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Ahlia Chemicals Co., is one of the leading manufacturers of construction specialties chemicals in the State of Kuwait since 1981 with the capital of US $10 Million. Ahlia Chemicals Co. is the pioneer in its field and has successfully achieved its objective by gaining respect and confidence in quality and services, from clients in Kuwait as well as other neighboring countries. Ahlia Chemicals' outstanding track record has strengthened its relationship with regional and international firms. Currently Ahlia Chemicals represents and collaborates with numerous firms around the world.

Ahlia Chemicals Co. is equipped with knowledge, people, skills, products and the tools to maximize customer’s satisfaction.

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Hari Govind
+965 2 473 3364
General Sales & Marketing Manager
+965 2 471 0137
South Sabhan Block 8, Street 84, Building 220-221, Kuwait

Main Activities

Chemical Sector

Ahlia Chemicals’ main standard in the chemical industry is maintaining a consistent level of high quality stability and to meet the new technological demands. This was maintained through the state of the art in-house R&D laboratory.

Environmental Sector

Ahlia Chemicals deeply understand its responsibility, commitment and the necessity of the preservation of the environment as well as the safety of its staff. As a manufacturer of wide range of products Ahlia Chemicals is committed to edify the people the concept of pride and preservation of the same.

Construction Sector

Ahlia Chemicals’ wealth of experience throughout the constructions works & continuous improvement strategy implemented in all department has resulted in high quality services.

Manufacturing Sector

Ahlia Chemicals has been recognized throughout the industry for its products and manufacturing process as well as for its ability to adopt any new manufacturing lines.

Staff Sector

Ahlia Chemicals has been able to build and maintain a healthy relationship with its precious customer due to its staff who:

  • Understand their customer desires.
  • Have a strong commitment towards quality and services.
  • Are motivated to work within a continuous improvement of framework.

Concrete Sector

Ahlia Chemicals utilizes its power to provide the region with highest class of services in the concrete industry starting with gradients and finishing with wide variety of products.


  • Ready Mix,
  • Epoxy Steel Bars,
  • Bituminous Product,
  • Civil Contracting,
  • Concrete Additives,
  • PU Chemicals,
  • Paints & Coating,
  • Application Division,
  • Cementitous Products,
  • Sandwich Panel,
  • Joint Sealants,
  • Stamp Concrete,
  • Concrete Blocks,
  • Waterproofing,
  • Membrane Spray,
  • PU Foam,
  • Construction Trading.

Concrete & Mortar Admixture

CAPLAST-N: Lignosulphonate based water reducing with limited set retardation plasticizer that enhances effectiveness of water content in concrete mixes with limited set retardation.

CAPLAST-R: Lignosulphonate based water reducing and retarding plasticizer with good slump retention.

CAPLAST SUPER-R: Prolonged slump retaining, water reducing and set retarding, high performance super plasticizer based on a unique blend of modified lignosulphonate & hydro carboxylic acid.

CAPLAST SUPER SPECIAL: Sulphonated polymeric based super plasticizer that reduces water requirement considerably with significant enhancement of compressive strength.

CAPLAST SUPER-M: A melamine formaldehyde based super plasticizer for concrete, which produces high workability self leveling concrete with little or no vibration.

CAPLAST SUPER-R/SPECIAL: Sulphonated polymeric based high range, high slump retaining and set retarding super plasticizer.

CAPLAST POWER FLOW –R: Polycarboxylate based super plasticizer, water reducing and retarding provides flowing concrete with excellent fluidity retention.

CAPLAST-A: Chloride free accelerator and plasticizer that gives rapid strength improvement at early ages to all concrete.

CAPENTRAIN: Neutralized natural resin based admixture for air entrainment in all types of concrete.

CAPMORT: Liquid air entraining agent for air entrainment and plasticizing of cementitious mortar.

FOAMIX: Concentrated solution of selected surfactant materials.

WATERVEX: Integral Liquid waterproofing admixture that reduces absorption, permeability and efflorescence.

CAPLAST CORROSION INHIBITOR: It is a calcium nitrite based admixture designed to inhibit the corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete.

CAPLAST AWA: Underwater concrete admixture, anti wash out admixture.

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Industrial Floorings & Toppings

CAPCRETE: Polymer modified cement based trowel able flooring compound for re-surfacing and reinstatement of large areas of concrete.

CAP DRY SHAKE HARDENER: Pre-blended dry shake surface hardener consisting hydraulic binder and high quality inert mineral aggregate.

CAP LEVEL TOP: Pre-blended, free flowing, self leveling cementitious floor leveling compound.

CAP EMERY TOP: Emery based hard wearing monolithic surfacing.

CAPOXY PRIME: Low V.O.C adhesion promoting primer.

CAPOXY PRIME-SB: Solvented base primer and sealer.

CAPOXY PRIME –SPL: Epoxy base low viscosity penetrating primer and sealer.

CAPOXY FLOOR-500: 100% solid, solvent free high performance epoxy coating.

