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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Counter-measures, Electronic Warfare and Decoys
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • IT, Computing and Software
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

URC Systems, spol. s r.o. is a Czech company established in 1998 with the aim to realization complex solutions of customer's demanding requirements in the area of the Information and Communication Infrastructure for the Police of the Czech Republic and Electronic Warfare for the Czech Army units. Presently our activities focus mainly on:

  • Research and development (leading, designing and realization of security and defense R&D projects and products in area of EW - Electronic Warfare systems and ICT - Information and Communication Technologies).
  • Complex police operation control solutions (designing, implementation and maintenance of complex operation control solutions inclusive frontend and backend apllications for police units).
  • Complex EW solutions (designing, implementation and maintenance of complex Electronic Warfare (ESM & ECM) SW and HW solutions).
  • Complex JISR solutions (designing, implementation and maintenance of SW analytical tools for support of JISR (Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance) working cycle).
  • System integration solutions (development of integration middleware for data interoperability interconnection of IS and applications with QoS - Quality of Services and transmission through limited-bandwidth channels support).
  • Custom SW development (special radiocommunication, sensors, localization and lustration software design and development).
  • IS Development (information systems design and development in area of radiocommunication, sensor, localization and lustration systems).
  • Protection jammers (development, production and vehicles buildup of jamming systems for protection against of activation RCIED - Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices).
  • Radio electronic components (development and production of radio components, radio receivers and radio reconnaissance sets inclusive industrial and rugged computers).
  • Radio stations maintenance (accredited service center).

We cooperate with the universities and research institutes.

We solve research and development projects with financial support of MOD, MOI and MOTI/TA of the Czech Republic.

We hold the Certificate of Facility Security Clearance allowing access up to the level National SECRET and NATO SECRET.

We cooperate with the C4 and ISR section of R&D department MOD of the Czech Republic and NATO committees JCGISR/ASIISG and NIAG and EDA committee IAP4.

Contact info #1

Katerina Smrcenska
+420 582 337 255
Marketing Manager
+420 582 337 256
Machova 24, 796 01 Prostejov, Czech Republic


Data Transmission System in PEGAS/TETRAPOL Digital Radio Network

PEGAS is a codename for a TETRAPOL radio network implementation in the Czech Republic owned by the Ministry of Interior. URC Systems is an author of the system design and the implementation of data service in PEGAS network.

The Czech police is the main user of the data service. The following data services are currently provided by the system:

  • Remote online parametric database queries
  • Email for PEGAS users
  • Car acident evidence system
  • Instant messaging application
  • Photo transmission on demand from a ramote database

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TAC NEC for control processes automation and conduct of a combat activity secures:

  • decision making process support for commanders and for the staff and creation of common and actual overview of a situation on the battelfield
  • exchange and processing of information in the vertical and horizontal level including information provided by sensors in almost real time mode
  • work in a unified system of information about the land and cartographic environment
  • processing of formalization and non formalized combat documents and massages
  • blue force tracking

Product informational files


HF Modem Control Software


  • SW allows transfer of boht text  and binary files using the Harris RF-5710A modems and HF transceivers (SSB mode)
  • Point to point asymmetric radio connection is employed. the link layer and ARQ transport layer are designed by URC Systems to suit the specific conditions of HF radio band. These layers are implemented above the modem waveforms (STANAG a MIL-STD)
  • One or more files can be scheduled to be sent during one session. When session is in progress, user can still add or remove files from the session schedule
  • Authentification of both sides and timp stamp checking is done at the beginning of each session. In order to achive the maximum transmission speed along with changing HF radio conditions, the signal to noise ration and packet errors are measured and the modem rate is controlled during the session. When the connection gets broken it can be recovered later on, with no need to transfer again the part of the file which was already received
  • support for other modems with listed waveforms is optional

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  • portalble communication system
  • compatible with public telecommunication networks
  • VoIP support
  • Easy installation, fast system start up
  • Installation in sized transport rack
  • Voice, data and multimedia service support
  • Possibility to protect information transfer
  • Standby power supply for emergency

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  • Flexible communication system to be used in a critical conditions
  • Flexible low cost solution for the wide spectrum of operating groups
  • central data collection including the information about each group member track and position
  • Information about the position is transmitted in the real time
  • Direct visualization of each group member in the map
  • Simplified and optimazed group coordination process from a command post

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  • SW intended for frequency monitoring and searching new radio signal sources in HF, VHF and UHF frequency ranges
  • Provides the possibility to control a lot of modern searching and monitoring receivers
  • Setting the basic receivers parameters
  • Monitoring of one certain frequency with level measurement of monitored signals with graphics presentation
  • Storage of measured levels with time stamp, operator's text notes, GPS position and antenna's direction to binary file
  • Audio recording receiver output synchronized with measurement
  • Level triggered saving and audio recording
  • Operating system Windows NT/Windows 2000, XP, Vista

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  • Portalble surveillance and monitoring system
  • Easy and fast installation and system startup
  • Jammer control possibility
  • MSS Power supplay: internal acumulator, public network 230 V AC, 50
  • digital recording possibility, 4-8 channels

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Radiosignal Analysis and Classification:

  • system for measurement, processing, analysis and classification of radiosignals
  • on-line monitoring and digitizing of IF analog receiver output
  • off-line processing of measured signal samples
  • import of digital IF output data for supported receivers (Rohde & Schwarz)

AKRS on-line monitoring and measurement:

  • setting of sampling parametres
  • (input sensitivity, sampling frequency, length of measured signal, etc.)
  • tunning of the receiver (supported receivers only)
  • real-time spectral analysis with adjustable parametres
  • (FFT length, window type, spectrum averaging, etc.)
  • real-time spectrogram

Jamming RCIED


Modular, multiband, fully programmable, digital jammer for convoy protection (output power 740 W).


Modular, multiband, programmable, digital jammer for vehicle protection (output power up to 225 W).


Portable, modular, multiband, programmable, digital jammer for personal protection outside of vehicle jammer protection umbrella as well as for area quick protective coverage.


Geo3D is a powerful tool which allows for real-time visualization and presentation of large geographical data.

The visualization scene is composed of 3 kind of layers:

  • digital elevation model - a network of reguraly distributed points with defined altitude. This is the lowest layer.
  • bitmap layers - satellite images, scanned topographic maps, city palns, etc. These layers cover the elevation model.
  • vector layers - objects, routes, 3D models, etc. These layers are showed on a top bitmap layers.

URC Systems spol. s r. o.

  • Vrahovická 825/156b, 798 11, Prostejov, Czechia
  • +420 582 337 255
  • +420 582 337 256
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