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The Kuwait Lube Oil Co. (KLOC), is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, specialized in producing high quality automotive and industrial lubricants like:

  • Petrol engine oil,
  • Diesel engine oil,
  • Automatic transmission fluid,
  • Manual transmission oil,
  • Hydraulic fluid,
  • Turbine oils,
  • Industrial gear & circulatory oils,
  • Compressor oils,
  • General machinery oils,
  • Metal cutting fluids and greases from re-refined base stocks obtained using latest technology and also from virgin base stocks, along with superior quality imported additives. 


KLOC is one of the most reputed Lube Oil Companies in the Middle East and has long established brands in lubricants (including Oils/Greases), which are market leaders. Also, the company in addition to its own brands produces lubes as per technical specifications and packing of its buyers. KLOC has very modern production, testing and packing facilities and it uses the latest technology spending considerable resources on it. KLOC also spends significant resources on R&D. For KLOC all the above have resulted in having a very long standing reputation in the:

  • Middle East,
  • Africa,
  • Asia &,
  • Europe markets and repeat customers are its testimony.

The company is a part of the very reputed Kuwait based Al-Wazzan Group of Companies.

Two of the company's major brands of export are HAMMER and FURY which are exported to the following countries:

  • China,
  • Bosnia,
  • Australia,
  • Tchad Republic,
  • Liberia,
  • Yemen,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Jordan,
  • Lebanon,
  • Qatar,
  • Iraq,
  • Afghanistan, etc.

Kuwait Lube Oil Company (KLOC) - الشركة الكويتية لإنتاج الزيوت و الشحوم

  • Shuaiba, Block 4, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2 326 0558, +965 2 326 1247
  • +965 2 326 1240
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