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Advanced Future Group Intl. (AFGI) General Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L., was established in 2003 in the State of Kuwait. AFGI is registered (for contracting & procurement) with several Governmental agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and defense contractors specializing in:

  • Trading,
  • Construction,
  • Environmental,
  • Defense Contracting, and
  • O&M (Operations & Maintenance) services in Kuwait, Iraq and Qatar.

The company has developed a unique understanding of commercial and government customers (local & international) requirements for products and services, which has served numerous international and local clients in the field of defense, EPC & Engineering contracting.

AFGI’s core business competency focuses on providing Trading & Contracting services which meet and exceed the expectations of its customers and has established key strategic partnerships with Local and International firms with related capabilities in order to address current and future opportunities. A strategic partnership/business relationship is that with the Local/International firm: Ivey International. AFGI currently holds distribution rights that support specific regions and markets such as Oil Technics UK, Hi-Force UK, Lukas Tools, Superior Tanks and Zamil Steel Certified Builders. The company is committed to providing services that will ensure the most Cost Effective, Highest Quality and Technically Acceptable turnkey solution through AFGI’s Performance, Commitment and Trust.

The company has repeatedly demonstrated the professional expertise, competence, and capabilities to execute projects within the applicable periods, budget and in accordance with the required specifications of its clients. Through many years of proven experience in procurement and contracting the company is able to achieve and maintain the highest accreditation of International Standards in the Quality Management System (QMS) for Procurement & Contracting Services under ISO 9001:2008 Certification.


Advanced Future Group International (AFGI) General Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L. is committed to consistent pursuit of excellence dedicated to continually improving its business competencies or capabilities and to provide its customers with products & services that fully satisfy their requirements.


AFGI is committed to meet and fulfill customers' expectations in a precise and professional manner. The company believes in the principle of "Quality Service" by paying close attention to its valued customer's preferential needs and demands. Its professional team possesses the expertise and clear-cut understanding to evaluate and assess client requirements in any strategic area of necessity. According to clients and customer objectives, AFGI perseveres in providing excellent customer service and feedback throughout the entire Supply Chain cycle. Its Mission aligns itself with its Vision, as it provides its clients top of the line customer services on par with the best industry standards and practices. Backed by high moral & integrity values, it continually abides by its word to follow through on its firm commitments without any compromises on the aspect of quality from start to finish. "Performance" is the foundation laid into each & every one of its business relationships; "Commitment" is the structure on which the pillars of its verbal & written agreements built on; and "Trust" is the concrete evidence applied in its steadfastness to strengthen, implement & execute the desires of its clients.

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Contact info #1

Qatar Office
+974 4 417 8585
+974 4 417 8686
Al Messila, Al Jazira Al Arabiya St. Al Qamra Group Bldg. 1st Floor Office 6, Doha, Qatar

Contact info #2

John A. Lopez
+965 2 574 9416
General Manager
+965 2 574 9417
Shuwaikh Old Area, Al Mutawa Complex Street No. 6, Bldg No 152, Kuwait

Environmental Remediation Services

AFGI has the capabilities to support governmental authorities, non-governmental organizations (NGO), major defense contractors and EPC firms in the commercial sector, oil & gas, as well as NGO missions in volatile regions around the world with various products & services. The company specializes in trading of products such as MRO Tools, Heavy Equipment, Industrial & Engineering supplies. AFGI provides turnkey solutions in:

  • Environmental,
  • Engineering & Construction,
  • Bulk Storage Tanks (up to 2,000,000 USG), and
  • Onshore Rigs.

To add value to the services and products it offers, the company provides after sales support services with O&M inspection and camp support services of the services provided above. The company has invested and built-up its reputation throughout the years a recognized professional culture, both locally and internationally, based on the axes of “Performance”, “Commitment” and “Trust”. The company provides services through these independent Divisions, namely:

Environmental Remediation Services: AFGI with its technology partner (Ivey International) provides products and services through the development and application of innovative air, soil and groundwater remediation products.  AFGI provides remediation technology development solutions services in soil remediation clean up in various industries including but not limited to the field of light non aqueous phase liquid remediation, dense non-aqueous phase liquid remediation, heavy metal remediation, tank cleaning, primary and secondary oil recovery applications, off-shore clean-up, shore-line clean-up, non-aqueous phase liquid degreaser, enhanced bioremediation, enhanced chemical oxidation, treatment of naturally occurring radio-active materials (NORM).

