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ARABI ENERTECH K.S.C., from its inception in 1978, has scaled great heights in various fields related to Energy and Technology. The Company has reached the coveted position of one of the foremost companies in the Energy Sector in the State of Kuwait. In 1992 the company became a subsidiary of the newly formed ARABI HOLDING GROUP KSC and became a KSCC company in 1999 along with a capital increase to KD. 1 Million. The Paid-up capital of the Company was increased gradually to KD. 8.025 Million by 2009.


ARABI ENERTECH acquired the Lube Oil Blending Facilities of Kuwait National Lube Oil Company in 2002 in a public auction for qualified companies for a value of KD. 22.8 Million. ARABI ENERTECH subsequently formed a new company by name KUWAIT NATIONAL LUBE OIL COMPANY KSC (KNLOC), in which ARABI ENERTECH is a shareholder. Subsequent to acquiring the Lube Oil Blending facilities and formation of the new company, ARABI ENERTECH developed a project for constructing a plant for manufacturing 400,000 tons of Base Oil per year, using the raw materials from the refineries of Kuwait National Petroleum Company. ARABI ENERTECH has the turnkey responsibility for this project with a budget of KD. 65 Million.

  • Since its inception, the Company has maintained very high ethical standards, business integrity and professionalism.
  • As a result all its clients are highly appreciative of the company's services. The company has collected several awards from local and international clients.
  • The company’s professional qualifications are on the increase from year to year and the company has reached the levels of being qualified for almost all construction activities in the State of Kuwait, including oil sector.
  • Oil Sector is the company’s major area of operation, which is now on the spring board of a major industrial revolution, involving an investment of US$ 65,000 Million. The company is included in all the activities as a qualified bidder.
  • 30 years of existence of ARABI ENERTECH KSC was a continuous climb from a small Limited Liability Company to a large contracting and trading company with worldwide reputation, hosting principals like Shell Global Solutions, Lincoln, Norton, Sullivan Palatek, Scientific Drilling and several other giants in the industry.
  • ARABI ENERTECH’s name is synonymous with the Oil Sector of the State of Kuwait. 

"ARABI ENERTECH, is in the contracting, construction and commercial business. We are responsible and accountable to provide excellent service to all clients in the Oil Industry and other governmental organizations and the Public in a qualitative, efficient and timely manner. We depend on the highly experienced and motivated staff, best agencies and efficient equipment in a harmonious working environment." 


Engineering & Construction Division

  • EPC Contracts,
  • Construction Contracts,
  • Maintanence Contracts,
  • Engineering Design Works. 

Commercial Division

  • Stock Sales,
  • Forward Trading,
  • Project Procurement. 

Health & Lab Engineering Division

  • EPC Lab Projects,
  • Equipping of Hospitals,
  • Supplying of Health Care Products. 

Construction Services Division

  • Fabrication Services,
  • Vehicle & Equipment Services,
  • Scaffolding Erection Services,
  • Insulation Services,
  • Surface Coating Services. 


ARABI ENERTECH is qualified with the Central Tenders Committee, various ministries like Ministry of Electricity & Water, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Works and State-owned companies like Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC) etc.

"Your Challenge is our Business"

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Contact info #1

Sami Fouad Abdel Sayed
+965 2 398 6083
General Manager
+965 2 398 6522
Shuaiba Western, Block 6, Plot 81, Kuwait

Contact info #2

P. George Joseph, B.Sc. (Engg)
+965 2 398 6525
General Manager - Commercial Dept.
+965 2 398 2497
Shuaiba Western, Block 6, Plot 81, Kuwait

Contact info #3

Melby Merry Eapen
+965 2 398 6083
Business Development Engineer
+965 2 398 2497
Shuaiba Western, Block 6, Plot 81, Kuwait


Areas of Speciality: Energy Sector - Oil, Petrochemical, Gas and Electricity.


  • EPC Contracting: Engineering, Procurement Construction of Projects upto a value of US $ 50 Million (Turnkey Responsibility).
  • Procurement & Construction Contracting: Procurement & Construction of previously engineered Contracts.
  • Construction Contracting: As a Main Contractor with all major clients in Kuwait and as Sub- Contractors with International Contractors.
  • Maintenance Contracting: Maintenance of Refineries, Oil Fields. Petrochemical Complexes, Power Stations, Sewage Treatment Plants etc.



Shop Location: Mina Abdulla Industrial Area - Opposite to all refineries and Petrochemical Complex.

