-of-art technologies and high-tech components.


Installation, expansion and programming of supply systems are performed by trained experts according to the current norms and regulations. The system installation is completed by trial operation. In the course of the trial operation, the user is provided with all technical documentation and instructed how to operate the system.


After being installed, the whole system is checked by our maintenance technicians. The purpose of such an inspection is to check that the installation has been performed in compliance with the project documentation, installation guidelines of the equipment producers, current norms and regulations.

After the inspection is finished, the user is issued with an initial inspection report. Regular check-ups and equipment inspections are conducted during the course of the system's life expectancy period.


As a rule, we provide 24-hour warranty and after-warranty maintenance service during the whole life expectancy period of the equipment. The aim is to provide immediate technical help and potential troubleshooting and repair; to provide reliable functioning of the security systems. There are tens of qualified and continuously trained maintenance technicians and a number of technical experts in the company providing high-quality maintenance service.


Within the enhancement of qualification levels and promotion of new technologies, we arrange different trainings and workshops for our customers.


Integrated System EZS, Metering and Regulation, Access Control System, Attendance and Meal Delivery System. An autonomous control unit controlling the terminals and auxiliary concentrators forms the "brain" of the ASSET system.

The terminals (card readers) initiate the authentication transaction after the cardholder swipes/holds his ID card or chip (key case) up to the readers. The card readers can be simple or with a keyboard (higher level of security requires PIN) or, it can be quipped with a keyboard and a display.

An innovation made enables the terminals to be connected to a touch screen and used for comfortable entry of time and attendance events, SAS control or ordering of meals. The capacity of the control unit is up to 360 concentrators (card readers) or 2, 880 reporting inputs.


Monitoring and controlling system The main purpose of the LATIS® SQL system is to support the integration and monitoring of all technologies having been currently used in modern buildings and technological premises.

The technologies are, for example, security alarm systems (SAS), fire alarm systems (FAS), access control systems (ACS), system of measurement and regulation (MaR) (ventilation and air-conditioning, lifts, etc.), closed-circuit television (CCTV) etc.

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