In 2014 AFGI and its technology partner was approved by KOC Kuwait under Category 58 for Soil Remediation services AFGI in 2013 signed a Joint Venture with Ivey International Co. from Canada for Environmental Technology (Soil Remediation). In 2014, KOC Kuwait under Category 58 approved AFGI/IVEY JV for Soil Remediation services. The environmental and engineering services is a vast and extensive field, AFGI with its partners will be able to support certain sector with its principles to provide innovative and successfully addressing of the opportunities. AFGI along with its JV partner, IVEY International Inc. from Canada, are able to address the following contamination cleanup:

  • Soil Remediation - Hydrocarbon, Chemical And Heavy Metal.
  • Ground water and water contamination - Hydrocarbon, Chemical and heavy metal.
  • Emission based contamination - Chemical.

Construction & Contracting Services

AFGI has repeatedly demonstrated professional expertise, competence, and capabilities to execute projects within scope and on time, within budget and in accordance with the required specifications of its customers. AFGI has many years of proven experience in:

  • Commercial & Industrial Design,
  • Build & Installation,
  • Renovation of facilities with O&M services for all electromechanical lines,
  • Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB’s),
  • Civil Construction,
  • Logistical Support Areas (LSAs),
  • Residential & Commercial building interior design, and
  • Infrastructure development and general construction related projects.

AFGI's capabilities and experience permits the company to offer a broad range of construction and contracting related services. Its trading division compliments the construction and contracting division, which attains better pricing due to economies of scale on requirements.

Construction (Pre-Engineered Buildings): With 10 years’ experience in Construction and Engineering solutions, AFGI has a dedicated team to offer turnkey solutions in Design & Build of Pre-Engineered Buildings & Structural Engineering projects. Its steel Pre-Engineered Building projects have been followed through with shop drawing, civil earthworks, utilities and erection based on statement of work requirements from clients, in association with ZAMIL STEEL manufacturing and execution by AFGI staff. The company has previous experience in Precast Concrete, Steel Structures and Pre-Engineered Buildings.

Construction (Modular Camp Solutions): AFGI provides a full turnkey operation, which includes Design & Build, Fabrication & Installation and Civil Works & Utility connections for Life Support Areas (LSA).  The company can design Modular Camps to meet specific requirements for life supports areas, recreational centers and community resource facilities. AFGI has successfully completed projects such as:

  • Dry & Wet Units,
  • Containerized Armored Units,
  • Containerized Units,
  • Full LSA setups with all utilities and amenities laid out which included designing, fabricating and installations,
  • Check point and excess points with living areas,
  • Business centers for administration and mobile site offices,
  • Recreational and fitness centers,
  • Mobile modular hospitals and clinics,
  • Dining facilities and service areas.

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Services

AFGI is providing consistent and dependable contract cleaning services since 2004. It serves commercial customers including office buildings, office parks, public utilities and recreational facilities. Working in these specialized environments, it has become accustomed to meeting demanding schedules and maintaining the highest standards of excellence for both public and private facilities.

For companies’ conscious of image and quality, AFGI has set the standard for the industry. It serves industrial manufacturing & commercial customers to include work areas, public areas and factory floor. Its team is well versed in servicing difficult environments and takes care to maintain required records that provide the customer with a detailed procedure-manual covering all areas of its responsibilities and accountability. HSE is critical in all work environments. It works closely with its associates and the customer to assure that all tasks and procedures provide no hazard to its staff or to the property and asset of the customer.

Operations & Maintenance Services

AFGI has over 10 years of proven experience in providing Life Support and Operations & Maintenance services to the Government and International customers. The company has supported customers such as Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and various US Military customers in the region.

AFGI has been providing its clients with complete maintenance service solutions to meet their goals through its experienced personnel and commitment resulting satisfaction, cost efficiency as well as safety. AFGI provides full support to include the complete spectrum of:

  • Assembly,
  • Cleaning,
  • Maintenance,
  • Relocation, including service of associated power generation equipment,
  • Refrigeration units,
  • Tents,
  • Electrical items,
  • Wood items,
  • A/C units for Commercial and Residential buildings,
  • Maintenance facilities, and
  • Mobile living camps.

Its ability to promptly resource and mobilize any material, equipment and labor required, puts it at the forefront of serviceability.

Synergy Lines

  • IT Division: Information technology and system engineering.
  • Leasing Division: Heavy & light equipment and vehicles.
  • Real Estate Division: Leasing and renting furnished/non furnished housing.
  • Interior Design & Furnishing.
  • Defense Contracting.