CAPOXY FLOOR-SL: 100% solid Self leveling, hard wearing floor topping.

CAPOXY FLOOR-310: Solvented, high performance epoxy resin floor and wall coating.

CAPOXY MORTAR TA: Heavy duty three component resin base mortar.

CAP URETHANE-VARNISH: 2 Component polyurethane clear with excellent gloss retention, clarity, smoothed, tough and elastic and resistance for water and abrasion.

CAP URETHANE-GLOSS: 2 Component polyurethane top coat with excellent color retention, heavy duty coating over a wide range of substrates, tough, elastic high mechanical resistance to water, abrasion and solvents.

CAP URTHANE-FLAT: 2 Component polyurethane top coat with excellent color retention, tough, elastic, high mechanical resistance, resistance for water, abrasion and solvents.

PU COATING: Elastomeric polyurthane 2 component system coating consisting of MDI, POLYOL.

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Damp Proofing & Water Proofing

CAPSEAL: A high quality rubberized black asphalt paint which gives high gloss finish.

CAPSEAL SPL: Thixotropic, superior quality rubber latex reinforced bitumen emulsion. The high rubber content resists cracking, blistering, alligatoring etc. and provides rugged durable protection to coating. Highly resistant to weathering, atmospheric pollution and soil chemicals.

CAPCOAT: A bituminous emulsion of brush able consistency made from refined asphalt, rubber and reinforcing fiber. Quick drying compound that provides a tough flexible film.

CAPCOAT SPL: A heavy bodied brush consistency, homogenous black bituminous coating, loaded with high percentage of rubber and special long reinforcing fiber gives the surface long lasting water proof protection. Retains significant elasticity and superior bonds to substrate. Can be applied efficiently and effectively.

SEALCOAT: Non fibrated emulsified bitumen protective coating.

CAP-PRIME ]: A bitumen emulsion of brush able consistency made from refined asphalt. It adheres well to almost all surfaces and dries to touch in about 1 to 4 hours.

CAP SOLVENT: A high grade, brush able or spray able paint like product made from selected high quality asphalt and petroleum solvent. Gives high gloss and economical for use.

PRIME GUARD: Liquid asphalt primer made from refined asphalt, adhesion promoting additive and quick evaporating solvent.

CAPSILVER: A proprietary mixture of special asphalts, petroleum solvent, high grade aluminum fines to provide a highly reflective coating. Its metallic brilliance reflects sun rays and protects the roof from destructive overheating and actinic deterioration.

AC-500: Acrylic polymer modified water proof coating which cures a highly flexible, tough, seamless membrane for the protection of all kinds of roofs, can be used with or without reinforcement.

CAP HYDRO SEAL: Two component polymer modified flexible cementitious waterproofing system.

AQUAFIN IC: Crystalline waterproofing slurry.

CAP TAR EPOXY: Two component epoxy coal tar epoxy.

PU COATING: Elastomeric polyurthane 2 component system coating consisting of MDI, POLYOL.

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Repair Compounds & Grouts

CAPGROUT GP: Premixed, high flow, cementitious non-shrink grout.

CAPGROUT HS: High strength, high performance non shrink cementetious grout.

CAPTHIN PATCH: Polymer modified, shrinkage compensated cement based compound for patching and repairing works. Provides an extremely durable finish, featheredge up to 3mm thickness and excellent resistance to surface cracking.

CAP HYDROPLUG: "Rabid setting plugging mortar".

CAPCEM H.B.: Premixed, polymer modified mortar consisting of crack inhibiting fibers and shrinkage compensating additives.

CAPCEM L.W.: Premixed premium quality shrinkage compensated mortar made from selected cement, graded aggregates, light weight fillers and special additives.

CAP POLYPATCH: Two component cementitious for skin coat, finishing and leveling mortar for internal dressing or featheredge leveling before painting.

CAP RAPID HARD: Rapid hardening structural repair mortar designed for horizontal repair work.

CAP MICRO CRETE: Flow able shrinkage compensated micro concrete.

CAPOXY GROUT: Three component solvent free flowable grout.

CAPOXY MORTAR-BM: Three component epoxy resin base system. Exhibit optimum chemical and abrasion resistance.

CAPOXY GEL: Non sagging gel for filling & surfacing.

CAPOXY MORTAR HB: Non slumping high build epoxy mortar. Stiff but easily workable.

MOUNTAIN GROUT: A hydrophobic polyurethane grout injected into cracks in concrete, soil, pipes intrusion, expansion jiont.

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Water Proofing Membrane

TURBAL: Spun bonded polyester reinforced APP modified bituminous water proofing membrane.

TURBAL TP-200: APP modified bituminous waterproofing membrane reinforced with 200 gm/m2 spun bond polyester.

TURBAL SL: APP modified bituminous waterproofing membrane reinforced with 200 gm/m2 spun bond polyester, surfaced with weather proof slate flakes.