  • Production: Structural Steel: 500 tons per month,
  • Pipe Spool Fabrication: 1500 inch dia.
  • Clients:
    • Oil Companies,
    • Refineries,
    • Ministries,
    • In-house,
    • Other Clients.
  • Covered Shop Area: 6,500 Sq. Meters.
  • Open Shop Area: 17,500 Sq. Meters.


  • Plate & Structural Rolling Machines - 2 Nos,
  • Hydraulic Press - 1 No.,
  • Pipe Bending Machines - 2 Nos,
  • Welding Machines,
  • Arc Welding Machines 25 Nos,
  • TIG Welding Machines 04 Nos,
  • MIG Welding Machines 10 Nos,
  • Diesel Welding Machines 30 Nos,
  • Lathes,
  • Drilling Machines,
  • High Pressure Pumps.


  • Reconstruction of Gathering Center No. 25 (GC-25) of Kuwait Oil Company - Fabrication and supply of complete aboveground and underground piping with sizes ranging from 1/2” to 48”. Number of Joints: 40,000, Schedules 40, 80, XS, 120 and 160. Achieved a record production of 1500” dia.
  • Design, Fabrication and Erection of 1 No. Fixed Cone Roof, Vertical Raw Water Storage Tank as per API 650, including appurtenances like shell, stairway, platforms, nozzles, piping etc. for the Ministry of Electricity & Water, Government of Kuwait.
  • Design, Fabrication and Erection of 4 Nos. Horizontal Tanks with ASME Sec.viii,API 650 and BS-2594 specifications for storing HCl and NaOH, for the Ministry of Electricity & Water, Government of Kuwait.
  • Fabrication and Supply of 2 Nos. Anti-oxide Kerosene Tanks - Vertical Fixed Roof type as per API-650 specification, for Kuwait National Petroleum Company.
  • Design, Fabrication and Erection of 4 Nos. Underground Fuel Storage Tanks as per BS-2594 and API Bulletin No.1611 specification, including fabrication of tank shell, dish ends, man-ways, saddles, stiffing rings etc., for Kuwait National Petroleum Company.
  • Design, Fabrication, Supply and Erection of 1 No. 30.5 Meter dia Fixed Cone Roof Crude Oil Storage Tank as per API 650 specification for Kuwait Oil Company.
  • Design, Fabrication and Erection of 1 No. Fixed Cone Roof Vertical Condensate Storage Tank of 20 m dia and 14 m height, as per API 650, including appurtenances, shell, stairway, platforms, nozzles etc. for the Steam System Revamping Project at Mina Abdulla Refinery, Kuwait National Petroleum Company.
  • Design, Fabrication and Erection of 2 Nos. Double-walled Stack for Boilers of 10ft dia and 100 ft height for the Steam System Revamping Project at Mina Abdulla Refinery of Kuwait National Petroleum Company.
  • Design, Fabrication and Erection of air inlet and outlet ducts for 2 Nos. Boilers for the Steam System Revamping Project at Mina Abdulla Refinery of Kuwait National Petroleum Company.
  • Fabrication and supply of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel pipelines for the Steam System Revamping Project at Mina Abdulla Refinery of Kuwait National Petroleum Company.
  • Fabrication, Supply and Erection of Sleeve pipes at North Kuwait Oil Fields. Work included sleeving of Underground Service Pipelines of various diameters ranging from 2î to 40î and associated works like cable markers, crash bars etc.


  • Shot/Grid Blasting Booth - 300 Sq. Meters,
  • Airless Spray Painting Booth - 300 Sq. Meters,
  • Totally covered and conforming to the highest engineering standards.

PRESSURE TESTING FACILITY: Facilities to test pipe spools up to 5000 psi.

OFFICE FACILITY: The Fabrication Shop has 2000 Sq. meters of office facilities, with drafting rooms equipped with AutoCAD for developing shop drawings.

QA/QC DEPARTMENT: The Fabrication Shop has a QA/QC Department with all necessary reference facilities for internationally accepted standards and procedures. Complete documentation as stipulated by the Clients is carried out with full reprographic services in the QA/QC Department.


The Oil & Gas Department was started in 2004. The Department’s main activities are concentrated in specialized projects in the Oil & Gas Exploration fields. The Department, in association with reputed international companies, is fully geared up to undertake the following works in the Oil & Gas Exploration area:

  • “Down-hole”technology related to quality & quantity of the oil produced from the wells, which are used to identify the type of oils with respect to oil content, gas content and water content.
  • Measurement of Pressure & Temperature of oil at the bottom part of the oil well.
  • Tools & Technologies for evaluating the strength of the cementation behind casing of the oil wells.
  • Gyroscopic Services in Oil Drilling Operations
  • Supply of Sucker Rod Pumps, Tubularsfor oil wells, Multi-phase Flow Meters.