Products, Services & Specialized Equipment

Since its’ inception, AFGI has offered an array of products and services including specialized equipment for various applications such as; industrial supplies, PPE, MRO Tools, shelters, janitorial & supplies and consumables. AFGI’s procurement division provides clients with global procurement resources, market knowledge to offer reliable project deliveries, innovative performance solutions, and project savings. To provide products and services to its customers the company has developed key locations to source different products from the global market, which gives it a competitive edge. AFGI's main areas of supply are but not limited to the following areas below:

  • Industrial Equipment & Tools
  • Safety & Personal Protection
  • Oil & Gas Supplies
  • Power Generation and Distribution Equipment
  • Janitorial Equipment & Supplies
  • Heavy Equipment & Spare Parts
  • Furniture/Electronics/Home Appliances/IT
  • Environmental consumables & supplies
  • Temporary shelters & Storage

In order to meet the market demands AFGI has established strategic partnerships in various markets around the globe to source material and supplies from emerging markets. Partnerships from Companies such as:

  • HI-Force Tools,
  • Biotechnics-Oiltechnics (Bio & Chemical Products),
  • Ivey International Environmental Solutions,
  • Superior Tanks,
  • Lukas Stools,
  • Simpo Furniture,
  • Zamil Steel (for Pre-Engineered Buildings, Zamil HVAC Systems and Zamil Glass).

Oil & Gas Sector

AFGI is targeting government customers (such as KOC, KNPC, PIC, and KPC), end users and resellers in the Oil & Gas sector by offering Rigs & Drillings Equipment, Bulk Storage Tanks and Environmental Remediation’s products and services within the Oil & Gas sector for bulk storage tanks and Rigs & Drilling equipment.

Rigs & Drilling Products
AFGI through its manufacturers will provide a single source of supply for Rigs & Drilling equipment to different stakeholders. AFGI will offer the following products:

  • Drilling Rig Packages,
  • Drilling Rig Fabrication,
  • Drilling Rig Equipment,
  • Drilling Rig Supply, &
  • Service and Labor Camps.

Bulk Storage Tanks
AFGI in association with Superior Tank Company Inc. (STCI) offers commercial and government stakeholders aboveground bulk storage tanks and services included but not limited to Inspection, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting. AFGI/STCI offers “Precision Engineered Bolted” and “Welded Steel Storage Tanks” geared towards the following industry solutions:

  • Oil & Gas Solutions;
  • Fire Protection;
  • Potable Water; and
  • Wastewater.

AFGI/STCI offers asset management and appreciation through Inspection, Installation and Repair services:

  • Tank Inspection;
  • Installation and Dismantling;
  • Engineering Services;
  • Tank Repairs, and
  • Oil Field Construction.


Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools
Country of Origin: UK
Distributor: Iraq

Hi-Force products are in use every day in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Oil & Gas,
  • Petrochemical & Refining,
  • Power Generation,
  • Steel & Aluminum plants,
  • Paper Mills,
  • Sugar Refineries,
  • Railways,
  • Mining,
  • Construction,
  • Ship building and ship repair,
  • Aerospace,
  • Defense,
  • Heavy Engineering and the many thousands of industrial service companies supporting these market sectors.

Hi-Force hydraulic tools continually satisfy the demands of the industry during construction, production, breakdown and routine shutdown repair maintenance. Hi-Force offers over 1,800 products including:

  • Hydraulic cylinders & pumps,
  • Jacks,
  • Torque tools,
  • Bolt tensioners,
  • Hydro test pumps,
  • Puller kits,
  • Crimpers & cutters,
  • Tough Lift jacking systems,
  • Hydraulic tools such as hole punchers and nut splitters, as well as various repair, rental and onsite services.

Lukas Hydraulic Tools
Country of Origin: Germany
Distributor:  Kuwait/Qatar

Lukas Hydraulic Tools products are developed and manufactured from start to finish in Germany. Since 1948, LUKAS was the first brand to offer high quality tools for industrial applications. Lukas is the only manufacturer to offer customer-oriented direct sales. Lukas Hydraulic Tools are used in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Oil & Gas,
  • Petrochemical & Refining,
  • Power Generation,
  • Steel & Aluminum plants,
  • Paper Mills,
  • Sugar Refineries,
  • Railways,
  • Mining,
  • Construction,
  • Ship building and ship repair,
  • Aerospace,
  • Defense,
  • Heavy Engineering.