TURBAL TP-180: APP modified bituminous waterproofing membrane reinforced with 180 gm/m2 spun bond polyester.

TURBAL TP-160: APP modified bituminous waterproofing membrane reinforced with 160gm/m2 spun bond polyester.

TURBALTP-140: APP modified bituminous waterproofing membrane reinforced with 140 gm/m2 spun bond polyester.

TURBAL TP-120: APP modified bituminous waterproofing membrane reinforced with 120 gm/m2 spun bond polyester.

SELF ADHESIVE MEMBRANE: It is a high quality self adhesive sheet membrane with a reinforcement core of high quality spun-bond-woven polyester mat.

ASPHALTIC PROTECTION BOARD: It is a semi flexible pre fabricated board with polymer modified asphalt mineral filler and with a rot proof asphalt saturated rienforcing mat.

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Curing Membrane & Surface Treatment

CURACOAT-R: A resin based curing compound of brush able or spray able consistency and low flammability.

CURACOAT-P: Acrylic resin based non-degrading curing membrane. Spray able clear liquid providing protective anti-carbonation coating.

CAP WATER REPELLENT: A single component solvent based and clear coating/sealing material designed for application over porous surfaces, high degree of repellency against potential water and moisture attack with high penetration.

CAPHARDTOP L.S.: Water based gel for concrete surface retardation in form work. Easily applicable green gel.

CAPGEL: Mineral oil based, non-staining chemical release agent that provides excellent releasing property.

RELEASO FORM: Concrete remover, cleaning and etching agent.

CAP ETCH: Silicate based concrete surface hardening, sealing and dust proofing compound.

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Adhesive & Bonding Agents

CAPBOND -PVA: Highly effective multi purpose polyvinyl acetate based bonding agent and adhesive that dries to a colorless transparent film.

CAPBOND-SBR: Styrene butadiene based non re-emulsifiable bonding agent and admixture that improves flexibility with reduction in permeability by forming rubber strands into cement mixes.

CAPBOND AC-300: Styrene acrylic co-polymer based bonding agent that forms an insoluble polymer matrix with cement mixes. It improves bond, tensile and flexural strengths, resistance to water and hydrolysis of cement mixes.

CAP TILE LATEX: Acrylic based hydrophilic additive for cement mixes, in addition in recommended dosages improves water resistance, tensile and flexural strength.

CAP SUPER BOND: Hydrolysis resistant anionic styrene co-polymer dispersion with high elasticity and excellent bond strength.

CAP BOND-EP: Epoxy base solvent free multi purpose bonding agent.

CAP BOND–EP SPL: Epoxy base solvent free bonding agent for New to old concrete.

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Jointing Compounds & Fixing Mortar

CAP TILE FIX T.G.: Pre-blended, cement based polymer modified tile adhesive for quick and effective bonding in thin or thick bed fixing.

CAPTILE ADHESIVE: Premixed polymer modified cementitious tile fixing mortar for fixing ceramic, terrazzo and mosaic tiles to cementetious substrate.

CAP TILE WALL GROUT: Cementitious fine powder on mixing with water, gives a smooth easily applied creamy paste for smooth clear grouting of ceramic tiles.

WHITE BLOCK MORTAR: "It is apremixed mortar powder aerated light wieght concrete blocks it is a blend of cement, graded silica sand, adhesion enhancing polymer, white retention agents".

RANG CERAMIC TILE ADHESIVE: A superior quality water-born acrylic ready-mixed compound, blended with carefully selected pigments and extenders.

CAPOXY CTG-10: Three component epoxy system for fixing ceramic tile and to be used as jointing mortar.

CAP SPATTER FINISH: Mineral base textured facing material for the application of cement and gypsum based plaster.

CAP RENDER: Polymer modified rendering mortar, provides a cohesive non sag smooth finish and excellent adhesion.

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Joint Sealant & Expansion Joints

PG PRIMER 10: One part chemically active clear based primer.

PG 15E PRIMER: Two component transparent epoxy based primer.

PG -10: Two component gun and pouring grade polysulphide sealant, cured product forms a tough rubber like seal with good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to weather and chemicals.

CAP HOT MASTIC: Plastomeric hot poured bituminous joint sealant formulated with premium grade bitumen, plastomeric polymer and mineral stabilizer.

CAP MASTIC: Acrylic based joint sealant.

CAP BOARD: A saturated bituminous boards.

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Soil Stabilizers

CAPSOIL CLEAR: Polymer based low viscous soil stabilizer with wetting agent for deep penetration into the base.

CAPSOIL: Bitumen based soil stabilizer containing wetting agent to facilitate deeper penetration into the base.

SAND STOP: An organic base, with the props. Of good binder, it is free-flowing, water soluble powder which is very hygroscopic and absorbs moisture from atmosphere.

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Heat & Thermal Insulation

POLYURETHANE FOAM: Produced from chemical reaction between POLYOL, MDI.

SANDWICH PANELS: Steel boards which included polyurethane with density 25-40 kg/m3.

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