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Cubical Services, is a Kuwait-based company founded and managed by Kuwaiti nationals since 2009. The company is founded to serve the needs of the Kuwaiti business community and facilitate the entry of foreign businesses into the Kuwaiti market. The company offers comprehensive advisory, administrative and support solutions for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition offers foreign companies with exciting ventures an excellent option to find representative agent in Kuwait.


Company's vision is to provide its clients with the support and environment needed to firmly establish the foundations of a successful business, as well as improve and grow their business according to the highest standards of service. The company hopes to become the best platform to launch business ventures.


Company's mission is to make sure its clients have the best services available, to ensure the proper handling of their administrative tasks, and to provide them with the access to the networks needed for the success of their business.


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Contact info #1

Mijbel Alqattan
+965 2 225 2480
Head of Business Development & Project Management
+965 2 225 2488
Mirqab, Omar Ben Al-Khattab - st., Al Shaima Tower, 1st Floor, Kuwait

Contact info #2

Abdulramman Alqattan
+965 2 225 2480
+965 2 225 2488
Mirqab, Omar Ben Al-Khattab - st., Al Shaima Tower, 1st Floor, Kuwait

Contact info #3

Abdulramman Alnouri
+965 2 225 2480
Head of Finance
+965 2 225 2488
Mirqab, Omar Ben Al-Khattab - st., Al Shaima Tower, 1st Floor, Kuwait


Your Cubical Services subscription gives you a platform to kick start your venture. Your subscription includes services dedicated to entrepreneurs and start-up business owners, including:

Initial Project Study: Our principal objective is to help bring your ideas to life. As soon as you sign up, we offer you the option of a complementary initial project study or assistance in developing a detailed business plan. The study identify the project’s main thesis, its direction, relevant market forces, comparison to the competition, and how your project can stand out against them. The business plan is a more detailed cooperative effort that become the blue print for running your business. It includes detailed analysis, brainstorming sessions and additional research.

Steps: In accordance with our mission to facilitate our clients’ needs, we have launched “Steps”, where our team develops a description of necessary requirements implementation and how to transform your business idea from paper to an actual product.

Financial Projections: We assist you in preparing and developing a suggested budget and prepare 3 year forecasts for future revenues and expenditures.

Company Structuring: We offer a way to ensure strategic decision making and proper execution are well linked by developing a company structure that encourages efficiency and productivity. We advise you on assigning the roles and responsibilities linked to your businesses success to the right people.


Whether you’re starting up or have a well established business, our administrative solutions package offers great services that can minimize your hassle and expenses. This includes:

Executive Assistant services: On your first day, we assign you an executive assistant  who will be your main point of contact  and support your objectives with an extensive array of administrative services for the remainder of your subscription. This includes:

  • Follow-up services:  Your executive assistant will follow-up on routine tasks on your behalf, freeing up your time to focus on more pressing issues. We strive to ensure that tasks are completed to the best degree possible, and provide you with follow-up reports.
  • Data gathering and research:  Your executive assistant will also assist and help you in gathering and assembling data and conduct research like availing competitive quotes from the market, making proposals, monitor responses, send reminders, preparing potential client list and proof reading. Whether you are looking for potential suppliers or researching the price and quality of your competitors your executive assistant will guide you through the process.
  • Service request fulfillment: Our service request feature allows you to ask for follow up and monitor all aspects of your business requirement through your online web portal.

Secretarial Services: We realize there are some tasks that need to be performed that are cumbersome and repetitive. You no longer have to worry about those as we provide:

  • Arranging appointments: We offer appointment arrangement and reminder services. We can arrange, confirm, shift and postpone you appointments as you see fit. Our reminders come in your preferred format such as email, phone or SMS.
  • Correspondence handling: We take care of your correspondence needs. We will type, send, follow up and notify you immediately of any incoming correspondence.
  • Data entry and typing: We provide secretarial services to type your letters, send your faxes, fill out forms and take meeting minutes.

Online web portal: We have designed a unique web portal to help you have better control and management of your business. It helps you stay connected with your office and executive assistant at anytime and anywhere. Features include:

  • Document Management: We provide facilities for secure storage of hard and soft copies of documents. You can retrieve these documents at your will.
  • Contact List Maintenance: We maintain and update your professional network and contact list on any easy to access database.
  • Task and event management:  You can add task and events to the online calendar which helps to effectively and efficiently manage your time and priorities.
  • Transaction history: A list of your transactions by means of electronic journal entries to help you monitor your revenues and expenses.

Support Service Providers: We offer the opportunity to outsource any support services such as marketing, media campaigns and printing services through our exclusive panel of support service providers. We strive to get the best value for money by only engaging quality companies that will produce their deliverables in time and on budget. We provide profiles, quotations and sample work (if available) and let you choose which company will handle your work.


We provide our clients with access to offices and meeting rooms to work and meet in a professional and private setting:

Fully equipped Offices: Office suites that are fully furnished to allow you to fulfill your work requirements, including the ability to host business meetings when needed. We have offices to fit all size requirements, and each is fully equipped (telephone, fax machine, computer with internet and shared printer). Our offices are located centrally in Kuwait City, ensuring we represent you in a dignified manner in meetings with business partners. Your subscription comes with 20 hours a month of complimentary office use.

Fully equipped meeting rooms: We know there are times when meetings have to be held in a professional setting. Whether you have to discuss project specifications, meet potential investors, talk with feasibility study firms or update employees on the status of your operations, we have the right meeting room on hand. Both the mid-sized and large-sized room is equipped with the latest technology, including monitors and digital projectors. Your subscription comes with 10 hours a month of complimentary meeting room use.

Dedicated Reception Services:  Our receptionist will be available for all your meetings to greet you and your guests and attend to your needs. We can also provide you with a minute taker so that each and every detail of your meeting is recorded.


Cubical Services international division specializes in assisting international firms set their foundations in the Kuwaiti market. We offer a gateway for your company to establish its local presence, offering advisory services such as:

  • Assistance in obtaining local market intelligence and information on the latest relevant tenders and projects.
  • Advice on choosing the right local corporate structure to establish your presence.
  • Connecting your company to the key individual and companies who can help increase your market share.
  • Assistance in the development of sales, legal, and marketing strategies which are specific to the Kuwaiti market.

Furthermore, we act as your company’s contact point in Kuwait. We will assign you an executive assistant to organize your meetings, follow up on your requests, prepare all your documents and presentations, and take care of your local correspondence. Whenever you’re in Kuwait, you are welcome to host your meetings in one of our fully furnished offices and board rooms at no additional cost.

Cubical Services - شركة كيوبيكال سيرفيس

  • 17th Floor, Al Hamra Tower, Al-Shuhada St, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 22050650
  • +965 222 52 488
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