The Department is also in possession of specialized assets such as Uni-trucks, Pressure Control Devices, Logging Cables etc. required for the oil drilling operations.


The Commercial Division is involved in supplying a complete range of Engineering Materials, Equipment, Catalysts, Chemicals, spares and consumables for the Energy Sector, both through Stock Sales and Forward Trading.

The main clients served by the Commercial Division are:

  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company,
  • Kuwait Oil Company,
  • Petrochemical Industries Company,
  • Ministry of Electricity & Water,
  • Kuwait Ports Authority,
  • Ministry of Defense,
  • Ministry of Communication,
  • Various other Public Sector undertakings, Local and International Contractors.

The Commercial Division has two departments, namely Stock Sales and Forward Trading:

STOCK SALES DEPARTMENT: The Stock Sales Department has a large Warehouse and a spacious showroom in Ahmadi, adjacent to Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company and Petrochemical Industries Company.

Backed by a modern computerized inventory system, the company carries a wide range of items as listed below:

  • Complete range of welding and cutting equipment, consumables, accessories and spares.
  • Complete range of power tools.
  • Machine Tools.
  • Heavy Equipment.
  • Gaskets & Fasteners.
  • Pipes and Tubes.
  • Valves and Fittings.
  • Pumps and Motors.
  • Compressors and Blowers.
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Items.
  • Chemicals.
  • Lubricants.
  • Paints.
  • Safety Items (Personal and Industrial).
  • Garage Equipment.
  • Building Materials.
  • Scaffolding Materials.
  • Specialty Lubricants and Adhesives.
  • Spares for Equipment and Power Tools.

FORWARD TRADING DEPARTMENT: This Department is organized to cater to the needs of its clients by providing them with the right equipment, materials and consumables, at the right prices and at the right time. The Department is manned and managed by highly qualified professionals in various disciplines.

ARABI ENERTECH represents 57 international manufacturers, approved by major clients like Ministry of Electricity & Water, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait Oil Company, Petrochemical Industries Company etc., as their exclusive agents in Kuwait.

Some of the agencies it holds are listed below:

  • Zeolyst International, United Kingdom.
  • Lincoln Electric Company, USA.
  • Norton, France.
  • Batignolles Technologies Thermiques (BTT), France.
  • Bono Exacta SpA, Italy.
  • Construzioni Industriali Cividac, Italy.
  • Chiyoda Protec Corporation, Japan.
  • Ettore Cella SpA, Italy.
  • Hamworthy Combustion Engineering Limited, United Kingdom.
  • Hitachi Zosen, Japan.
  • Hi.Tec Cathodic Protection, United Kingdom.
  • Hoffer Flow Controls Inc., USA.
  • IMI Norgren Limited, United Kingdom.
  • Jiskoot International, United Kingdom.
  • Jaquet Limited, Switzerland.
  • Kirloskar Pneumatic, India.
  • Lisega GmbH, Germany.
  • L.D.Duicker, The Netherlands.
  • MIL Controls Limited, India.
  • Rohm & Haas, UK/France.
  • Villa & Bonaldi, Italy.
  • Wartsila Diesel, Finland.
  • Kurz Instruments Inc., USA.
  • Faure Hermann, France.

A short list of forward delivery items are given below:

  • Reactors,
  • Pressure Vessels,
  • Air Coolers,
  • Heat Exchangers,
  • Chemicals,
  • Catalysts,
  • Filtration Systems,
  • Loading Arms,
  • Oil Water Separator Systems,
  • Workshop Equipment,
  • Distillation Towers and Packings,
  • Gas Turbines,
  • Steam Turbines,
  • Pumps,
  • Compressors,
  • Bulk Electrical materials,
  • Bulk Instrumentation materials,
  • Pipes & Fittings,
  • Valves & Control Valves,
  • Columns & Towers,
  • Packings, Trays and Demisters,
  • Motors,
  • Motor Control Centers,
  • Substations,
  • Cables,
  • Transformers.


  • GOVERNMENT OF KUWAIT - Various Ministries
  • KUWAIT PETROLEUM CORPORATION - Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait     National Petroleum Company, Kuwait Gulf Oil Company, Petrochemical     Industries Company, Kuwait Oil Tanker Company
  • INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTORS - Bechtel International, Fluor Daniel, CF Braun, Kellogg Brown & Root, Snamprogetti, Mitsubishi HeEavy     Industries, TOA Corporation, Toshiba, IHI, Daelim Engineering, SK     Engineering, Hyundai, LG Engineering and more.


Arabi Enertech K.S.C

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