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Nayshan, was established in 1981 in the State of Kuwait as a leading distributor and manufacturer of arms and ammunition in the Arabian Gulf region. Nayshan provided retail sales for both hunting and sports shooters and government defence and law enforcement agencies. Nayshan also facilitated the establishment of the shooting ranges at the Equestrian Club.

Nayshan’s business was dealt a blow when in 1990 by the Iraqi invasion and subsequent occupation of Kuwait. In 2008 the Nayshan owners initiated a mission to rebuild the company and return it to its former glory, as a leading distributor of hunting equipment and outdoor wear as well as firearms, equipment, training and services for the government Defence and Law Enforcement sectors.

The Nayshan Gun Gallery is a luxury shopping experience for down to earth products. Nayshan’s central location in Soor Street, Kuwait city is an ideal and accessible location for both hunting and outdoor shoppers in town as well as for government and wholesale buyers. Nayshan’s aim is to provide its’ clients with top of the line arms and ammunition supplies for both the military and civilian markets.


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Nayshan Company - شركة نيشان

  • Sharq Industrial Area, Al Sour Str., Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2 241 1234
  • +965 2 241 1240
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