Lukas Hydraulik GmbH is part of the international Idex Corporation. Lukas products are known for their workmanship, long service life and low maintenance. No other manufacture of hydraulic tools has been making light-alloy cylinders longer than LUKAS.

Oil Technics
Country of Origin: UK-England
Distributor: Middle East

The Oil Technics product range offers such solutions in a format, which is cost effective, environmentally friendly and often unique. Based in Aberdeen shire Scotland, the “European Oil & Gas Capital” we enjoy supply and service contracts with world class oil exploration, production and service companies. Oil Technics Limited is an environmental technology company with three manufacturing divisions:

  • Oil & Gas Sector,
  • Industrial Cleaning, and
  • Aerospace.

Bio Technics-Endurocide
Country of Origin: UK-England
Distributor:  Middle East

Bio Technics-Endurocide is a specialist range of high performance products for the disinfection, stain and odors removing products for home, HORECA and public places. Bio Technics-Endurocide innovative products that offer an alternative to traditional bleach and alcohol based products and are a first response for decontamination of C.Difficile, MRSA, TB, SARS and Norovirus infections in hospitals and laboratories.

Project: Design & Build Maintenance Facility



Project Summary: This project encompassed the design, engineering, site preparation, and construction of a 36m X 80m Zamil Steel Pre-Engineered metal maintenance building. This work was self-performed by AFGI on the tract of land given to AFGI for use by the military located on Camp Victory, Iraq. The U.S. military subsequently took possession of this building for use as the AMC AOA (FRAG-5) site and it is still in use currently by the military.


LSA/Maintenance Facility Project, FOB Hammer Abram’s Operations



Project Summary:  This contract is a Firm Fixed Price contract to provide a full key Living Quarters Set Up for GDLS Personnel at FOB Hammer, Iraq.


Description of Work Performed:


  • Ground preparation: Site preparation-clearing, leveling and compacting.
  • Procurement and installation of adequate generators.
  • Analysis of requirements and design of Living and Office Trailers (ZAMIL Steel). 2 room Wet Living Units, Triple Wide Office Unit and Double Wide Classroom Trailer.
  • Procurement and Installation of Force Protection Barriers.
  • Procurement and Installation of Internet connection throughout the Living and Office Area.
  • Installation of Satellite TV Connections.
  • Procurement and assembly of all required furniture (living and office).
  • Installation of Wooden Walkways.
  • Installation of all electrical, plumbing and HVAC equipment.
  • Pipeline, tanks, pumps & and electrical cable procurement and installation.
  • Construction of maintenance facility (ZAMIL STEEL) including site preparation, civil works and electrical.
  • Complete punch list and take all corrective measures to rectify punch list items.
  • Complete Quality Control review and analysis of the construction and complete handover of facility.


Life Support Area Setup



Project Summary: This contract was a Firm Fixed Price contract to provide a whole LSA set up to include delivery and installation of portable Office, Living trailers and AB units at Camp Victory, Iraq.


Description of Work Performed:


  • Analysis of requirements and design of various types of portable trailers for LSA set up.
  • Site preparation and placement of concrete blocks.
  • Procurement and installation of adequate generators.
  • Procurement and assembly of all required furniture (living and office)
  • Pipeline, tanks, pumps & and electrical cable procurement and installation
  • Installation of all electrical, plumbing and HVAC equipment.
  • Complete punch list and take all corrective measures to rectify punch list items.
  • Complete Quality Control review and analysis of the construction and complete handover of facility.


Supply & Construct a Pre-Engineered Maintenance Facility



Project Summary: To Supply and Construct a Pre-Engineered Maintenance Facility-Zamil Steel Bldg. This contract was a Firm Fixed Price contract to construct a maintenance facility for the AMC Fast FWD Authority located in Victory/Liberty, Iraq.


Description of Work Performed:


  • Analysis of requirements and design of a 23 meter X 30.5 Zamil Steel Pre-Engineered Building.
  • Erection of steel structure.
  • Cover exterior of building with metal sandwich panel cladding.
  • Installation of all electrical, plumbing and HVAC equipment.
  • Installation of Duct work and Fire Alarm System.
  • Complete punch list and take all corrective measures to rectify punch list items.
  • Complete Quality Control review and analysis of the construction and complete handover of facility.


Advanced Future Group Intl. (AFGI)

  • Al Qiblah, Fahad Al Salem Street , Block 12, Bldg No. 13, 5th Floor, Awtad Tower, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965-222 54 505 / 222 54 507
  • +965-222 54 506
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